Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 0 - 4 Belfast Giants

It's still broken :(

But good evening anyway, if the score is still showing as 6-5, keep hitting F5 until it decides to fix itself and show 0-0!

Chris hosting again tonight, as always I can be shouted at before/during the game at

Sort of really really quiet when i'm 50 minutes early on this thing :P

Both teams out for the warmup...

No team news for the Devils or the enemy yet, I guess both teams are at full strength

The only two predictions so far are both for Giants wins... 3-4 from David and 1-5 from Erin, I suspect/hope they've both lost their mind :P

End of the warmup, and no team news thus far...

No one appears to be missing for either team, just under 15mins to go!

Simon going for a 4-2 Devils win :D

Carl predicting a Giants 2-5 win, absolutely useless :(

I don't know who've been listening to Pete, but i'd hardly say Didiomete is being seen as 'quite the hero' just yet...

If anything, the more reasonable fans are still waiting for the player we thought we were getting to turn up...

In other news, Giants take to the ice... Almost intro time!

Didiomete can run his mouth all he wants on twitter, for those of us who don't feel an overriding need to be best friends with every player, or hang onto every word they say i'll guess we'll judge them by their on ice actions... Unless it's Danton :E

Good evening Hazel! 6-4 Devils victory you say? \o/

Devils on the ice.. announced by Brent Pope!

Player introductions on the go at the moment

Incase you've still not seen or read it, we recently spoke to Paul Ragan, interview can be found here

Minutes applause at the BBT for a fan who passed away recently...

Anthem is done, it's gametime!

Good lord, there are people sitting in the sponsor blocks, maybe the attendance is better than initially feared!

Tonights ref is Mr. Hicks...

the puck is dropped, we're underway! Go Devils!

Devils very close in the opening minute, but then a dodgy pass leaves the zone :(

Now it's Giants turn, end to end stuff in the opening minutes :D

Lloyd tries to goad Didiomete, it's laughed off and no call... yet :E

Keefe wiped out infront of the Devils bench by Blight :D

Giants have a 2on1 chance but don't take it, puck out of play at 3:00

Devils penalty timed at 3:02, Mckenzie 2mins for hooking

Giants take the lead, and it's yet another ppg we've conceded!

Giants first goal timed at 3:43, Rycroft from Fournier and Colbert - PPG

All Giants at the moment, Devils under real pressure

Giants penalty timed at 4:45, Stewart 2mins for hooking

Can the Devils get a ppg? Hopefully but unlikely I suspect :(

Big rebound from Murphy but the Devils can't quite get there in time, K Smith leading the way on the powerplay...

20 seconds of powerplay left, no goal yet...

1st min of powerplay was all good, 2nd min was less good :( Giants full strength

In the second minute the Giants were more threatening...

Osaer save timed at 8:19

Another texter reports it's all Osaer at the moment, Devils d is all over the shop :(

Giants just camped in the Devils zone, all Giants pressure :S

Devils called for icing at 9:31 and it's the first time they've touched the puck for a whole minute! It's 5on5, not a Devils pk!

Good chance for Didiomete, but the cheating Walton pulls him down, at least he gets a penalty for it

Giants penalty timed at 9:43, Walton 2mins for holding

Marsh, then Blight then Faulkner all go close...

All go close, but no goal and again the Giants are back to full strength

Giants called for icing at 13:03

powerplay was better that time, but the Giants pk was better again :(

Another big save from Osaer at 12:49, Hicks missing calls, I assume that's the wrong time or the icing call was wrong time

Devils fail to clear the puck *again* and Giants come very very close to scoring a second

Phillips having a whinge everytime he gets checked, a bit like Tait...

