Match Night Live
Hull Stingrays 7 - 5 Cardiff Devils

Good evening!

If the score is still showing as 3-4, the only solution we have is to suggest you hit f5, hopefully that'll fix it!

Otherwise, Chris here again tonight and as always all predictions or whatnot can be sent to

Might be relying on just one person for updates tonight, so actual game coverage might be a bit sparse, in which case i'll more than likely be talking nonsense

First prediction of the evening is in and Luke says a Devils 1-4 victory

The last time we played a CC game against Hull, it was way back on 6th November 2011, and it was a 2-2 draw, hopefully it'll be a better result tonight :)

Ger-Devils predicting a Devils 2-4 victory :D

If you've not read it yet, Skippys put together another rather good game preview for tonight, if you're feeling lazy and don't want to go through the front page, then click this link

Keighley predicting a Devils 2-3 victory \o/

Our texter has arrived, looks like all the players are out there for warmup :D

No other games on the go tonight in the EIHL, although the new stingrays logo does just look like a stingray wearing a hat, at least to me

Kevin predicting a Devils 2-5 victory :D

Danny from is going for a 1-3 Devils victory \o/

Dan is predicting a Devils 2-4 victory tonight :D 4 out of 5 predictions so far have the Stingrays scoring two, sort of hoping that doesn't happen :E

Ah, a Hull fan with a misinformed prediction :P They're saying Stingrays to win 4-2, pfft

Another prediction with the Stingrays scoring 2, Dave says a Devils 2-6 victory :D

Claire's predicting a Devils 1-4 victory, mainly because we have 'The Mac' :)

First Challenge Cup game of the season for the DEvils, 2nd for the Stingrays after their 2-4 home loss last weekend to the Panthers...

'jodysstillagirlsname' has suggested Faulkner should take over the Devils twitter account, i'd suggest he takes over facebook as well so we don't have to put up with anymore stupid photos of cats, or dogs balancing cans on their head...

Back to actual Devils related shenenigans though, Matt & Soph are predicting a Devils 3-5 victory :D

Just under 10 minutes to go, no other texts have come through yet...

Still no word from the rink, could be an interesting MNL tonight :E

Both teams are out, it's almost time to win again :E

Our texter is still alive, the horrendous chemical weapon they call 'chip spice' hasn't killed her! Attendance not looking great so far

Hull have read the Devils team out 3 times so far...

They must be jealous of Adam's somewhat amazing recruitment :D Anthems done, it's almost time! Stingrays without Lovedahl, but Tendler is out there...

Carl predicting a Devils 2-5 victory, along with a KO from Didiomete on Hand :E

And we're off the puck is dropped!

One more texter \o/ Apparently the competition for the worst anthem singer is between the girl in Sheffield and the guy in Hull who just committed murder...

Stingrays score within the first minute, what the!

Stingrays first goal timed at 47seconds, Hand unassisted...

Devils penalty timed at 1:41, Bath 2mins for hooking :(

Penalty killed :D

Stingrays called offside at 2:57, apologies but texts are coming through out of order...

The ref for tonight is Carson, at least he can't be as rubbishly biased as he was in Sheffield I suppose

Oh and Hicks, it's a four man system for CC games! Hicks and Carson, uh oh...

Another Devils penalty timed at 6:28, Birbraer 2mins for interference :(

6:10 even, apologies for that

Another penalty successfully killed :D

Once again, the line of Blight, Faulkner and Birbraer looking the best, the other lines aren't looking so sharp with some extremely suspect passing going on :S

Stingrays playing very well so far... "They have us marked man for man perfectly" :(


Devils first goal timed at 12:03, Blight from Faulkner and Marsh :D

Awesome save from Osaer denies the Stingrays a 2 on 0 breakaway

Bowns makes a good save at 15:03, shortly before that it seems Silverthorn hit the pipes, that'll have the Stingrays Massive out on THF saying he's the best player in the league again... :E

Finally, a Stingrays penalty! Penalty timed at 15:22, Robson 2mins for hooking

Bowns somehow manages to stop a spilled puck from crossing the line, Birbraer almost thought he'd scored.. but...


Devils second goal timed at 15:44, Faulkner from Blight and Didiomete :D Powerplay goal...

Apparently Didiomete pulled a Tony Hand there, he was sat on the bench but got the assist anyway :D

Details for Hulls first goal have changed, should now read... Hand from Ozolins and Davies

Stingrays penalty timed at 17:48, Cloutier 2mins for holding the stick

Into the final minute of the first period...

Blight glances the pipework, just a little bit closer!

Stingrays back to full strength

And that's the end of the first period, Stingrays 1-2 Devils :)

Pretty good opening period it seems, texters feel we were starting to recover from bus legs as the period progressed

Shots on goal read, Devils 10, Stingrays 10

Our other texter up in Hull says our passing improved majorly as the period went on, Ryan Hand constantly chirping at Didiomete but he's not having any of it... yet. :D

With the 2 ref system, can either ref call a penalty at any time? I can't remember how it worked last time :S

Must be almost time for the second period, all quiet so far though

Both teams back out :D

And we're off, the puck is dropped...

