Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 6 - 5 Nottingham Panthers

Good evening!

If the score is showing as 2-1, unfortunately that's an error that apparently doesn't exist, hitting ctrl+f5 will *hopefully* fix it to show the correct score...

Chris hosting again tonight, as always I can be reached at

No sign of the Panthers at the rink yet...

Couple of people have told me it's still not updating properly, basically keep hitting f5 until it decides to fix itself and work properly :(

Panthers have arrived... just!

Very quiet so far, I guess warmup hasn't started

Ah, the Panthers were late because they took a detour via Starbucks on the way to the rink...

Warmup finally starts, I guess faceoff could be delayed by 5-10mins... No word on crowd size yet :S

Didiomete and Ling having words already... I guess something will happen in the game now :)

No sign of Weaver on the ice for the Panthers, anyone know if he's playing or injured?

Jordan Fox is out there tonight, he was pretty good last season but sat out last nights game because of illness I think...

Red Red Raz predicting a Devils 4-2 victory :D

Ah yes, it's the two ref system again tonight as it's a CC game, wonder who we'll get...

Carson is in Sheffield... And none of the other games have started yet

Warmups over, no real team news other than no one has spotted Weaver yet

Although word is Tuma looks more out of shape than Gordon did for the Blaze last season, a wide load sticker has been requested...

Again getting reports that the score is showing as 2-1, hit ctrl+f5 and hope it works, otherwise i'll add a goal and then try and remove it to force the system to update :/

Plexi behind the Devils net was changed during warmup after Milam (we think) smashed it, hopefully he'll be using that shot on the powerplay tonight...

Zamboni zamboniing... :D

Stephen predicting a Devils 4-2 victory as well, as for highlights from Coventry, I don't believe they do any sorry, although maybe twitter has links?

Hazel predicting a Devils 3-2 victory :D

Whatever happens, hopefully it won't go to overtime or penalties, which now can happen in CC games!

I don't think I can live through another overtime :(

Texters think it's only Weaver who's definitely missing, Fox looked a little shifty so we'll see what happens with him

Panthers on the ice, it's intro time!

Here come the officials... no word on who they actually are though!

Oh wait, one ref is definitely Hicks, unsure on second

Texters report it looks a very poor attendance again tonight :S

Devils on the ice, anthem time...

It's all gone quiet, must be anthem time or we're about to faceoff...

Ah, now it's anthem time, forgot about the player introductions

The anthem must be taking longer tonight... :E

And we're off, the puck is dropped and we're on our way to a win! Or not, Devils called for icing at 8seconds... Amazing...


Not got the goal details yet, but refs tonight are Mr. Hicks and Mr. Darnell

Devils first goal timed at 0:42, MacRae from Blight and Hill

Massive hit from Didiomete on Lachowicz, he may have been knocked into next week :D

** End of the first period for the NIHL team and it's Invicta 1-3 Devils **

Penalties called for both teams after that hit on Lachowicz

Devils penalty timed at 1:19, Didiomete 2mins for charging

Panthers penalty timed at 1:19, Beckett 2mins for roughing

And another Devils penalty, Milam 2mins for slashing timed at 2:14... It's 3on4 for the Panthers...

Panthers equalise, double the refs double the penalties :(

Panthers first goal timed at 3:08, Lee from Clarke and Graham - PPG

Apparently goal announsed as Clarke from Graham and Fox, but details on gamesheet entirely different...

Anyways, FIGHT!

Didiomete stopped midfight to ask for fans to cheer louder, and now a fight has broken out at the benches, Adams v Ling!

Ling was sat on the Panthers bench chirping away at Adams, so Adams reacted by rearranging his face as Ling tried to hide, Corey trying to stop Adams now...

Lee took an absolute beating from Didiomete, Ling damaged by the powerfist of Adams, play stopped for discussions and coach corey to have a strop...

Corey trying to talk to Adams, Adams just laughs in his face, all penalties to be timed at 4:24

Right... Devils penalties timed at 4:24, Didiomete 5mins for fighting + 2+10 for instigating

Panthers penalties timed at 4:24, Lee 5mins for fighting, Francis 2mins for slashing...

