Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 4 - 1 Coventry Blaze

Join me from 5pm as MNL brings you the final game of the season at the BBT as the Devils attempt to book their usual place at the Play Offs weekend

Score predictions as usual to before 6pm face off

Normally we would start with a scoreline from the 1st leg but after the 3-3 tie in Coventry last night it is not necessary

Devils just have to win

That makes it sound simple

Texters making their way to the BBT

Blaze team arrived nice and early

Dick Matzka calls it DEVILS 5 Blaze 2

Gareth J doesn't care what the score is so long as the Devils have scored one more than the Blaze

We second that although the Matzka prediction would be better as it would relieve the pressure earlier

Entering the final 2 minutes leading by one goal would be stressful

Very quiet on the e-mail front - everyone must be going to BBT

Both teams on ice for warmup

A number of the regular e-mailers have been missing recent. Keith for instance where are you

Tension is building here in the MNL box

Devils have to maintain their unique record of having made the EIHL Play-Offs Finals every season

David Mercer in Belfast thinks Blaze will win 5-3

We will have to show him the error of his ways


RED ARMY second to none, they don't have to take prisoners as they have no opposition when it comes to team support

Team support should be an Olympic Sport - guaranteed GOLD MEDAL for RED ARMY

As expected no Sam Smith, Tim Burrows or Chris Frank for Devils

Matt Soderstrom a scratch for Blaze

Away Block must be sold out as there are Blaze fans in Block 15

Warmup done & dusted

Hopefully 3 more games and the 2011/2012 EIHL season is done

Devils are in BLACk tonight so much for RED OUT THE RINK

Kev and Sue Batch call it 4-3 Devils

Michelle in Manitoba doesn't care about the score so long as the Devils win

We are all with you there Michelle

Just 15 minutes to lift off

A mate of mine in LA texted me - "What are you rabitting on about"

He also added that he could feel the tension all those miles away

Its been a long season I will be glad that I can now concentrate on my other duties, especially the judicial ones

Having said that I am off back to Tenerife later in the month

Not for good as some were hoping

Michael Hicks was down to ref this game, will confirm ASAP

DamianDiafol says the tension is building - where has he been for the last few hours

Hope the tension is not too much for my merry band of texters as we need them.

Cross your fingers that the Network doesn't play up

Unravelling texts is stressful I must say

I am sure the Network is like my postman it hangs on to texts until it has a batch and then sends them through as a job lot

5 minute warning

Good intro video has got the crowd going at the BBT

Its all Blue at the moment like a Tory Conference

Officials on the ice

So are the Blaze

Mr Hicks is in charge

It is Rocking at the BBT as your very own CARDIFF DEVILS take to the ice

Looks like a full BBT tonight

What are the odds of Farmer in a fight?

