Match Night Live
Nottingham Panthers 4 - 2 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL for the Devils trip to Nottingham for this League + Challenge Cup game.

Score predictions to me (OJ) at - before the &;30 face off please

No need to panic if MNL seems to be very quiet until face off time as my texters are unlikely to arrive much before the puck is droped.

Chris S has arrived, well he is outside the rink

Warm up is in progress

Simon P is very fearful of tonights game but hopes we can bag a point

Lule B says Devils will win 3-2

Luke even

Luke thats the type of believer we need for these road trips

Carl thinks Devils will win 4-3 on O/T

Richard B calls it 4-2 to our beloved DEVILS

Soph and Matt thinks it will be close with Deeds and Lepine getting the gloves off

Tom M predicts a 4-3 Devils win thanks to a big game frpm Osaer

A single goal win for the Devils is a popular prediction - Dan B goes for 4-3

Not many in the NIC so far, 5 Devils fans spoted

Rachel calls it 4-3 but Baz goes one better and plumps for a great 4-2 win for the DEVILS

Hope Franny has a look at MNL before the action begins and conveys to the boys the faith of the fans.

Come on U Devils you can do it

No Weaver, Tuma, ward or Neilson for Panthers

NHL'r Anthony Stewart makes his home debut

Max Birbraer is the ony scratch for the Devils

Hazel is pleading for a 3-2 win for the Devils

Keighley W is very confident and calls it 5-3 to the Devils

Chris S says hes never seen the NIC so empty

Intro time at NIC

Kevan Batch in Essex calls it 5-3 Devils

Laura is the first one to predict a Devils loss

Nigel B says 3-1 Devils

Intro time ongoing

Chris spoted more fans in away block but thinks they are Panthers

Devils finally take to the ice after a painfully slow intro

Lights down but no Panthers on ice

Another intro starts

At this rate Eastenders will have finished before game starts

Andy Carson is the referee

Panthers finally make an appearance

Lepine & Deeds get to close quaters and take the ceremonial face off

Anthem Time

Anthem done & dusted

Hill Macrae and Blight start

We are off

Francis Stewart and Lachowicz start for Panthers

Fantastic save Osaer after 21 secs

Gametime 1:22

Adams on D with Batch

Devils go close @ 2:30

K Wall save

Panthers offside @ 4:09

Osaer save @ 4:26

Chris S trying to work out lines

Adams is on D no question

MacRae might be double shifting

Panthers creet offside @ 5:34

Piggot, Davies and Harding getting a regular shift as third line

Good K Wall save @ 6:12

Puck out of play @ 6:26

Panthers goal

Scored by Ling @ 6:39

Assists for Graham & Bendict

Panthers hit pipes

3 on 1 for Devils, Milam misses

Osaer save

Gametime 9:03

Its been all Panthers up to now

Another Osaer save @ 9:31

Panthers are given too much tome on the puck - HIT THEM

No checking by Devils

K Wall save @ 10:10

Finally Hill goes close

Puck out of play @ 11:28

Piggott, Davies, Harding line clearly the best line for effort

Deeds floors Lee

Gone quiet from NIC

Panthers penalty @ 13:52 - Matt Myers - tripping

Get the PP into overdrive U DEVILS

Panthers kill penalty

Devils penalty '16:13 - McKensie - hooking


Devils PK better than PP - so nothing has changed

Devils return to full strength (FS)

Devils icing @ 18:31

Last minute of period

Panthers Goal

Panthers 2nd goal @ 19:24

Ling assists Myers & Clarke

Failure by Devils to clear zone although Osaer might want that one back

End of 1st period Panthers 2 DEVILS 0

SoG for 1st period Devils 3 Panthers 9

Teams back on ice

Here we go for 2nd period

Panthers miss empty net after just 10 seconds

Chris S confirms that Brit Line is the only ones to trouble K WAll


@ 22:11 scored by Faulkner

Assists for Deeds and McKensie

Puck out of play @ 23:42

Faulkner & Ling handbags follwed by Osear save @ 24:32

Maybe the Devils players heard what my texters were saying about their inept performance in the 1st period

