Match Night Live
Coventry Blaze 3 - 3 Cardiff Devils

Join me (OJ) was MNL brings you the 1st leg of the Play Offs 1/4 Final as the Devils traval to Coventry to take on the Blaze

Score predictions as usual to before 7pm face off please

Join me from 6pm onwards

Soph & Matt call it 2-1 Devils

No Tim Burrows or Sam Smith for the Devils tonight

Trying to establish whether Chris Frank is icing or not

Paul W calls it 3-1 Devils

LPJ says its going to be Blaze 2 Devils 4

Mray Hanson scheduled to ref tonight, Michael Hicks on Sunday

Ice ready for warmup

Chris Frank is NOT ICING

Ger-Devils the eternal optimist thinks Frank the Tank is giving the warmup a miss and will play

If the injury he has is what I was told before last Sunday is true then Ger optimism could be on the mark

Stephen B is also optimistic and calls it Devils by the odd goal in 7

Warmup underway

Red Army not really interested in warmup - engaged in a balloon fight

Danette & Kevin Macrae in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia are going for a 4-3 Devils win

Viv B and her guess fi=ollowing MNL and tuned into the webcast goes for a 4-1 Devils win

Rachel claims the balloon fight victory

She will be in the Olympics this summer

Pat in Bridgend is very confident and calls it 5-2 Devils

Warmup completed

H in Nottingham can't make up her mind on whether it will be 4-3 or 3-2 to the Devils

Either will do nicely thank you

Angela L says 5-3 Devils

In excess of 150 Devils fans at Coventry and there are more arriving

Richie reports that Chris Frank was limping when he saw him at a Tesco Express on the way to Coventry

Blaze fans dressed as Smurfs - or are they dressed as they always are

Hazek M goes for a 5-4 win for Devils

Donna & Megan call it 4-3 Devils

Do mother and daughter ever disagree I ask myself

Donna & Megan call it 4-3 Devils

No Soderstrom for Blaze

Franks confirmed as a scratch

Ger-Devils will have to believe it soon

Ice is ready

Away blocks are the only ones full at the moment

Just 8 days left in the season and the long off season (sometimes referred to as the summer) is here

Officials on the ice

Griffin is icing for Blaze, remember he went off hurt at the BBT last Sunday

Smaller crowd than last Saturday night even though there are twice as many Devils fans

Welcome onto the ice your very own CARDIFF DEVILS

Followed by the Blaze

Gametime is upon us

Red Army estimated as 200+

Welsh anthem being sung by the RED ARMY

Puck dropped and we are off

End to end start

Devils icing

Gametime 2:04

5 big hits by Devils in opening 2 minutes

Devils penalty @ 2:20 - Piggott - high sticks

Preior to that Jurynec and Vanderveeken (VdV) having words

Kill Devils Kill


Dobben SHG

@ 3:15

Assist Matzka

Lyle save

Devils penalty @ 4:12 - Davies

5 on 3 for 18 secs

Devils back to 4 skaters


Farmer & Hill having words

Blaze icing

Dobben goes close on another SH chance @ 5:23

Devils kill penalty and return to full strength (FS)

Blaze Goal

Park assist Griffin @ 7:07

Lyle taking stick from Blaze fans, RED ARMY respond

Pierce hits crossbar


Matzka for Devils

Nylander for Blaze

Both given minors for x-checking @ 9:59

Not a fight then, these texters are too keen

Pierce puts a nice check on Wood

Both teams back to FS

Gametime 12:07

Matzka is up for this game for sure

He's not taking prisoners tonight

Blaze icing

0-0 after 1st period between Hull & Sheffield

Panthers 1 Clan 0

Hirsch denies Devils

Devils penalty @ 16:36

K Smith - slashing


Puck out of play

Big effort being put in by Devils tonight - not least by Dobben & Harding

1 minute of penalty killed

Blaze offside

Gametime 17:59

Devils back to FS

Final minute of 1st period

Panthers now winning 2-0

End of 1st period Blaze 1 DEVILS 1

Teams are back on the ice

Must be the Devils turn to have a pp opportunity

SoG Blaze 11 DEVILS 10

2nd period starts

Everything goind amiss at Coventry - webcast useless, EIHL game sheet stuck at 16:36