All quiet so far...

22mins played, but nothing has really happened yet

end to end stuff at the moment, but neither netminder really challenged yet

24mins played, still end to end and no big challenges for either netminder

As it's so quiet... Red Army Travel still have a few spaces on their coach to Coventry on the 22nd of this month, check out this thread for all the details :)

Bowns save at 26:20, Devils D looking sharp going forwards, but the Stingrays aren't looking too bad either

Carson tips one of the Devils players up and a Stingrays player decides to sit on him...

Stingrays score a second :(

Stingrays second goal timed at 27:48, Tanaka from Smith :(


Devils third goal timed at 28:20, Faulkner from Harding and Piggott :D

Both refs refusing to call a lot of things according to our texters, also the Stingrays second was "a textbook wraparound"

Devils called for offside at 30:54

Big save from Bowns at 31:11, shot came from Harding

Devils penalty timed at 32:31, Batch 2mins for interference

Damnit, Stingrays score a third :(

Stingrays third goal timed at 33:39, Tendler from Silverthorn and Davies - PPG

Devils called for icing at 34:49

Gone quiet again, could do with another goal to take the lead into the third!

Devils penalty timed at 35:54, Faulkner 2mins for hooking :(

Argh! Devils penalty timed at 36:54, Hill 2mins for slashing, 1min of Stingrays 5on3...

Stingrays take the lead, come on Devils :(

Stingrays 4th goal timed at 37:23, Tendler from Silverthorn and Valecko - PPG

Texters report that the Devils have fallen to pieces since the Stingrays 3rd goal :(

At least we're back to full strength now, come on Devils!

Must be into the final minute of the second now anyway

End of the second period, Stingrays 4-3 Devils...

Ignoring the goals, shots on goal announced as 11 on Osaer, 15 on Bowns

Texters report that the Stingrays are playing a very physical game...

Both teams back out for the third and final period, no overtime or penalties in CC group games...

And here we go with the third, the puck is dropped! Come on Devils!

ARGH! Stingrays score a 5th as soon as the period starts...

Sort it out Devils!

Stingrays took a penalty at 40:21, Dulle 2mins for interference and then scored a shorthanded goal...

Stingrays 5th goal timed at 40:59, Tendler from Cloutier - SHG

That's Tendlers hat-trick goal as well :S

And to think I was hoping the Stingrays wouldn't score two goals... :(

Devils called for offside at 43:27

Devils take another penalty, Blight 2mins for interference timed at 44:28

Stingrays called offside at 44:50

Well at least we killed the penalty, Devils back to full strength

Stingrays penalty timed at 47:28, Valecko 2mins for hooking...

Oh for fu... Stingrays score a 6th, and it's another shorthanded goal

Stingrays 6th goal timed at 48:36, Silverthorn unassisted...

Devils call a timeout after the Stingrays 6th goal...

So far the Stingrays have 2 unassisted goals, then 2 powerplay goals, then 2 shorthanded goals, what the heck is going on up there?!

After playing so well up in Sheffield, and pretty well at home, I wasn't really expecting this :E

Stingrays penalty timed at 59:44, Cloutier 2mins for hooking


Devils 4th goal timed at 50:43, Faulkner from Didiomete and Hill - PPG


Devils 5th goal timed at 50:56, Birbraer from Blight and Faulkner

Forgot to say, our 4th goal was Faulkners hattrick goal! 3+2 for him so far tonight...

Texters hoping we may have woken up again, although they are impressed by Bowns so far tonight...

Texters say it's been a game of d's rather than netminders tonight... Stingrays offside at 54:39

It's gone awfully quiet again, James G is predicting 100+ points for Faulkner this season...

As Hubbs says, we've had no ice this week... Osaer save at 56:47

I think i'd settle for a draw tonight...

my update seems to have gone missing, but Stingrays did call a timeout after our 5th goal...

Final 2minutes of the game, Stingrays still lead 6-5...

Stingrays penalty timed at 58:33...

Stingrays penalty timed at 58:33, Dulle 2mins for interference

It's too quiet! And then the Stingrays score an empty net goal :(

Stingrays 7th goal timed at 59:21, Valecko from Tendler - EN SHG

And it's all over, Stingrays win 7-5... Birbraer, Faulkner, Davies and MaCrae the standout players for us...

Not sure if Hull are doing this 3 stars nonsense or man of the match awards

Ah, the Stingrays are going with man of the match awards, Faulkner gets it for the Devils...

Still no Stingrays man of the match announcement...

Stingrays man of the match goes to Tendler...

That's all from me, hope everyone enjoyed, despite the result :(

Chris out...