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Cardiff Devils 10 - 4 Edinburgh Capitals

Welcome to MNL. join me (OJ) for coverage of the Edinburgh Capitals visit to Cardiff Bay.

Score predictions before face off time to

John Frank calls it 4-2 to the Devils, I hope it will be more comfortable than that as Capitals have a small bench and played last night

A full team of texters for a mid-week game - it shows that everyone is trying to get their fill of hockey before the summer break

Warmup in progress at BBT

Anyone going to Fife on Sunday who can help us out at MNL please get in touch either text the MNL number or e-mail me at

The infamous is down to ref tonights game so he will probably ruin it as is his norm

No Matzka in warmup

I wonder when Neil Wilson will get his passport to ref games outside Scotland. Second thoughts keep him is Scotland ot better still send to games in the Hebrides

His mother tells me Scott is under the weather and is a scratch for tonight

Warmup done

Sue Matzka calls it 6-1 Devils

No Josh Batch for the Devils as well

At this rate our bench will be as short as the Capitals

I assume Mark Smith is icing awaiting confirmation

Mark Smith returns so we have 8 imports

Carl aslso goes for a 6-2 Devils win

Very very quiet at the BBT

Donna & Megan go for a 5-2 Devils victory

Do you two ever disagree on a prediction

Donna apparently has the casting vote

I don't have a vote at all in my house

Ger-Devils says its so quiet at the BBT he might fall asleep

Capitals take to the ice

4.1.18, confirned as referee

Lets hope there is no pea in his whistle

Before anyone says anything I have not made a fortune at Cheltenham just broken even

Welcome onto the ice your very own CARDIFF DEVILS

Adam Harding & Luke Piggott will I assume get pleny of icetime tonight

Capitals have 13 skaters, Devils have 14


Anthem done

Sparse crowd at BBT

We are ready to rumble

Or Whats Occuring as Ness would ask

We are underway

Ref cam in use again tonight


Devils 1st goal @ 1:26

Scored by Adams, assists Harding & Dobben

Goal time was 1:16 not 1:26

Capitals icing @ 4:21

Capitals shoot wide

Craze save from Adams

Capitals offside

Devils penalty - Frank - boarding @ 6:02

Charging not boarding I am now told

Small cowd being out shouted by 20 Capitals fans

Adams hit on Petrina

Capitals pp is worse than Devils

Devils return to full strength

Gametime 9:02

Hilland Sladok have words

Craze save after good work by Pierce

Capitals penalty @ 9:33 - Sladok - slashing

I have been trying to get an angle on Devils forward lines

Pierce hits pipes


Goaltimed at 11:30 so it should be a PPG

Yes a PPG scored by Dobben assist Davies

Lyle save

As far as the Devils lines are concerned - lets say they as Bassetts Allsorts

Cpitals drummer keeping Ger-Devils awake

Vanderveeken hits pipes

Helmet cam makes ref look like a teletubby

I wouldn't have thought he needed any help

Devils penalty @ 14:52 - Piggott - tripping


Craze save


Vanderveeken with a lob from the blueline

Comedy keeping leads to goalof the season

SHG by Vanderveeken assist Dobben @ 16:13

Devils return to full strength (FS)

I wander if we will see that goal on Twitter

Some say it was a clever lob by VdV others say a howler by Craze

Texters now saying it was from halfway not the blueline

Poor Nathan Craze being subject to replays

Capitals penalty Fowley - hooking @ 17:50

Capitals kill penalty

End of 1st period DEVILS 3 Capitals 0

Unconfirmed reports that Max Birbraer has been cleared by doctors to recommence training

Just seen the video Vanderveeken as closer to his own blue line when he lobbed the puck at the Capitals net whilst on PK

There is no truth in the rumour that Scott Matzka brought a sick note from his mam

SoG for 1st period DEVILS 12 Capitals 2

I believe the rumour about Max is more like the truth

10 imports for the Play Offs

I have checked the calendr and its not Xmas or 1 April

Teams are back

2nd period starts

Anyone off to Fife who can help us out at MNL get in touch

One of my texters jumped the gun, play has not restarted as there is a problem with the ice

Teams did line up for face off but puck not dropped - that fooled him

We are now off for the 2nd period

Craze save from Macrae @ 20:35

Lyle called upon to make a rare save

Big hit by Mark Smith

Great opportunity for Mark to get three games in before the back to back games against the Blaze and then play offs

