Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 0 - 2 Nottingham Panthers

Welcome to MNL as we eagerly await the Championship Final featuring our very own CARDIFF DEVILS and the Nottingham Panthers.

Have checked with my merry team of texters who have all survived the night of celebrations following the DEVILS epic win over league winners Belfas Giants

Score predictions as usual to before 4pm face off

Lets us know where you are and we can produce our own world map of Devils supporters.

If there's anyone out there who knows the link to a webcast of Sky coverage let me know at

Unconfirmed reports that Chris Frank is icing tonight

well dressed anyway, for that matter dress Max as well

Ex-pat Devils fan Borders Steve our texter from bonnie Scotland is rooting for a Devils win

Sky coverage on Sky Sports 3 only starts at 4pm so doubt face off will be at 4pm

Devils are the home team today

I wonder if they have kicked Panthers out of the home dressing room as I did at Manchester once

The Pierce family are out in force, Mum & Dad in Troy other family member in Royal Oak, Grand Rapids Michigan and Windsor, Ontation all praying for a Devils win

Kevin & Danette Macrae in Nova Scotia go for a 3-2 Devils win but admit any win will do

Warm up started

4-2 say Jeanne & Nobby

Rhodri in sunny San Jose, California says Devils will win 4-3 in O/T - oh no!!!

Dick & Sue Matzka go for a 4-2 Devils win in Sarnia, Ontario

Chris Frank confirmed as dressed for warm up

Warmup drawing to a close

Yesterdays coverage saw MNL breaking its alltime viewer record with an incredible 2,401 unique viewers tuning in to coverage of Devils epic win

Michelle in Birch River, Manitoba thinks it will be close but DEVILS will be CHAMPIONS

Lets hope so, I will never forget the 4 Championships I was privaleged to be on the bench

Mazza tells the boys to bring home the silverware

Warmup done & dusted

No prediction from the Birbraer just a win called for

Carl goes for a 4-3 Devils win

Block 10 beachball confisgated

Clan fans have an even bigger beachball

trying to find out who is on the home bench

By my reckoning Devils should be attacking the end where their fans are in 1st & 3rd periods

devils are on home bench but in away dressing room

that could cause trouble if there was a rumpus at the buzzer of a period

Lights dimmed

Huw Bevan in Singapore calls it 3-2 Devils

Paul W goes for a 3-1 Devils victory

Rod Davies calls it 5-4 Devils

Paul made a good point - what time is face off or are Sky going to show a marginalkly delayed game

No players on ice yet hough just a massive Panther dominated intro

Devils fans are in full force

Thanks for all your e-mails and kind words about MNL coverage

Still no teams - TV demands I assume

Officials on the ice

Those of you watching on a webcast should be aware that there seems to be a 4/5 minute delay on live coverage

Moray Hanson is the referee, lets hope there's no pea in his whistle

Devils are cheered onto the ice by all fans except Panther & Giants supporters

Michaelle Frank , Chris' mother says Devils will win by 2

We will let you know if Chris takes a shift

Hanson announces his retirement as referee

Rumoured that G is injured

Hazel says 6-4 Devils

Andrew in North Bay, Ontario calls it 4-3 Devils

Further delay as SKY not ready yet

Players line up on blueline for Anthems

Jeff Pierce looks well up for this

Paul Sullivan sings Welsh Anthem

Sky now gone on a commercial break

Tension mounts as both Anthems sung

Long standing Devils fans would remember Huw Bevan of BBC Face Off fame who has joined us from Singapore

we are still waiting

Webcast now live - not delayed

Puck dropped

WEbcast delayed coverage again

Devils icing

Frank the Tank chants ringing out

Panthers chance cleared

Lyle save

Handbags in front of Lyle

Kwall save @ 1:48

Big save Lyle

Panthers icing @ 2:12

Gametime 2:45

Puck out of play

Dan V did you get those links to wrk for you

John Franbk thinks De vils will win by 3

Adams is taking a regular shift

Kwall save from Dobben : 4:52

Penalties @ 5:11 to both teams

Ben Davies got into a srap behind net

Devils go on PP though

Ben Davies and Adams get minors for roughing @ 5:11

Panthers Wilson gets minors fopr boarding and roughing

One minute of pp gone

Panthers back to full strength (FS)

Devils looking very nervous

Panthers were on PK as Ryhanen was also given roughing monor all @ 5:11

Gametime 8:15

Kwall save


Game very physical

Panthers penalty @ 9:13 - Neilson - slashing

Lyle save

devils icing

Devils pp as normal is pants

awful says Ger-Devils

Panthers return to FS

Kwall save

That save wa @ 11:29

damian Diafoll thinks Devils doing OK but Panthers dominate possession chart

Dobben puts a big hit behind Panthers net

damian Diafoll thinks Devils doing OK but Panthers dominate possession chart

devils penalty @ 13:12 Dobbeb - x-check


one minute of penalty killed

Panthers offside on pp

Devils back to FS

Adams shoots wide

Kwall save

Gametime 15:35

Don't believe Chris Frank has iced yet

Lyle save, rebound cleared

Panther penalty @ 17:34 Fox - interference

Come on U DEVILS get that PP into overdrive

Lyle covers puck

Final minute of 1st period

Panthers back to FS

Puck out of play

End of 1st period DEVILS 0 Panthers 0

SoG for 1st period DEVILS 8 Panthers 8

Pretty even period, Panthers started better but Devils got better as period progressed

