Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 4 - 3 Coventry Blaze

Welcome to MNL for the Devils final league game of the 2011/12 season when they take on the Coventry Blaze.

With the Devils and the Blaze facing each other in the play offs next week tonights game will if nothing else establish bragging rights for the play offs

Score predictions as usual to before facve off please

Organising texting duties

I have been told that Peter Hirsch is not icing for Blaze - seeking confirmation

Trying to get team news as warmup starts

It looks as if Hirsch is on the ice

Devils have to go at this game at 100%+

You have to buikd intensity going into play offs and you don't do that by treating a non event game as a scrimmage

Thebiggest threat to the DEvils tonight is that stupid ref

Hirsch confirmed as icing

No Sam Smith or Tim Burrows for Devils

Soderstrom a scratch for Blaze

Signs of a decent crowd at the BBT tonight

Soderstrom a scratch for Blaze

Warmup completed

A new record possibly - there are NO predictions on e-mail

Gerald called a 4-2 win for the Devils by text

Still rumoured that Brendan Stones will start in net for Blaze - we shall see in just over 10 minutes

E-mail prediction at last - Gazza calls it 5-3 Devils

Ice ready

Officials on ice confirmed as the man in charge - he'll make sure we know he is in charge

Paddy Power giving odds of 1/2 that Farmer gets beaten up

Teams on the ice

Sam Smith announced as icing but he is not there


Hirsch does start for Blaze

So much for the rumours coming out of the Blaze supporters camp

Anthem done

Puck dropped

Good crowd in BBT tonight

Hirsch save

Frank links up with Adams and Davies

Frank floors Domish to create turnover which is spoilt by Devils going offside


Macrae the scorer @ 1:43

No further details yet

Assist for Vanderveeken

Hirsch save

Venderveeken shot from blueline, pad save, rebound cleared

Jurynec & Vanderveeken having words

End to end at the moment

Dream fight card would be Batch v Farmer, Frank v Jurynec


Scored by Pierce @ 5:42

Assists Richardson & Davies

Blaze goal

@ 6:21 on delayed penalty

Guthrie assists Weaver & Hirsch

devils go close

Frank causing havoc on the wing

Davies shows his skill as he slices through Blaze defence but shoots wide

Devils go close as Hill puts puck to far post but nobody there to bury the biscuit

Loads of niggles brewing ready for play offs

Gametime 11:30

Double save by Hirsch

Blaze penalty ' 12:25 - Kralj - slashing

Lets get the PP into gear U DEVILS

K Smith hits pipes

Blaze back to full strength (FS)

Not a great pp by Devils - really

Good turnover by Pierce

Huge hit by Frank on Farmer

Big save Hirsch from Matzka

Blaze goal

Doubt about that Blaze 2nd goal might be a late text

Taken goal off until I get confirmation

Devils player hit into goal then Jurynec comes in late and skates into player on floor

Pierce it was on the floor

Blaze penalty @ 17:42 Park - hooking

Jurynec also gets a penalty - kneeing @ 17:42

Farmer gone vto dressing room after that hit from Frank

Devils have 5 on 3

Come on U DEVILS


PPG by Vanderveeken

@ 19:11

Correction it was Dobben who scored assust M Smith - ppg


Jurynec & Frank

Win for Frank says Ger-Devils

Devils 3rd goal announced as scored by Dobben texters convinced it was Vanderveeken

5 minute majors for fighting for Jurynec and Frank @ 19:45

End of 1st period DEVILS 3 Blaze 1

Fight pretty even but edged by Frank is the general view

I suppose we will see Farmer for the first 5 minutes of the 2nd period now that Frank is in the sinbin

If I was Coventry I would get Farmer scanned as he has taken a few big hits/beatings this season

