Match Night Live
Coventry Blaze 6 - 4 Cardiff Devils

Join me (OJ) from about 6pm as MNL brings you coverage of the Devils penultimate league game at Coventry

Score predictions as allways welcomed to before face off please

Texters are beginning to arrive at Coventry

N ichols L-R calls it 5-2 Devils

Both teams on the ice for warmup

Lets hope the final league standings will be decided tonight

By my calculation there are only two issues to be resolved - the order Blaze and Clan finish ie 5th & 6th and whether Stars or Capitals clinch 8th spot

It appears no Sam Smith at Coventry

Donna & Megan think it will be a tight game but Devils to win 4-3

Approx 80 Devils fans at Coventry

Pat in Bridgend is slightly more confident and has Devils winning 5-3

Ruth predicts a 2-1 win for Devils and hopes the Clan win as well

Russky predicts a Devils win in O/T

My money is on a big game from Scott Matzka as his dad Dick is here and he hasn't seen him play for sometime

Warmup done & dusted

Hazel in Southend has the Devils winning 6-4

I hope this hot weather hasn't melted the ice in the BBT

Matt & Soph thinks Devils will prevail 4-2

Why are Devils fans shouting for the Clan

Its a long way to go next Tuesday if the Clan finish 4th

Simon P thinks Blaze will win 4-3 tonight and the Devils win by the same score on Sunday

That would mean Devils v Blaze in Play Offs

I now I shall be criticise for harkening about the old days but Play offs in groups of 4 was brilliant and highly competitive

The speed and intensity was a couple of gears up from a tight league game

I am sure Glynne and the other oldies will agree with me

Face off delayed 10 minutes

Michael Hicks was down to ref this game

Not icing for Blaze Selby & Soderstrom

Ref confirmed as Hicks

Away block sold out - many Devils fans in "Wheres Wally" fancy dress

Devils on the ice

Blaze on the ice

Looks like a full house at Coventry or mighty close to one

Red Army invited to sing National Anthem

And doing a fine job of it

Its amazing what a minimum price for alcohol can do

Blaze fans not invited to sing the other Anthem

Musical interlude done

Kevan Batch says 4-2 Devils

We are underway

Devils start with Matzka, Dobben & Harding

Devils go close in their first attack

Huge pressure from Devils

Blaze goal - Domish @ 1:22

Unassisted I believe

Angela L also called it 4-2 Devils

Guthrie awarded assist on Domish goal

Hirsch save

Blaze icing

Blaze goal came after error by Lyle

Penalty shot for Blaze


Penalty shot was @ 3:04 taken by Farmer

All action at Blaze end, their goal was against the run of play


FRANK the Tank scored @ 3:48

Assists Adams & Davies

Blaze offside

Davies shoved off puck by Domish

Nice save by Lyle


@ 7:33

Davies the scorer assists Adams & FRank

Devils 2nd goal was on a delayed penalty

Matzka putting on the checks for his parents

Lyle glove save @ 9:29


Ben Davies breakaway

@ 9:30

Apologies 9:50 it was

Assists Adams & K Smith

John F he is now showing his offensive qualities the toughness can wait

Hirsch save @ 11:57

Hirsch having to make a lot of saves

K Smith goes close @ 12:09

Play at Sheffield halted at 13:09 - ice problems - teams gone to dressingrooms

Save by Lyle for a change

Steelers were winning 2-0 at the time of the stoppage

Frank floors Griffin with a big check

Gametime 15:33

Woods puts big hit on Ma crae in retaliation

Gametime 16:58

Devils haven't really got out of 2nd gear, they don't need to

Gametime 19:20

Hirsch save @ 19:33


Vanderveeken v Farmer

Called a draw

Vanderveeken couldn't be bothered

Blaze penalty - Farmer - Fighting major @ 19:54

Not a draw says Spearsy VdV had a bad start but then got into it

Devils penalty - Vanderveeken - x-checking + Fighting major

End of 1st period Blaze 1 DEVILS 3

Don't blame me it was Ger-Devils who called it a draw the other texters say Farmer did his usual impression of a punchbag

Maybe Ger-Devils needs to go to Specsavers

No score in Clan v Stingrays games after 1 period

Devils back on ice

Followed by the Blaze

SoG for 1st period Blaze 13 DECVILS 17

2nd period starts

Blaze on pp for 1:55


Matzka breakaway - save Hirsch

Latest scores Steelers 4 Capitals 0

Kralj hits crossbar @ 21:15

Devils return to full stength (FS)

