Match Night Live
Fife Flyers 1 - 5 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL as we bring you coverage of the Devils game against the Flyers in Kirkcaldy

Me me (OJ) from 6pm onwards as we bring you as comprehensive coverage as possible with a sole texter (Rachel) covering the game for us.

Score predictions are invited as usual to - before face off please

Ruth as usual gets her prediction in early, going for a 5-1 win for the Devils

Stephen B calls it 7-2 Devils

4 Devils fans at Kirkcaldy by my reckoning that is Rachel, Rhi, Ash and ANOTHER

The a,n,other has been identified as Barrie

Ice ready at Kirkcaldy

Flyers take to the ice for warmup

Devils join Flyers for warmup

Looks as if Josh Batch is fit as he is warming up

No sign of Matzka

There is also no sign of Jamie Vanderveeken as well

Scott Matzka is still unwell

Soph G thinks it will be 5-1 Devils

Pat in Bridgend thinks Devils will win by the odd goal in seven

Donna & Megan go for a convincing 7-2 win for the Devils

Ruth I hope Rachel has left her Pom Poms at home as she needs to concentrate on texting MNL

Matzka, Vanderveeken & Burrows confirmed scratches

Adam Harding & Luke Piggott play

Rachel says she can multi-task

Zamboni chasing its tail

Luke B calls it 4-1 Devils

Teams on the ice

Anthem time

We are underway


@ 20 seconds

Pierce scorer

Assist Macrae

Ben davies has shot blocked

Net off its moorings @ 1:25

Flyers miss a sitter

Working out game tines difficult as half the bulbs on the clock have blown

Referee is Wilson

Wands hits pipes from blueline

Lyle glove save from Stewart @ 4:41

DamianDiafol thinks the clock at Kirkcaldy is the old one from the WNIR

Harding breakaway blocked

Devils offside @ 6:10

Zemlak covers after scramble in front of his net @7:02


@ 7:59 Dobben assists Harding & Adams

Devils offside @ 10:25

Flyers pressure at the moment

Good defending by Harding

Its end to end at the moment

Zemlak saves from Harding @ 14:09

Michelle in Manitoba wants us to wish HAPPY BIRTHDAY to her nephew LUKE Happy Birthday Luke

Bakrlik chipping at Frank

Devils icing @ 16:45

Carl predicts a 5-2 win for the Devils

Lyle blocks shot

Gametime 17:19

K Smith shot saved

Final minute

Michelle - Luke says thanks for his birthday wishes

Devils icing @ 19:30

End of 1st period Flyers 0 DEVILS 2

Teams back on ice

HillPierce & Macrae start for DEvils

2nd period underway

Hill shot defected

SoG for 12st period FLyers 6 DEVILS 6

Gametime 22:02


Harding assists Dobben & Adams

Flyers offside @23:30

Not exactly sure of the time of 3rd goal - who cares as Devils lead 3-0

Lyle gove save @ 25:18

Devils offside @ 25:45

Nice interplay by Pierce & Macrae - comes to nothing which is a pity

Gametime 28:41

Batch then K Smith go close

Flyers penalty

McAlpine - holding @ 30:22

Devils come again on PP

Flyers clear zone effectively

Flyers return to full strength (FS)

Gametime 32:44

Gazza - Mark Smith is icing, trying to find out if he is taking a regular shift

He is and doing well says Rachel

devils icing @ 34:23

Lyle covers up @ 34:40

Flyers winning face offs


Pierce the scorer @ 35:03 assist Macrae

Harding goes close @ 35:14

Adam is either playing very well or Rachel is keen on him

Wrist shot from Adams saved @ 35:35

Flyers icing @ 35:52

Flyers goal @ 38:10

Gunn, assists Bakrlik and Stewart

Devils penalty coming

Dobben goes to naughty boys room for slashing @ 39:02

Gametime 39:40

End of 2nd period Flyers 1 DEVILS 4

SoG for 2nd period Flyers 8 DEVILS 9 making it 14-15 after 2 periods

All the Brits doing well says Rachel

Flyers return to the ice

Devils too

3rd period starts

Devils start with Frank Macrae & Hill

Devils back to FS

Everyone is asking why Vanderveeken is not icing - we cannot get an answer

Richardson shot blocked @ 41:51

Devils pressure by Flyers defending well

Gametime 43:40


Davis assist S Smith @ 43:59

Dobben relieves Flyers pressure @46:03

Gareth I don't know how Flyers went to -1

Gametime 48:30

Pierce goes close @ 49:40

Adams goes close on a breakaway @ 51:25

Devils go close

Flyers penalty coming

Wilson - hooking @ 52:24

Zemlak save @ 52:52

Stewart runs Stevie Lyle

Flyers back to FS

Flyers icing @ 54:43

Flyers go close @ 55:38

Lyle save @ 56:08

Final 2 minutes

Devils icing @ 58:11

Devils seem happy with 5 goals

Devils net off its moorings @ 58:41

Final minute

Final score Flyers 1 DEVILS 5


SoG for third Flyers 6 DEVILS 10 making it 20-25


Many thanks to Rachel at Kirkcaldy who did a brilliant job all on he own - WELL DONE

Join me (OJ) on Tuesday night when the Dundee Stars visit Cardiff Bay, GOOD NIGHT