BBT is bouncing says DevilDom

Anthem time

World Champ Nathan Cleverly VIP guest tonight

Hazel in Southend calls it 3-2 Devils

Anthems done

We are off

Lyle save

Glove save that was after 20 secs

Devils icing

@ 0:51

Farmer & K Smith having words already

Its all Blaze so far

Devils look nervous

Puck out of play

Devils go offside

Blaze penalty @ 3:17 - Fussey - tripping

Hirsch hangs on @ 3:32

3;42 that was

Devils shot ends in side netting

passing is iffy on pp as normal

Hirsch save


Absolute beauty I am told

Phil Hill the scorer @ 5:05 PPG

Assists Vanderveeken & Macrae

Hirsch pads save denies Devils 2nd goal

Nice work by Bern Davies that was

Devils penalty - Vanderveeken

Blaze Goal

PPG @ 6:43

Farmer from Guthrie

Tripping was the penalty against Vanderveeken @ 6:39

Puck out of play

Lyle save

@ 7:49

Crowd start baiting Jurynec

Hirsch save

From Pierce that was @ 8:52

Its end to end at the moment

Blaze offside

Adams laughs at Jurynec and skates off

Hirsch save from M Smith

Game has settled down after a frantic opening

Pad save Hirsch , rebound cleared

Another Hirsch save

Davies has a shot saved

Adams being targetted but skates away

Hirsch save followed by handbags

Jurynec at the centre of it all

Jurynec comes out second best trying to land big hit on Batch

Lyle save

Nice clean hit by Matzka on Nylander

Hicks either missing a lot or letting it go

Well it is play off tim e

Hirsch save

Farmer tries to go for Adams, Ben Davies steps in

Why they are trying to wind up Adams I don't know

Gerad is not biting anyway

Gametime 16:02

Matzka and Cowley in a wrestling match

Penalty shot - DEVILS


@ 17:11

Pierce was triupped on breakaway

Penalty shot saved

Hit left post

Gametime 18:12

Final minute of 1st period

Blaze shoot wide

End of 1st period DEVILS 1 Blaze 1

Very even period of good play off hockey

SoG for 1st period - 10 shots each

You can't be more even than this

Teams back on the ice

2nd period starts

Devils chance- shot wide

Devils exert pressure at start of 2nd period

Come on U DEVILS give us a goal

Wood constantly niggling Pierce

Puck out of play

Slap shot from M Smith almost broke plexi glass - what a shot

Pity it was off target as Hirsch and puck would have ended in goal

Glove save Hirsch from Matzka

Hirsch blocks Venderveeken shot

Crowd listed as 1,816

More sloppy passing by Devils, luckily no harm done

Hirsch saves from Pierce breakaway

Dobben also foiled by Hirsch

Devils go offside

Devils start 2nd period as the better team

Vanderveeken shot saved

Richardson skates end to end shot saved @ 27:46

All tied at Sheffield 2-2 (4-4 on aggrefate)

Lyle save

Gametime 29:39

Handbags involving Macrae and Domish

Pierce goes coast to coast - x-checked for his effort - no call

More handbags in front of Blaze goal

Hirsch covers up after Harding shot

Lyle save

from Kralj @ 31:10

Hirsch save from Pierce after turnover

Blaze pressure comes to nothing @ 32:14

Jurynec shooting his mouth off

At Hill this time

Hill and Farmer exchange addresses then Jurynec butts in

K Smith goes close

Blaze 2 on 1 pad save & cleared effectively

RED ARMY has found more Strepsils and are loud again


Macrae I believe @ 34:21 assist K Smith

Confirmed StUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU scored


Well handbags really

Ger-DEVILS is desparate for a fight

Handbags was after Hill shot saved

Gametime 35:34

Vanderveeken tries another of his long range lobs

Gametime 37:00

Hirsch glove save

Final 2 minutes of 2nd period

Lyle blocker save from McLean

Devils go up other end and nearly get a third goal

Another goal now would do nicely U DEVILS

Devils penalty :38:39=8 Dobben - hooking


Final minute

One minute killed

Devils hit pipes on SH attempt

End of 2nd period DEVILS 2 Blaze 1

Dobben penalty wa as 38:38 so Devils will start 3rd period with a 38 secs PK

Devils could/should easily have added a SHG at end of 2nd period

Stingrays back in front 3-2 at Sheffield

SoG for 2nd period DEVILS 15 Blaze 6 making ir 26-15 after 2 periods

5 minutes to restart

No time for a coffee, it would be dangerous anyway might spill it in my excited state

If there are any viewers out there is foreig parts let me know at

Michelle in Manitoba I assume is still with us

Teams back on the ice

Come on U DEVILS lets get the next goal

3rd period underway

Devils return to full strength (FS)

Hill shot blocked

Devils penalty @ 41:30 - Adams - tripping


Dan Vanderveeken joins us from Ontario

One minute of penalty killed

Devils 2nd goal details changed now Macrae from Pierce and Hill

devils back to FS

Blaze icing

Pierce family in Troy Michigan

John Frank as always with us

Lyle blocker save

Gametime 45:04

I endorse John Frank plea lets have another goal U DEVILS

Gametime 46:03

Blaze offside

Handbags involving yes Farmer again

Blaze od=ffside @ 46:57

Lyle save

Nerves are tingling

Hull now winning 4-2

What an upset that would be 7th beating 2nd

Gametime 48:10

Stress levels reduced by the possible defeat of the Steelers

But we need to win U DEVILS

Owen shot saved by Lyle

Matzka goes close

Lots of Blaze pressure at the moment


Thats my boys

Macrae the scorer after Hirsxch spilled a Hill shot

Timed at 49:51 - Macrae assists Pierce & Hill

Gametime 51:03

Michelle is still with us in sunny/snowy Manitoba

Blaze icing @ 51:26

Gametime 51:55

RED ARMY going wild at BBT

Lyle save @ 52:28

Thank you to the Pierce family for their kind words, thank you for Jeff

Hirsch save from Macrae @ 52:38

Lyle save @ 53:10

From Griffin that was

Gametime 54:00

Gametime 55:03

Dobben denied on 2 on 1 breakaway

Gametime 55:40

4 minutes left

Hirsch save

3 minutes left

Lyle save @ 57:32

Blaze lift Hirsch

Devils miss empty net


ENG by Jeff Pierce

Assist Macrae & Vanderveeken @ 58:09

Final score DEVILS 4 Blaze 1 DEVILS win 7-4 on aggregate

We are in the Finals

Steelers are not they are out

Blaze Mon - Shae Guthrie

I am not redundant for another week

Junior Devils Player of the Year - JEFF PIERCE

The girls voted for him!!!


Our thanks go to DEVILS for getting us to Nottingham and also to my team of texters - Sharlene, Rachael, Damian Diafol, DevilsDom, Gerald, Ger-De vils, JoghnWildthing and Spearsy well done one ansd all

Thats all from me OJ got to go and have a lie down