Blaze penalty @ 21:04 - Weaver - interference

Lets have a PPG U DEVILS

Assisr Blaze goal changed to McLean not Griffin

Hirsch save

Blaze return to FS

Devils penalty @ 23:05 - Davies - interference


Devils back to FS

Blaze Goal

@ 25:22 - Nylander assist Weaver

Vanderveeken given 2nd assist on Devils goal

Blaze are all over Devils

Fussey takes out Lyle

Game becoming very feisty

Hanson calling nothing on Blaze

Gametime 28:07

Red Army not happy as Blaze getting away with a lot

Lyle save

Red Army's frustration as Devils don't fight back or stick up for Lyle

Farmer & Batch get roughing minors @ 29:48

Both teams back to FS

Hirsch save

Gametime 31:51

Hirsch saves from Vanderveeken

Blaze icing

Gametime 32:29 as Blaze ice puck again

Panthers now winning 3-0

Blaze penalty @ 32:37 - Wood - high sticks

K Smith & Jurynec binned @ 32:48

Jutynec for x-check, K Smith - diving USC

Devils offside

Blaze icings being neglected as well as penalties

All penalties noe served

Devils wander offside

Hirsch save

devils icing relieves pressure

Puck out of Play

Lyle save

Hirsch save @ 38 minute mark

Another Hirsch save

Gametime 38:30

Finate minute of 2nd period

Hirsch save

End of 2nd period Blaze 2 DEVILS 1

Andrew remo=inded me of the biased refeering handed out to us by Moray Hanson in the plat offs previously - the list is long and growing

Apologies it has been pointed out that I didn't credit Scott Dobben with goal

I am convinced I posted the info, It probably wewn t to the great server in the sky where the Blaze webcast has also gone.

Told that refunds for failed webcast have to be claimed from PayPal, despite that the onus is on the Blaze Webcast team to make good any loss through their failure to deliver goods (service).

If anyone wants to complain about MNL then I will forgo the fee I am paid for hosting this service.

Officials back on the ice

Teams are back

SoG for 2nd Blaze 15 DEVILS 10 making it 25-21 after 2 periods

3rd period underway

Reports that webcast is now working - for how long is the question

Hirsch save

Another Hirsch save as Devils seek equaliser

Devils offside

Farmer takes Davies out after whistle - no penalty - did you expect one

FIGHT - Adams v Griffin

Hirsch on his back

2 Devils gone to sinbin, nothing against Blaze

Piggott - minor for netinder interference


Blaze goal

Piggott was the only Devils penalise

Piggott was the only Devils penalise

Blaze penalty @ 44:25 - Owen -

Network playing up, Blaze scoresd a PPG to make it 3-1 then Devils went on pp

Blaze icing @ 47:24

To avoid any confusion the score is Blaze 3 DEVILS 1

Apologies for than confusion but one of my texters got over zealous and reported a Blaze goal twice

Its gone quiet now


Dobben with his 2nd of the night

@ 50:14

Assist Matzka

Pathers now 4-3 ahead on aggregate in tie

Devils fan wins 50-50

ASk him to buy us a goal


He did


Adams assist K Smith

Now 3-3

RED ARMY sent an order out for some Strepsils

Gametime 55:04

Pierce breakaway @55:25

Clan make it 4-4

Pierce throws huge hit on Cowley

Matzka has been a beast tonight says DevilDom

He wants a Final weekend for his parents

Gametime 56:30

Devils pushging for the go ahead goal

Vanderveeken foils 2 man Blaze breakaway

Gametime 57:30

Final 2 minutes

Gametime 57:30

Final minute


FIGHT Davies v ???

Devils penalty @ 59:16 - Davies

Blaze also penalised

Farmer it was - minors for roghing for them both @59:16

Final score Blaze 3 DEVILS 3



Our thanks go to texters - Rachel, Ger-Devils, DevilDom and Gerald well done

Join us at MNL tomorrow night as will douse the Blaze in the BBT, join me (OJ) from 5pm

Good Night - Nos Da