Tuma looks absolute bobbins according to texters

Birbraer goes awfully close!

Devils called for icing at 7:19

Good save from Kowalski at 8:28

Tuma tries to prove he's not useless by getting Hill to fight, gets laughed at :D

Kowalski making save after save at the moment

All gone quiet again, end to end I expect...

The penalties might have been killed by now, but i'm not entirely sure

Apart from Didiometes 2+10 obviously

Osaer makes a good save and on the return back up the ice Kowalski somehow stops the puck on the line :(

That saved timed at 14:40

Panthers penalty timed at 14:48, Myers 2mins for tripping

Kowalski in desperate net kicking debacle...

Devils pp really isn't looking that good, 17:20 played

Considering we brought someone in specifically to help the PP, i'm not sure it's paying off yet...

Atmosphere not great, although that's not helped by the lack of crowd and the style of play so far...

Panthers penalty timed at 18:52, Fox 2mins for slashing

Texters think Neilson should be in the box, but not for slashing, an entirely random penalty call there...

Ah... Neilson jumped Faulkner and Birbraer jumped in

No call against Neilson or Birbraer, but Fox ends up with a penalty :S

Penalties called, huzzah!

Devils penalties timed at 19:05, Faulker 2mins for slashing, Birbraer 2mins for cross checking + 2mins roughing

Panthers penalties timed at 19:05, Kowalski 2mins for roughing, Neilson 2mins for roughing

And that's the end of the first, Devils 1-1 Panthers

The penalties mean it's 4on4 for 2minutes i guess?

Sounds like a mixed first really... Another powerplay goal conceded and a lot of penalties taken by both teams

"2 ref system just made one of the worst calls for a long time. Kwall drops puck, scramble in front then Corey cross checks Mac and jumps on him, bit of a pile on and then we end up with more players in the bin.... Well done Hicks and Darnell."

Both teams back out for the second period, hopefully more Devils goals!

second period starts 4on4 for about a minute, then Panthers have a powerplay for a random amount of time :E

Puck is dropped and we're off for the second period

Both teams back to full strength

Kowalski is sat down in his nets desperately stopping everything, madness

Kowalski gets taken out by Davies, Levers then Tuma try and go for him, but fail...

Panthers called for icing at 23:08

End to end at the moment, but both netminders standing strong

4 officials on the small ice pad is chaos according to texters

Ooooooh, Davies hits the pipes :(

Darnell gets hit by a Panthers player, then a Davies player hits him, he's in the way!


Devils second goal timed at 25:07, M Smith from Birbraer and Faulkner!

Big save from Osaer at 25:57, shortly before M Smith stopped a Panthers 2on1 breakaway with a dive across the net to stop the pass, great work

Panthers called for offside at 26:04

Another call for too many officials on the ice, they're getting in the way of both teams

Hill very close after the puck doesn't get blocked by one of the officials..

All gone quiet again...

Puck out of play timed at 29:51, still Devils 2-1 Panthers though :D

MacRae very close again, Kowalski save timed at 21:13

Tonights music choice isn't going down too well, "random radio station music"

Milam winds up for a big shot but it's deflected wide, then he gets another chance and Kowalski makes the save, timed at 33:02

Shots on goal for the first period are down as... 12 on Kowalski, 9 on Osaer

Puck out of play timed at 34:00

End to end action again at the moment...

Panthers called for offside at 35:03


Nailson is on the ice lying down, he's eventually limped off...

Devils third goal timed at 35:17, Faulkner from K Smith

Another big save from Osaer timed at 35:34

Texters not entirely sure how that goal was allowed to happen, Neilson was down on the ice but neither ref stopped play... Reported that Neilson has gone to the changing rooms

Puck out of play again at 37:51

Devils with all the pressure at the moment

Panthers penalty timed at 38:32, Graham 2mins for hooking

Ooooooh, Milam hits the crossbar, oh so close


A powerplay goal, unreal!

