Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 8 - 3 Dundee Stars

Welcome to MNL as the Stars of Dundee visit the BBT in Cardiff Bay

Score predictions as usual to before 7;30 face off please

My understanding is the the Devils will field 9 imports tonight

When did we do that last?

warmup in progress at BBT

Andy Carson was originally down to ref this game when it was scheduled for last Saturday

Will bring you news of who is in charge as soon as I know

Trying to make contact with texters, it is always a last minute thing for mid week games as people come from work etc

Pat in Bridgend calls it 5-3 to Devils

Warm up finished

Soph G calls it 5-2 Devils

ust 2 more home games and the season is done - as far as BBT is concerned

Will bring you team news ASAP

Texters arrived at BBT after warmup had finished

Very sparse crowd by all accounts

Scott Matzka is icing I am told

He had to get better, his parents arrive Thursday

Sue & Dick if you are with us it appears that the weather across the pond is warmer than it is here

Stars take to the ice

Welcome onto the ice your very own CARDIFF DEVILS

Dean Smith is the referee

Intro time

Hevan Batch predicts a 4-2 win for Devils

Hazel M thinks Devils will win 4-2


We are ready to rock & roll

2 Stars fans sighted

We are off

Its starts with end to end action

Lyle save

Devils 16 skaters; Stars 14 skaters

Devils icing @ 2:04

Devils hit pipes

Macrae that was

Pad save Whitley from Pierce

Still end to end

Puck out of play @ 5:14

No atmosphere at BBT tonight

Gametime 5:33

Whitley save from Vanderveeken

Lyle save @ 6:27

Most of the chances so far have gone to the Stars

Another Lyle save @ 6:50

Lyle had to make 5 saves in one passage of play

Devils offside

Stars (Hutchins) offside

I suppose the Stars have a lot to play for chasing that play off spot

Whitley save

@ 9;10

Pierce being roughed up by Stars

Matzka giveaway presents Stars with clear chane which they wasted by shooting high

Stars penalty @ 10:23 - Hutchins - interference



Matzka assist Vanderveeken @ 11:54 a PPG

Stars penalty @ 12:15 - Turner - slashing

Frank has words with Turner as he goes off

Extra assist on Devils goal for Richardson

Stars have got very stick happy out there

Devils pp is an improvement on the past

Whitley save from K Smith

Stars kill penalty and return to full strength (FS)

Turner got away with a cheap hit on Pierce as he left sinbin

Gametime 14:45

Turner pulls Davies down - no call

Puck out of play @ 16:18

Devils penalty = Batch

Stars Goal @ 16:31 PPG

Batch penalty was delay of game @ 16:18

Hutchins scored Stars goal

Assist Kalanos

Assist also for Hughes on Stars opening goal

Whitley save

Puck out of play @ 18:19

Final minute

Stars turnover by Macrae who feeds Hill who shot is tipped over the crossbar

Devils penalty @ 19:11 - Frank - kneeing


Stars penalty @ 19:30 - Hutchins - interference

Richardson hits pipes

End of 1st period DEVILS 1 Stars 1

I suppose the biggest surprise of the opening peiod is that we haven't had a FIGHT - but it will not be long coming

Teams are back

SoG for 1st period DEVILS 16 Stars 12

2nd period starts

Play off tickets available from Sunday

Stars penalty - Kolanos - tripping @ 20:02

I had to double check that one

Vanderveeken shot saved

Frank is back

Hutchins returns


Devils PPG scored by Pierce assists Dobben & Matzka @ 21:53

Devils penalty @ 23:06 - Frank - hooking


Tripping not hooking

Davies slammed into boards - no call

Devils back to FS

Save Whitley

Devils in control

Frank has shot saved

Devils penalty @ 27:26 - Macrae - slashing


PK working well

Stars goal

Stars PPG @ 29:05

Scored by Kolonos assists Hutchins & Turner

Richardson shot saved by Whitley

Lyle covers puck

Devils icing @ 31:30

Devils waste a 2 on 1 chance by shooting stright at Whitley

Frank & M Smith D pairing getting plenty of icetime and looking good

Lovely coast to coast rush by Davies whitley saves however

Stars icing @ 32:22

Adam Harding continuing to impress

Luke Piggot seems to have taken Sam Smith's slot

Lyle save

Konkle & Batch having words

After needle between Konkle & Pierce

Sam Smith has not iced this period

Puck out of play @ 34:12

Stars Goal

Awaiting confirmation of that Stars goal

NO goal - delayed text

Gametime 35:11

Gametime 35:31

Whitley save after Macrae goes coast to coast

Shot from Kolonos goes wide

Lyle save

Piggot does well to clear puck under pressure @ 37:06

Lyle saves with his skate

Final minute of 2nd period

Devils haven't got out of 2nd gear all evening


Lets hope this text is OK

Pierce scores with 1 second left in period - 39:59

Assists Macrae & Hill

End of 2nd period DEVILS 3 Stars 2

Crowd recorded as 971

We will never know how many would have turned up on Saturday night.

Teams are back on the ice for 3rd period

SoG for 2nd period DEVILS 12 Stars 9 making it 29-21 after 2 periods

3rd period starts

Lets win this game quickly and call it a night

Stars offside @ 40:34

Please no O/T as I have work to do

Davies attempts wrap around but Whitley wise to his intent

Having retired I set up my own business and the work piles in

I had more time when I was working and assisting the Devils

Lyle save

Whitley save

Whitley hangs on to a Matzka shot


Davies the scorer

Assist M Smith @ 44:03

Shot from Mark Smith hits plexi bounces back and Davies nets

Zarb has a tantrum

Stars penalty @ 44:50 - too many men

Bench minor being served by Hutchins


Matzka the scorer

Assists M Smith and Davies @ 45:52 - PPG

Stars goal

@ 46:07

Wishart assists Zarb & Forsyth

Chris Frank now playing on the wing

Lovely interplay involving Matzka and Harding

Harding have a good game on 2nd line


Dobben assist Matzka @ 47:57

Assist for Harding as well

Devils penalty K Smith - slashing @ 48:25


Gone very quiet after that rush of goals


@ 48:40 SHG - Vanderveeken assists Macrae & Richardson

Devils back to full strength

Stars penalty - McGoff

Myers now in net for Devils

@ 55:19

Myers save

Apologies for lack on continuity but there were no texts for 5 minbutes then 20 came through together

Another Myers save

Jeff Pierce seems to be doing an ice dance routine


Frank @ 57:20 assist Matzka & Harding

Final 2 minutes

Its was Davies who scored not Frank

Davies assist Frank

Final minute

Final score DEVILS 8 Stars 3

Apologies again but that was the biggest problem ever with texts

All down to the Orange network me thinks


According to texts from Ger-Devils Stevie Lyle is still making saves

Devils Frebruary player of the month 3 Pierce: 2 Davies; 1 STUART MACRAE

Devils Mom - BEN DAVIES

Thats it from all thats left to do is thank my team of texters - Gerald, Ger-Devils, DamianDiafol, DevilDom, JohnWildthing, Spearsy ans Sharlene - well done great coverage pity about the mobile network

Join us at the weekend when the Devils complete their league programme with back to back games against the Coventry Blaze

Good Night - Nos Da