Capitals have started this period much brighter

Capitals penalty @ 22:36 - Sefar - x-check


PPG @ 23:28 Vanderveeken assists Pierce & K Smith

Craze save


@ 25:54

Devils 5th goal scored by Macrae assist Pierce

Holland replaces Craze @ 25:54

Stevie Lyle is a spectator

Puck out of play - well that is one way to stop Devils scoring

Lyle save from McKensie @ 27:41

I will repreat that for you - Lyle save from McKenmsie @ 27:41

Capitals hit pipes

Holland save

Devils wander offside - too eager by half

Capitals penalty @ 29:09 MacKensie - hooking


Who said Devils pp was useless!!

Vanderveeken completes hir hat-tricjk assists Macrae & Hill @ 29:23


Devils 7th goal was @ 29:53

Capitals time out

7th scored by Davies assist K Smith

Devils penalty @ 30:49 - Harding - slashing


SHG by Macrae @ 31:16

Assist for Vanderveeken

Capitals offside


Devils back to FS

Lyle blocker save @ 33:48

Good clearance by Frank

Chris Frank have a good workout as he has had shifts as a forward as well as D duties

His shifts up front are probably to give old man Adams a rest


Brilliant goal by Ben Davies after he was tripped

He beat whole Capitals team on his own -- a la Mcwen

Goal dissallowed


Capitals had a penalty @ 36:12 - Valecko

Devils 9th goal was a PPG by Pierce assist K Smith @ 36:22

Hooking was the call against Valecko

Ben Davies' goal was dissallowed as he hand batted the puck into the goal

Devils penalty @ 38:48 - Dobben

Dobben penalty was @ 37:30


Pierce SHG @ 38:43 - unassisted

Final minute

Capitals Goal

End of 2nd period DEVILS 10 Capitals 1

Capitals goal @ 39:54 scored by Valecko assists Hartmann & Mckensie

Its bad enough when texts come through out of sequence when theres not much happenning but tonight it is a nightmare

I am shattered I will have to have a rest

Its been a busy week as have been in Court for days

Where is that red wine?

I will now get into trouble with some for mentioning wine, horse racing etc

Sue we will have to try and get Scott some points this ref will not notice

Devils scored 7 goals on 11 shots that 2nd period

Capitals had 7 SoG making it 23-9 after 2 periods

No red wine been given a bottle of Beck's instead

Teams are back

Myers replacing Lyle

Nathan Craze back in Capitals net

3rd period starts

Myers save

Myers makes another save

Capitals goal

Menton - unassisted @ 41:09

Myers called upon to make another save

Devils penalty @ 42:30 - Frank - roughing

Capitals sprayed Myers in net Frank took exception and stupid called a penalty


Capitals goal

PPG scored by Jarolin assists Hartmann & McKensie

@ 43:40

Puck out of play

Capitals penalty @ 47:30 - Patrina - tripping

Game delayed to mend ice in Capitals crease

Game re-starts - Craze holds puck @ 47:36

Not many shots by Devils on this PP

Capitals ice puck

Nice breakaway by Harding, save Craze

Capitals return to FS

Craze saves from Macrae

Pierce misses Capitals go to other end Myers saves

Capitals Goal

Capitals 4th goal @ 51:35 scored by Patrina assists McKensie and Jarolin

Capitals penalty @ 52:02 - Sladok - tripping + 10 minute misconduct

Go and have a shower Josef

Craze saves from Vanderveeken @ 53:09

Craze now saves from Pierce

Capitals return to FS

Puck out of play

Gametime 56:02

Myers save

That save by Myers was a shot by Jarolin

Final 2 minutes

Final minute

40 seconds remain

Final score DEVILS 10 Capitals 4

Mark Smith seems to have come trough the game although he had limited ice

Capitals MoM - Sean MENTON

Myers faced 9 shots in 3rd period, Craze faced 13


Crowd recorded as 1,008

Big thanks to our texters this evening - Sharlene, Spearsy, Damian Diafol, DevilDom, JohnWildthing, Ger-Devils and Gerald - thank you one and all

Thats all from me (OJ) join me Sunday nih as MNL bring you the visit of the Devils to Kirkcaldy to take on the Flyers - texters permitting of course. If you can help out text me at