Devils hit the pipes, then Kowalski, then another big save, then they finally got the goal :D

Devils 4th goal timed at 39:13, Birbraer from Milam - PPG

End of the second period and it's Devils 4-1 Panthers

One of the Panthers players dumps the puck into Osaer after the buzzer had gone, Milam voices his disapproval :E

Attendance down as just 1153 for tonights clash :S

Not quite sure why the attendance is so bad, I know it's a CC game, but Panthers have always/usually been a really good game

Officials back for the third period, and here come the teams...

Puck is dropped and we're underway, come on Devils!

All quiet so far...

Less Neilson for the Panthers should be a good thing, but apparently Tuma is being rolled (no lie) out to replace him, which is definitely a bad thing

As I typed that, Panthers score a second :(

Panthers second goal timed at 42:00, Werner from Benedict

Osaer caught the puck, but it bounced out, hit him in the face and bobbled over the line :(

Shots on goal for the second period down as... 14 on Kowalski, 9 on Osaer

Ah, seems it wasn't Osaer who got hit in the face, it was Werner, Osaer made the save, puck rebounded bounced off Werners face and beat Osaer...

Panthers are now missing Neilson and Weaver, Weaver didn't start the game and Neilson hasn't emerged after hobbling off the ice in the second

Devils penalty timed at 45:58, Marsh 2mins for interference

Details on the third Devils goal changed, should now read Faulkner from K Smith and Birbraer at 35:17

Oh, and Panthers score a third goal, another powerplay goal :/

Panthers third goal timed at 46:13, Myers from Ling and Fox

Details on Devils 4th goal also changed, should now read... Birbraer from Milam and Faulkner at 39:13 - PPG

Just 15 seconds it took Panthers to score that powerplay goal :(

Lachowicz on the receiving end of another big check, no handbags this time though :E

Panthers all over the Devils at the moment, we keep getting caught high...

Devils having to defend like mad, we're really on the back foot and Panthers looking dangerous

Clarke very very close, Osaer makes two great saves but they're getting closer :S

52:30 played, massive save from Osaer and the Devils break but Kowalski makes the save and Devils get another penalty...

Devils penalty timed at 52:58, Blight 2mins for tripping

Apologies, not Blight with the penalty, it's called on MacRae instead

Devils penalty kill all good that time, back to full strength!

Another massive save from Osaer, Devils under pressure


Beautiful goal from Blight, he looks very very happy to have scored :D

Devils 5th goal timed at 55:29, Blight from MacRae and Hill


Big save from Kowalski at 56:45

Balls, Panthers score a 4th :(

Panthers 4th goal timed at 57:13, Lachowicz from Francis and Galivan

It was all Devils after the 5th goal, then Panthers scored a 4th and now they look more dangerous!

Panthers equalise :(

Panthers 5th goal timed at 58:49, Ling from Benedict and Graham

Texters left wondering how the Devils can fail to close any games out this season so far...

And that's the end of the period, into overtime we go again :/

5 different goalscorers for each team so far tonight :S

4 goals from the Panthers in that period, unreal :|

Puck is dropped and we're underway for another overtime :S

Osaer big save at 60:17

I actually feel sick, this is ridiculous, why on earth can't we close games out :(

All Panthers so far in overtime, Osaer made a couple of big saves but Kowalski untroubles so far... Panthers called for offside at 61:39

Panthers penalty timed at 62:00, Benedict 2mins for hooking

Devils call a timeout on that penalty, please let it lead to a goal!

One texter is saying the Devils called the timeout, another is saying it was Panthers...


Devils 6th goal timed at 62:36, Blight from Marsh - PPG

The crowd went nuts when the goal in :D

Still not entirely sure who called the timeout, but the Devils won in overtime! in overtime! And it was a powerplay goal! Rarer than rocking horse poop!

3rd star goes to Myers

2nd star goes to Davies

And #1 goes to Blight, well deserved! 2+1 for him tonight!

Well that's all from me tonight, thanks to James and Geraint for keeping me uptodate with all the biased texts :)

We'll be back on Thursday for the game against the Giants, although it could be OJ making his return to the hotseat :)

Anyways, hope everyone enjoyed... Chris out.