Didiomete nails Phillips at the plexi, play stopped at 15:00

No penalty called though and again Osaer is called on, this time the save timed at 15:10

Now Didiomete nails Sandrock, surprised Phillips isn't whinging about that check :E

And this time Didiomete gets a penalty, maybe Phillips was crying afterall

Devils penalty timed at 15:42, Didiomete 2mins for interference

Giants think they've scored but Osaer was just fooling them :D

Hicks calls another penalty against the Devils and the fans go into meltdown, absolute nonsense call to put it nicely

Devils penalty timed at 17:04, K Smith 2mins for tripping

30 seconds of 5on3 left and the puck is out of play, K Smith ended up on the ice but somehow got called for tripping

Didiomete back on the ice, Phillips starts crying

Puck out of play timed at 17:37, either these times are wrong or things are arriving out of sync

Whatever is going on, the clock has been stopped at 18:10

Devils back to full strength, and Birbraer floors Sandrock :D

19:12 played, not sure why the stoppage this time, maybe to let Sandrock work out what's going on

That's the end of the first, Devils 0-1 Giants :(

Teams should be back out shortly...

Shots on goal down as... 22 on Osaer, 9 on Murphy!

21 on Osaer even, 22 if you count the goal :E

Both teams back on the ice for the second period

Puck is dropped and we're underway, come on Devils!

Devils called for icing at 20:07...

Ulster rugby team are in the rink for tonights game before they play tomorrow against Cardiff Blues. That'll explain why the sponsor block is full...

Devils trying to make up for being comprehensively outshot in the first period, Blight Hill, Mckenzie all go close but Murphy saving everything so far

Davies shot rebounded by Murphy, Didiometes follow up shot cleared from the line :(

Hicks decides not to call a penalty, but Giants called for offside at 21:41

Another shot from Blight but another save from Murphy, timed at 22:04

A better start to the period from the Devils, passing looking better! Still end to end but Devils don't look to be struggling quite so much

Murphy with another great save from Blight timed at 22:29, "Murphy playing a blinder"

Osaers turn to make a save, timed at 22:50, real end to end stuff

Giants player decides to dump the puck into Murphy? Texters slightly confused :E

Big save from Osaer at 23:08, Stewart with the shot...

Lots of pressure from the Giants, but Devils find a way to clear this time

Giants are shooting all the time, Devils seem to be waiting for the extra pass or something...

Giants called for icing at 24:47

Birbraer goes down the wing, takes the shot and then a dirty Giants player takes him out, penalty coming...

Giants penalty timed at 25:43, Roberts 2mins for hooking

Devils set up on the powerplay, but the shots are poor and Murphy isn't troubled at all

Devils called for offside at 26:57

Giants pk still looking good and they're now back to full strength :(

Another Giants penalty called!

Giants penalty timed at 28:57, Rycroft 2mins for tripping

Very poor powerplay so far, it's all Giants despite them only having 4!

Murphy save timed at 30:45, that might have been our first/only shot during the powerplay :S

Puck out of play timed at 30:56, 1second of pp left for the Devils, texters think we look stronger when it's 5on5

Another Murphy save timed at 31:40

Texters at a loss to explain how our PP just doesn't appear to be working :(

Osaers turn to make a save at 32:02

"We don't look like scoring past Murphy tonight" :(

Devils called for icing at 32:58

Giants don't look to have the out and out scorers of previous seasons, but their experience and work ethic will win them games... According to one texter anyway :E

Didiomete playing far better tonight, more like the player we were all expecting, far more to him

Didiomete sees another shot saved, Giants gain possession and rush the other end where Osaer saves, rinse and repeat...

Fans calling for Devils to take their chances infront of Murphy, setting up is costing us... Giants called for icing at 35:29

Birbraer absolutely creams Matherson, Keefe tries to fight him but Birbraer skates off as Matherson is helped off the ice...

Doesn't sound like a penalty has been called, but i could be wrong...

Or not! No penalty called and play resumes, Giants looking very very angry and tearful after another massive check :E

Devils picked up the pace, everyone is hitting everything and the crowd are starting to wake up as well...