Concensus is that Vanderveeken scored Devils 3rd goal assist Richardson

I know its end of term but what are they doing at the BBT

Teams back

2nd period starts

Devils 3rd goal now reads scored by Vanderveeken assist M Smith

Hirsch save

Lets hope they don't change their minds again

VdV scored I have seen the video

After watching the Frank v Jurynec video it was a clear win for Frank

Jurynec was lucky Frank slipped or he would have taken a few more punches

No sign of Farmer

Griffin helped off the ice

Griffin went off after big hit by Adams

Frank & Jurynec return

Puck out of play

Blaze offside

Griffin was obviously in a lot of pain as he struggled off the ice

Game quieten down after the excitment at the end of 1st period

On the video Jurynec was celebrating a win, yes Frank went down (slipped) but I didn't see Jurynec land a single clean punch as opposed to half a dozen from Frank the Tank

Matzka hits pipes

Tony wants to know if Farmer has left early to do some ploughing

End to end fast game

Crowd estimates as around 1,750

Guthrie got hit by the Blaze bench door which was open and hit his head

Devils penalty - Vanderveeken

@33:13 - interference

Adams took a knock in same incident as Guthrie but he is back

No Guthrie however

Devils kill penalty and are back to FS

Blaze goal @ 33:33 scored by Guthrie asists Fussey & Krajl


Hill assist Macrae & Batch @ 35:33

Apologies it was Griffin that was hurt not Guthrie

Frank has now gone AWOL

Pidgeons would have been better than the mobile service tonight

Blaze 2nd goal was a ppg

I posted a rogue text

Final minute of 2nd period

End of 2nd period DEVILS 4 Blaze 2

Trying to find out what happenned to Chris Frank who was awol for the last part of that last period.

Mystery depends as apparently Jurynec went AWOL as well

Have a look in the car park!!!

Maybe its 3-1 in injuries

JohnWildthing thinks he twisted his knee when he slipped and Jurynec landed on it

Reporting on the game is hard enough without all the other side issues

To recap Farmer hasn't appeared since Frank flattenned him in 1st period

James Griffin has not appeared since taking a hit from Adams and hitting his head early in 2nd period

Frank and Jurynec seem to be missing since returning to the game at the 25 minute mark after their fighting majors

Frank's twisted knee confirmed

Teams back on the ice

Still no Frank on Devils bench

3rd period underway

Adams breakaway denied by Hirsch

Devils deliver puck across crease noone there to tip it in

Devils penaty @ 41:41 - Vanderveeken - slashing

Blaze PPG

Devils penalty @ 42:20 Dobben - tripping

Blaze 3rd goal @ 42:08 scored by Wood assist Fussey - PPG

Blaze penalty @44:42 - Cowley - tripping

Devils now go on pp

After the way thePK unit has played all season how do we concede 3 PPGs

Frank will not be back

Blaze back to FS

Blaze icing @ 46:58

Puck out of play again

Come on U DEVILS give us a goal

Gone very quiet I hope its not the network or I will have a dozen texts at the sametime

Blaze penalty @ 52:27 - Owen - holding

Lets have a PPG U DEVILS

Pierce goes close

Blaze penalty @ 53:12 - Domish - delay of game

Devils 5 on 3

Hirsch save

We must take advantage of this 1:15 of 5 on 3

Blaze back to 4 skaters

Blaze return to FS

Gametime 55:18

Blaze go close

Big pad save by Hirsch

Puck out of play gives Devils respite

Devils out shot Blaze 22-12 in first 2 periods

Final 2 minutes

Gametime 58:30

Gametime 58:55

Final minute

Hirsch pulled

Blaze bench minor for too many men called when Pierce was on a breakaway with hno Hirsch

What a plonker of a ref

Hasn't he heard of delayed penalties

Gametime 59:36

Officials in discussion

Apparently Blaze didn't have too many men

Blaze time out

Final score DEVILS 4 Blaze 3

Thanks to our texters - harlene, Spearsy, Gerald, Ger-Devils, DevilDom and JohnWildthing - WHAT A TEAM


Frank now on ice with a crutch

Use a stick Chris

He's doing a presentation


Thats all from me (OJ) join me at MNL as be bring you the play off games against the Blaze