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Cardiff Devils 4 - 1 Basingstoke Bison

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Welcome to tonights MNL when the Bison aqre in town, lets hope that they have not stampeded into town or if they did they are now tired.

It would be amiss of me (OJ) not to congratulate the Devils on their performance in Nottingham last night. We all know that you have to earn any points you take away from the "Lace City"

Looking back I used to dread going to the old rink at Nottingham as the fans would be baying for your blood. I always hoped that a large number of players wifes/girlfriends/ family would turn up and I would seat them immeadiately behind the Devils bench to create a buffer zone. Believe me Doug McWen brought a lot top this team not least6 his hoard of inlaws that would make the trip from Peterborough to Nottingham.

I am lead to believe that our texters are in place at the Blue Tent, remember if you do go to a gaME, especially on the road were are more than happy to recieve texts from you. If you have a large text bundle on your mobile it won't cost you a penny as the texts go to a standard private mobile.

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No team news yet.

Is it just me that's feeling the cold? Oh to be in sunny Tenerife but "she who must be obeyed" will not spend Christmas away from cold, damp and miserable Cardiff

Nigel Boniface has the whistle this evening, so lets hope he swallows it

Sam in Pontypool ca;;s it 4-1 to the Devils with goals from Tyson, Voth, Silverthorn & Hartwick

Bison take to the ice

Russky & Chris on duty tonight at the Tent

Good crowd, Bison fans have filled one block and part of another

This short bench epidemic is spreading Bison only have 10 skaters and 2 netminders

As expected Fulton, Prpich, Cowmeadow not icing

Voth is also missing MacIver captain

Voth did warm up but not on bench and not announced

Hartwick, Towe and Silverthorn start for the Devils

Devils have 11 skaters and 2 netminders so like the 1980's tonite

Puck is dropped

Latulippe, Hill and Campbell on 2nd line

Bison miss empty net after 1 minute

Bison offside @ 1:51, end to end all out attack at the moment

Towe goes close with the best chance so far @ 2:59

Reiter makes brilliant save from Campbell breakaway @ 4:03

Hartwick playing well as a makeshift forward

Tyson and Latulippe go close

Hardly any whistle 7 mins gone

Bison drummers in full swing

Aubry save @ 7:39, handbags between MacIver & Braff

Big welcome to DC family in BC,

Reiter makes two saves around 8:32

Devils playing well say texters

Word is that Voth tweaked something in warmup

Maybe he has a booking as Father Christmas this evening and didn't want to disappoint the kids

10 minutes gone Ben Davies getting a lot of icetime

Both netminders playing well

Aubry called upon to make an easy save @11:21

Bison Penalty Reynolds - boarding mono @ 12 :14

Powerplay sucks

Powerplay sucks

Jeff Campbell thinks it will be all out offence as the players look forward to Xmas

Devils Penalty - Bench Minor toomany men @ 13:57

SWilverthorn sits bench minor

Bison pp not much better

Aubry makes save @ 15:23

Reiter saves Devils sh breakaway

Voth has a leg injury

Devils kill penalty

Devils penalty - Silverthorn hooking minor @16:40

18 minutes gone in 1st period

Bison powerplay much improved Aubry makes save @ 18:08

Devils kill penalty


Fight MacIver & Cornish @ 19:04

Bison Penalty - Cornish - fighting minor + 10 minute misconduct + minor for intigator

Devils penalty - MacIver - fighting major penalties @ 19:04

End of 1st period DEVILS 0 Bison 0

Cornish penalty should have read - Fighting major not minor

That woke us all up didn't it

Fight occurred after Cornish had high sticked Teplitsky

Voth has been finally spotted, hobbling upto the sponsor sector to join Fulton & Pprich

Get back to you seats only two more hockey periods until Christmas

Get back to you seats only two more hockey periods until Christmas

2nd period underway

Bison back to 5 skaters Cornish has another 15 minutes in the naughty boys room, MacIver out first whistle after 24:04

23 minutes gone Devils although playing better than the Bison they look very tired indeed

Bison fans outshouting Devils fans by a mile

MacIver back for the Devils

Reiter saves @ 25:09

Bison ice puck @ 25:30

Silverthorn denied at 26 minutes best chance of the nite so far

Reiter makes saves @ 26:11 & 26:15

Devils caught offside @ 26:51

Russky says its becoming boring as DEvils have no threat up front

Whilst Reiter makes save after save Devils forwards don't look like scoring


At long last

Devils Goal scored by Jarvis unassisted @ 28:30

Simple tap in for Wes

Reiter saves @ 29:57

Reiter saves from Davies @ 30:22

Just like Cardiff Bus you wait ages then two come along

Devils Goal scored by Campbell assist Hill @ 30:53

Jeff the boy did good

DEVILS Goal awaiting confirmation

False alarm texts out of sequence

37 minutes gone


Bison Penalties Read roughing minor: Hughes roughing minor. Devils Penalties Latulippe Hi Stix minor @ 33:22

All penalties killed, Cornish due for release soon - not if he appears in front of me

36 minutes gone Reiter under immense pressure, Devils have woken up

Aubry makes save @ 37:06 and Cornish released from Alcatraz

Reiter saves @ 37:50 I wish we could bring you shots on goal but they are not announced anymore

Cornish has changed to blood shirt, so MacIver did do some damage

Reiter saves from Towe in closing minute of 2nd period

DEVILS 2 Bison 0 at end of 2nd period

DEVILS 2 Bison 0 at end of 2nd period

Here we go last period before Xmas so lets have some goals Devils

Hartwock shoots, Reiter spills puck, Towe shoots Reiter saves @ 40:15

41 minutes gone and Bison now putting pressure on Aubry

Brad Voth got hit last nigh on the shin and it started to bleed during warmup and the medics couldn't stop the bleeding

43 minutes gone, game has gone flat again

Aubry saves @ 43:22

Cornish throws an elbow but misses Latulippe

Fast flowing game but skaters not really troubling the netminders

46 minutes gone, Latulippe and Davies the standout players

Reiter save @ 46:49

Reiter saves again @ 47:30

Latulippe setting up chance after chance but nobody can put it away

Braff steamrollered Francis @ 48:14

Maciver beats Reiter but puck deflected at last moment

Its one Reiter save after another

Game time 48:33

Towe spoiled by Reiter @ 49:06

50 minutes gone

Hartwick goes down holding knee @ 51:04

Doesn't look good, helped off the ice by 3 Devils

Hartwick injured whilst attempting a check

Bison Goal @ 51:41 scored by Chambers, assists Hughes & Stewart

Devils ice puck @ 52:30

Reiter saves @ 53:18

Bison Penalty - Reynolds tripping minor @ 54:43

55 minutes gone


Devils 3rd goal scored by Latulippe, assists Jarvis & Campbell @ 55:10 ppg

Jason Stone flattens Cornish who skated off in pain

Reiter save @ 56:53

Reiter makes as many as 7 saves in rapid succession

Last two minutes of game

Bison pull Reiter @ 58:30

Devils eng scored by Campbell unassisted @ 58:50

Thats it folks DEVILS 4 Bison 1

Good 2 points

Bison MoM Reiter - what a surprise

Devils MoM Wes Jarvis

Thats it from me OJ hope you all have a Merry Christmas and be sure to join us on MNL on Boxind Day