K Wall drops puck Piggott goes for it and it called for slashing @25:52


Handbags after Osaer save, no calls

Panthers Goal

Panther PPG @ 26:21 scored by Francis assist Galivan

"nd assist on Panthers 3rd goal goes to Fox

Milam and Benedict floor each other

Come on U DEVILS give us a goal - please

Osaer save @ 28:06

It is all Panthers again

Devils penalty @ 28:36 - Faulkner - holding

Puck has not left Devils zone since Panthers 3rd goal


Panthers bench penalty - too many men @ 29:44 - Ling sits it out

4 on 4 for 52 sec then 1:18 od Devils pp

1:08 even

Devils penalty @ 30:20 - Blight - hooking

Correction it was Kenton Smith not Blight

K Wall save @30:55

4 on 4 at the moment

Great save Osaer

Panthers are FS and go on PP

Devils kill penalty

Another Panthers bench penalty for too many men - @32:36

Come on U DEVILS get that rusty pp going

Panthers offside @ 33:34

Panthers have had 2 sh shots to our ZERO on pp

Devils penalty @33:50 - Davies - interference

4 on 4 for 47 secs

Panthers go on PP

Puck out of play @ 34:45

1:05 of PK left for Devils

Panthers are pushing us around all over the rink

Devils back to FS

Devils passing out of their zone is SLOW, TURNOVERS etc

Piggott goes close

Osaer save @ 37:42

Piggott, Davies, Harding line is the only one crossing the red line with ease

38 minutes gone

Panthers have camped in Devils zone for most of this period

K Wall save from ???? @ 38:46

I'll give you three quesses

Its was Harding

Hi sticks calle @38:54

Final minute

End od 2nd period Panthers 3 DEVILS 1

We earned a draw that period but how is the question

Not wishing to give a totally negative report I have sought confirmation from a neutral source at NIC

Chris S says Osaer is coming further and further out of his crease to attempt to do the Ds job for them.

Shocking display is the comment I have got off my sources at NIC

I know I will be flamed by some but I think we should be restricted to 6 imports and give our local lads a go. Another Brit line tonight would have generated more intensity than what is comong from journeymen imports.

SoG after 2nd period announced as Panthers 16 Devils 8

By my reckoning that makes it 25-11 after 2 periods

Both teams are back

We are not throwing any hits, D is schockingly bad and it this team doesn't get its act together they will be playing in a near empty BBT soon

Off we go for 3rd period

Hill shot saved by K Wall @ 40:15

41 minutes gone and NIC is like a Morgue

Osaer save @ 41:27

Come on U DEVILS and surprise us all and make all those 5-3 or 4-3 predictions to be correct

Fantastic save Osar @ 41:58 D gone AWOL again

Panthers offside @ 42:31

Its save after save from Osaer

Surprise surprise K Wall sve @ 42:54

K Smith goes close

K Wall spilled puck but Panthers D clear puck

Panthers Goal

@ 43:47

Panther 4th goal scored by Ling assists Benedict & Werner

Osaer being hung out to dry is the concensus

Panthers hit pipes, Osaer saved the rebound as Panthers jumped on it as Devils D stood watching

K Wall save @ 45:40

Game time 48:17

Great Osaer save @ 48:40



@ 49:02 scored by Phil Hill

Assists Macrae and Blight

K Wall error I am told

Devils penalty @ 49:28 - Piggot - tripping


M Smith blocking shots as usual

1 minute of PK done

The Smith brothers are the only D men that come anywhere near the standard required

I wonder if G has anyone doing +/- for him like I organised in the past. Solely for the coaches eyes

Devils back to full strength

Turnovers and giveaways should be recorded

Panthers penalty @ 52:49 - Stweart - hooking

Devils time out

Cookies-naughtyboy says our pp is the pits

Fantantastic save by K Wall @ 53:15

K Wall now finally having to earn his corn as Devils release SoG during pp

Panthers back to FS

Devils penalty @ 55:13 - M Smith - holding

The shock of SoG on PP has got to Chris S

1 minute of penalty killed

SH chance for Devils, K Wall save @56:37

Great save Osaer @ 56:56

Devils return to FS

Puck out of play @ 57:23

Devils penalty at sametime - M Smith - delay of game

Final 2 minutes

Osaer save @ 58:06

Final minute

Devils return to FS

Panthers hit pipes

Osaer pulled with 11 secs left

Final score Panthers 4 DEVILS 2

Without Phil Osaer it would have been a rout

Chris S has come up with a plus for tonight - He can catch a tram home

Devils MoM - Phil Hill

Panthers MoM - David Ling for his hat-trick

Our thanks go to texters Chris s and Cookies-Naughtboy plus the Panther fan who didn't want to tell me their name.

Devils out shot 49-21,

Thats all from me (OJ) join me on Saturday night as the Steelers march on Cardiff Bay.