Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 2 - 1 Sheffield Steelers

Join us at MNL from 6pm as we bring you the league encounter between our very own DEVILS and te Sheffield Steelers

Score predictions, before Face Off, to

Very quiet on the predictions front

Lets hope our luck is better than the Bluebirds. Ipswich took a 1-0 when the ball was clearly punched into the goal ans the referee and his assistants missed it. Obviously there are sight challenged officials in football in addition to those we have in ice hockey

Assume warmup underway - awaiting confirmation

Andrew Roberts in North Bay, Ontario predicts a 3-2 for the Devils in O/T

Jed says 4-2 Devils

Reports of massive queues for parking at BBT

I wonder if there is an event at the Pool

Gareth J will accept any Devils win whatever the score

Thats the way Gareth

Debbie B thinks sin bin will be overcrowded tonight and Devils will win by a single goal

None of my texters have reorted in yet, well none from inside BBT

Rachael says warmup completed

Lewis O calls it 4-2 to the Steelers, well he is a Steeler fan, and thanks for your kind comments on MNL

There is nothing like MNL anywhere else in the UK, Europe, The World, The Universe

There are 100s of millions glad that that is the case

It is reported that Robert Quiney makes his debut for Devils

Hazel in sunny Southend calls it 4-3 to the DEVILS - who else

Lights dimmed at BBT

Robert Quiney weares #2

Officials onto the ice

Steelers on the ice

WElcome onto the ice your CARDIFF DEVILS

Tom Darnell is the man in charge

Rod says 5-4 Devils

Devils wearing pink armbands for April Jones

Minute silence for April Jones and ex Zamboni driver


Anthem done

Game under way

DEvils penalty @ 0:42 - Didipmete (Deeds) - charging


Devils PK containing Steelers

Devils kill penalty and return to full strength (FS)

Gametime 3:22

Devils playing well @ 5:47

End to end, both teams playing a physical game

Penalties @ 6:04 Tait (Steelers) roughing: Deeds (Devils) - tripping

Steelers offside @ 6:56

Both teams back to FS

Blight nisses after a 3 on 1 breakaway

Puck out of play @ 8:34

Looks like a decant crowd at BBT

Osaer covers @ 9:05

Good atmosphere at BBT says JohnWildthing

Steelers penalty @ 10:14

Stephenson - tripping was the call


A PPG for Devils

@ 11:02 Hill, assists Faulkner & Macrae

Puck out of play @ 11:32

Osaer save @ 11:53

Steelers penalty - Michel

Interference @ 12:49

DeCaro save @ 13:46

Lets have another PPG U DEVILS

Steelers retutn to FS

All quiet from Cardiff

As they say No News is GOOD NEWS

Devils penalty @ 16:07 - K Smith - tripping

Devils back to FS

Faulkner shoots wide

Final minute

DeCaro glove save @ 19:33 from Faulkner

Another DeCaro save @ 19:46

End of 1st period DEVILS 1 Steelers 0

Apologies for the late posting of period score

SoG for 1st period DEVILS 13 Steelers 12

Officials back on ice

Devils return for 2nd period

Steelers don't seem to be keen to re-start

Finally they re-appear

2nd period starts

Batch floors Michel

Michel gone to dressing room

Kevan that boy of yours done good

Devils penalty @22:48 - Batch 2+10 for check to the head

That seemed to be an afterthought as original texters posted that it was seen as a good hit

Thanks for your comments Paul

Penalties @ 23:36 Legue (Steelers), Blight (Devils) both roughing minors

DeCaro save @ 24:37

GAmetime 25:30

Steelers penalty @ 25:32 - Stephenson - hooking

Blight returns


Another PPG I believe

PPG @ 25:41 scored by Faulkner assist Blight

My usual Goal announcement went into outter space not to be seen

Its the excitement of Devils scoring PPG - its getting too much for me

No News again, can we have another goal U DEVILS I know I am getting greedy but Please Please

Gametime 32:53

Deeds goes end to end but nothing to show for it

Steelers offside @ 33:07

Steelers offside again @ 33:43

Hill goes close

Clan beat Capitals 4-1

Batch has served his 2+10

Devils offside @ 37:57

Steelers Goal

@ 38:20

Scored b y Stephenson assists Sarich & Hewitt

Final minute of 2nd period

DeCaro save @ 39:28

Ebd of 2nd period DEVILS 2 Steelers 1

SoG after 2 periods DEVILS 28 Steelers 23

Devils back on the ice

Stellers back as well

Darnell has words after another late return to the ice by the Steelers

3rd period starts

I don't know why its gone quiet again

Somethinf must be happenning

2 of my texters I know are conserving their batteries

Its end to end

Devils penalty @ 42:53 - Piggott - x-checking

Piggott assessed 2+10 for checking from behind

Deeds breakaway Decaro save

Devils back to FS

Gametime 46:02

Great save Osaer

Devils penalty @ 47:28 - Davies - hooking

Davies returns

Gametime 50:02

I hope I got all that correct, network playing up, sending texts thru in batches

Decaro save @ 50:29

Attendance given as 1,673

Another DeCaro save @ 51:12

Slapshot from Marsh that was

Osaer save @ 51:39

DEvils penalty @ 52:15 - Batch

Tripping was the call


Darnell not calling anything on Steelers

1 minute killed

Devils clearing their zone well

Devils back to FS

Piggott has served his 2+10

Gametime 55:44

Its happenning again - Orange network

Last 2 minutes

Final minute

Steelers penalty @ 59:11 - too many men

Final score DEVILS 2 Steelers 1

Steelers did call atime out @ 59:12

Devils win by scoring 2 ppgs - who would have believed it

3rd Satar - JOHN DeCARO

2nd Star - GERAD ADAMS


Final SoG DEVILS 34 Steelers 37

Our thanks go to texters - Sharlene, Rachael, JohnWildthing and Ger-Devils

Join me tommorow as the Devils travel to Coventry to take on the Blaze

Face Off is 5:15 so join me from 4pm - Good Night - which it was