Clan now winning 2-0

Giants 1 Panther 0 after 28 minutes

Handbags betwee n Fussey & K Smith @ 23:21

Devils controlling the game

DevilDom can't believe how average the Blaze are in a must win game

Devils controlling the game without breaking into a sweat

Devils penalty @ 25@37 - Dobben - hooking


Farmer is back

Blaze PPG @ 26:06

Kralj assists Guthrie & Farmer

Devils penalty @ 26:46 - Frank - x-checking

For Devils to avoid the trip to Glasgow Blaze must win


Referee Hicks stops Devils clearing their zone by getting in the way

Lyle save

Blaze penalty @ 28:11 - Wood - hooking

Blaze player hurt stopping shot

MacLean it is

4 on 4 for 28 seconds

Vanderveeken is back as Devils go on PP

Blaze return to FS

Blaze goal

@ 30:21

Devils turned over in neutral zone

Blaze 3rd goal scored by Guthrie assists Farmer & Wood

Frank floors Griffin again

FIGHT i believe

Or is it handbags?

NO fight

Devils penalty - Frank - slashing, Blaze penalty - Guthrie - x-check both @ 31:01

Steelers now winning 7-0

Blaze penalty @ 33:04 - Jurynec - slashing

Devils on pp

Blaze penalty @ 33:18 - Guthrie - holding

Devils 5 on 3

Come on U DEVILS give us a PPG

Hirsch glove save @ 35:00

Blaze back to 4 skaters

Hirsch save

BLaze back to FS

Blaze fans have finally woken up @ 35:49

Macrae shoots wide

Devils seem to have switched off

Farmer trying to rough up Stevie Lyle

Handbags M Smith & Farmer @ 37:29

Gametime 38:02

Final minute

Great block by Frank

Devils shoot wide after 2 on 1 chance

End of 2nd period Blaze 3 DEVILS 3

**** ENL Devils 0 Romford Raiders 4 after 2 periods

Guthrie penalty @ 33:18 now listed as hooking not holding

Scores after 2 periods Giants 1 Panthers 2; Clan 2 Stingrays 0; Steelers 8 Capitals 0; Flyers 0 Stars 0

which means that Stars are in the play offs as the results stand at the moment

Also Stingrays would stay at 7th

Ice is ready

Stingrays pull 1 back now Clan 2 - Stingrays 1

Teams back on the ice

3rd period starts

Big Lyle save

Devils icing

** ENL DEVILS pp is as bad as the Devils they fail to capitalise on a 5 on 3

Blaze goal @ 41:42

Scored by Woo-Sang Park

Assists MacLean & Jurynec

Devils penalty @ 42:20 - M Smith - holding

*** ENL Devils score their first now trailing 1-4 to Romford in 3rd

Blaze goal @ 44:24 - PPG scored by MacLean assists Wood & Domish

Devils time out

Blaze goal @ 44:29 - Farmer assist Fussey

I guess Devils don't want to go to Glasgow

Lyle save

Clan now winning 4-1

Devils hit pipes

Richardson that was @ 47:47

Lyle save

Big thank you to Mark G for keeping us upto date with scores at Braehead

Blaze penalty @ 48:31 Owen - roughing

Devils PP the usual c**p

Macrae hits side netting

Devils now go offside on pp

Come on U DEVILS give us a goal

Puck out of play

Blaze return to FS

Blaze icing

Can you imagine the difference financially between two games against Clan compared to two games against the Blaze

Work it out

Now 1-1 at Fife

Hirsch save

Gametime 54:07


@56:14 - Richardson

Assists K Smith & Harding

Hirsch save

Final 2 minutes

Final minute

30 second left

Result: Blaze 6 DEVILS 4

Waiting for MoM

Devilsd MoM - BEN DAVIES

Confirmed at Coventry that it will be Blaze v Devils in play offs. Both sets of fans seem to be very happy

Big thank you to texters - Rachel, Gerald, DevilDom and Ger-Devils

DevilDom says Devils stopped playing after 1st period

We are still waiting for Blaze MoM - there is a recount

Ger-Devils can't be bothered to wait any longer as the on ice presentation go on and on


Thats all from me - join me from around 5pm tomorrow night as the Blaze come to the BBT

Good night

Rember to put your clocks forward an hour tonight