If only Devils had a decent PP, our PK is brilliant but our PP sucks

If only Devils had a decent PP, our PK is brilliant but our PP sucks

Texters think Devils are coasting, letting Panthers come at them - a dangerous ploy but it has worked for us against Panthers at Nottingham earlier in season

Panthers back on ice

Devils now out

2nd period starts

Lyle save

devils icing

Appears Adams is struggling with his knee

Panthers icing

Dobben goes close

little news coming out of NIC

Kwall saves coughs it up but whistle gone

Devils penalty @ 24:57 - Vandeveeken - slashing


Chris Frank took a 30 sec shift, went offside

That was when it was even handed not on PK

Puck frozen

Devils return to FS

Devils offside

Matzka goes close

Frank icing

Gametime 28:17

Adams back out after missing some shifts

Lyle covers up

Kwall save

More of the same in 2nd Devils soaking up the pressure

Kwall save ona rare Devils trip up ice

DamianDiafol thinks Devils have been watching "Rumble in the Jungle"

Gametime 30:47

Devils offside

Panthers icing

gametime 32:12

Both teams cagey about making errors

Kwall save

Kwall is easier to spell than Kowalski

Gametime 33:12

Devils icing

Kwall save

Gametime 35:49

Big Lyle save

Gametime 57:03

Puck out of play

Relieves pressure on Devils

Devils icing

Devils dumping puck but it keeps coming back at them

Devils offside

So much for his bad knee Adams is double shifting

Final minute of 2nd period

Adams on wing then on D

End of 2nd period DEVILS 0 Panthers 0

Don't know about you but the pressure here at MNL is so stressfull

We relieve it by going into the off season as CHAMPIONS

Come on U DEVILS just 20 more miles of effort and we are there

Lets finish strong in the Devils tradition

SoG for 2nd period DEVILS 8 Panthers 10 making it 16-18 after 2 periods

SoG doesn't really reflect the game as Devils have surrendered neutral ice to Panthers

Zamboni has done its alloted task

Texters remind me that we have soaked up Panther pressure in the past and won

Lets get that all important goal U DEVILS

First goal of the game (Devils) at 59:59 would do nicely

They say THREE TIMES FOR A WELSHMAN well we have lost the last 2 Championship Finals so its is our turn

Officials are back

So are Panthers

Devils still being charged up

Here comes the bride (winners)

Teams are back

3rd period starts

Lyle covers

Lyle save

Pierce down

Harding not Pierce takes a bit hit from Lepine

Blood on ice

Panthers penalty - Lepine 2 + 10 - check to head @ 41:02

Come on U DEVILS get that PP going now

Lyle saves after Devils turnedover

Lyle saves fron Myers

3rd period is hectic

Devils penalty @ 42:28 - Davies - tripping

Panthers back to FS


Kwall save

devils are making too many mistakes

Devils back to FS

Puck out of play

Stevie Lyle on top form tonight

Harding back on ice after treatment

Harding takes his shift - well done

Panthers icing

Huge save Lyle

Devils not the only team now looking tired

Stevie Lyle has kept Devils in this game

Gametime 48:00

Devils shoot wide

Kwall save

Kwall save from Harding @ 50:04

Another huge save by Lyle

Come on U DEVILS get us a Goal - please, please

Another Lyle save

Gametime 52:18

devils icing

Panthers score @ 52:57

Beauregard scores

Come on U DEVILS you can do it

Assist Benedict

DEVILS you can do it

Come on RED ARMY lift the boys

Panthers go close

5 minutes left

Kwall save

Lepine back after his 2+10

Gametime 56:02

3 minutes left

Open game - Matzka should have shot after combining with Hill

2 minutes left

Final minute

Lyle lifted

Panther ENG

Clarke ENG @ 59:53

Assist Meyers

Final score DEVILS 0 Panthers 2

Waiting for MoM

Big thank you to texters - Ger-Devils, Gerald, Rachael, DamianDiafol, DevilDom and JohnWildthing

Texters unananmous that Stevie Lyle should be MoM

Final SoG Devils 23 Panthers 34



Thats all from me (OJ) sorry about the result, hope you have enjoyed MNL coverage throughout the 2011/12 season

Good night, have a good summer and MNL will be back with you next season all being well.

NOS DA, Good night from me OJ and the rest of the MNL team