Lloyd and Keefe out on the ice trying to wind players up, but the Devils are keeping their heads... for now

Another Murphy save timed at 36:47

Hicks calls another made up penalty on Didiomete... This is getting tiresome

Devils penalty timed at 37:11, Didiomete 2mins for clipping

Apparently he wasn't even watching the play as it happened, he was looking behind him but still managed to call something

I have no idea what clipping might be, i don't think i've ever heard a penalty called for it before

Giants PP looking rather good, Devils clear from the line with 50seconds of pk remaining

Milam floors Lloyd, more tears from the Giants bench, timed at 39:14

And another random penalty, K Smith 2mins for hooking at 39:18

7 seconds of Giants 5on3, then Didiomete is back until Hicks makes up another penalty

Didiomete back, Faulkner goes very close and Giants then called for icing at 39:52

End of the second period and it's still Devils 0-1 Giants :(

Devils will start the third period with 1:19 of pk

Awww, don't cry Peter :)

Here, if you want to go run your own commentary feel free, but you can't complain when the Devils one is disgustingly biased, oh wait yes you can and still are :(

And almost certainly Patrick, but that doesn't mean we have to accept all his calls :P For what it's worth, at neutral games Hicks always seems pretty good, but home games no chance :E

Devils back out on the ice...

Not really Patrick, but whatever :)

Giants back out, Phillips still looking tearful, no news on Matherson being back out or missing yet...

The puck is dropped and we're off for the third period!

K smith back on the ice and Giants score a second :(

Shots on goal for the second period down as... 15 on Murphy, 6 on Osaer...

Giants second goal timed at 41:23, Peacock from Fournier and Rycroft

Adams takes a stick to the face, no call from Hicks and Giants score a 3rd, uh oh...

Giants third goal timed at 42:57, Rycroft from Peacock and Fournier

Rycroft 2+1, Fournier 0+3 and we're still 17mins from the end :(

Well... Fair do's the Giants appear to have a good team and know what they're upto, I have no idea what to make of the Devils team so far :(

Giants score a 4th, wow this is going from bad to worse!

Giants 4th goal timed at 44:24, Keefe from Lloyd and Garside

My texters appear to have given up on that 4th goal, it's all gone quiet

Fans getting slightly shouty at our own defence who are just going wandering :(

Devils called for icing at 47:15

One texter reports he didn't win the shirt off his back, so he now wants to go home it's that bad :(

Giants penalty called...

Giants penalty timed at 47:59, Clarke 2mins for tripping

It's only a matter of time until Fife beat us Sparkymark, something is wrong with this team and it seems to be in defence :(

Devils called for offside at 49:05, powerplay not so great

Puck out of play at 49:49, 10 seconds of powerplay remaining :S

This result is going to do wonders for our attendances :(

Hicks only watching Didiomete when he's on the ice, Giants starting to make it hurt out there for the rest of the team...

Giants back to full strength, powerplay described as woeful

So, i'mback to Nottingham on Saturday for the final year of my degree, are the Panthers any better to watch?

Giants penalty timed at 52:46, Stewart 2mins for something...

High Sticking was the call...

"4 goals up and they still have players throwing themselves infront of the puck. We're just skating around"

Devils get possession and skate straight offside, "a move worthy of Finnerty"

Offside was timed at 53:16

This certainly doesn't sound like a normal Devils team, we look lost out there whilst the Giants are going all out :/

Devils penalty timed at 53:52, Milam 2mins for tripping

Giants back to full strength...

Be interesting to see how this 3 stars nonsense works tonight...

5mins to go and quite a number of people leaving already, Devils back to full strength

And it's all gone quiet again

Attendance down as just 1253 again, the attendance for Saturday is going to be horrible after tonight :(

Devils full strength, but that really doesn't mean a lot

Murphy save timed at 57:22 from Didiomete and we have handbags...

Birbraer goes close but dragged down, no call from Hicks and what fans remain can't be bothered shouting anymore

And that's it, game over with a whimper...

Texters not hanging around for the 3 stars rubbish, but i'll try and find out if there's any fans left reading...

3rd Star goes to Davies...

2nd star goes to someone...

1st star goes to Peacock

Ah, 2nd star went to Rycroft