Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 0 - 2 Sheffield Steelers

Good Evening from MNL with me OJ on duty tonight's clash between those close "friends" the Devils and Steelers

Remember to let me know if you are foillowing the game out there in cyber space by e-mailing me at

Not heard anything from the Blue Tent except that texters are in place.

Will bring you Team news and whose got the whistle asap

Simon in Plymouth forecasts a 4-1 Devils win

Simon in Plymouth forecasts a 4-1 Devils win

Prpich, Fulton and Cowmeadow not icing for the Devils as expected

Cowmeadow did appear on the ice for the warmup but didn't complete the warm-up

Russky predicts a fight between Finnerty and MacIver or possibly Campbell

Welcome to Keith in Aberystwyth it looks like everyone are getting tuned into MNL early so that they don't miss any of the action

We will do our best not to disappoint you all

Lets hope Merlin (from Carmarthen) joins us as he has left Arthur in Camelot

Merlin can put a spell on those Steelers from up north

A big welcome to my mates in Puerto de la Cruz who can see what I get up to when home in Cardiff

Jeff doesn't think DC will fight his old team mate Finnerty but will hit him hard, which will do me.

Jeff calls a 3-2 Devils win

I have text my texters asking them "Whats Occuring"

Its nights like this that I miss. After spending over 10 years with the team I know what they are going through

Nothing happenning at the TENT at the moment, big crowd

Can one of you out there post the MNL link on the THF and Steeltalk websites for us.

I should have added that I can't post the MNL link as I am still banned/excluded from a number of websites. I must get a new e-mail address oneday.

Michael Hicks has the whistle, I wonder if he will complete the game tonight

It looks like we are going to be late starting

Steelers come onto the ice

The classical original intro being played, Devils mean business tonight

Not the complete old intro but good nevertheless, I have goosepimples

Thank you Kerrie for posting the MNL link on Steelertalk

Cowmeadow dressed and on bench

The tension is unbearable - and the game hasn't started yet.

We are underway

Aubry has to make his first save after 33 seconds

Puck out of play @ 1:31

We may have a problem, mobile networks in Cardiff very busy for some reason

Ben Davies just beat the entire Steelers defence but player had srayed offside @ 1:45

Ben Davies combines with Towe but Matt shots high.

Lines all mixed up with Voth and Latulippe rotating as centres

Penalties @4:06 Towe (D), Cruickshank (S) roughing minors

Derek's dad reports 7" of snow in Vancouver

Steelers penalty - Tait x-checking minor @ 5:12

Campbell and Jarvis go close on 4 on 3

Now 5 on 4 for 40 secs

Steelers kill penalties but Devils pp promising

Aubry save @ 7:27

Steelers ice puck @ 8:23 Devils playing well by all accounts

Remember to refresh if it doesn't do it automatically

Devils Penalty - Jarvis interference minor @ 9:56

Cowmeadow has not iced yet so a very short Devils bench, just like the old days

Hill steamsrolls Sheppard

Steelers penalty - Basiuk tripping minor @ 11:43

Devils on pp

Lehman under pressure from Teplitsky and Campbell in pp

Lehman under pressure from Teplitsky and Campbell in pp

Reports indicate the Tent is at or very near full capacity

Steeler penalty - Dagenais x-checking minor @ 12:42

1 min of Devils 5 on 3

Lewhman saves at 13:52

Lewhman saves at 13:52

Texters agree that Devils are playing very well so lets have a goal

Handbags betweeb Campbell & Basiuk

No success for Devils on pp

Silverthorn flattens a Steeler

Aubry finally called into action with an easy save @ 15:49

Another Lehman save @ 16:02 followed by pushing and shoving

Hill puts another big hit on Sheppard, you big bully (Three times fior a Welshman Phil)

Now MacIver flattens Tait, we will find if they have any steel

Steelers fans very quiet by all accounts

Ben Davies imitating McEwen at his best by skating rings round the Steelers

Aubry save @ 18:43

Final minute of opening period

If you are out there let me know

Devils penalty - Bench minor too many men @ 19:13 being served by Ben Davies

Aubry called into action @ 19:37

At the end of 1st period DEVILS 0 Steelers 0

Steelers take a shot after the buzzer

Texters have sent updated informatio as follows Devils Penalty - Silverthorn x-checking minor @ 18:43 Devils Penalty - Bench minor too many men @ 19:13

Devils have to kill a 5 on 3 for 43 secs then a 5 on 4 for 30 secs, you can do it DEVILS

Officials back on the ice

Steelers getting frustrated by Devils physical game

Latulippe, Jarvis and Teplitsky entrusted with Devils 3 on 5 powerkill

Aubry makes easy save @ 20:41

Now Devils on 4 on 5 powerkill for 30secs

Devils kill penalty

Now get us that go ahead goal DEVILS

Steelers go close on 22 minutes then ice puck @ 22:12

23 minutes gone, game has entered a dump and chase phase

Phillips attempts hit on MacIver and bounches off

Lehman save from Jarvis @ 25:40

Steelers can't or avoiding to hold onto puck as Devils hits anything that moves

Lehman save now denies Latulippe @25:48

Steelers penalty - Crickshank boarding minor @ 26:13

Steelers taking frustration out on Towe & Davies

ineffective pp so far

Steelers kill penalty


Handbags says another texter

Hill (D) and Basiuk (S) roughing minors @ 29:01

Goal Steelers @ 30:14 scored by Thomas

Assists Cruickshank, Dowd

Bullet of a shot for Steelers goal

Bothy teams back to full strength

Steelers offside @ 32:02

Lehman hit in face mask : 32:37

Aubry saves @34:07

Devils seem to be having a restive 2nd period

Devils penalty - Latulippe - x-checking @ 35:02

Good crowd but on the quiet side, they must do their bit for the cause

Devils Penalty - Towe interference minor @ 35:28

Steeler throw big hit on Latulippe

Steelers hit pipes

Steelers penalty - Legue 2+10 checking from behind @ 37:18

Finnerty trying to get Devils into a fight

Final 2 mins of 2nd period

Devils powerplay awful

Steelers kill penalty

End of 2nd period DEVILS 0 Steelers 1

End of 2nd period DEVILS 0 Steelers 1

End of 2nd period DEVILS 0 Steelers 1

Don't know what happenned but if you don't know the score it is DEVILS 0 Steelers1

3rd period underway

I have a feeling that this game will go to OT

Lehman makes save @ 40:29

Steelers ice puck @ 41:24

Flat start to 3rd period

Lehman saves from Ben Davies @ 41:52

Voth misses on great opportunity to tie up the game for the Devils

Latulippe hits pipes @ 43 mins

Aubry saves @ 43:21

Steelers almost gift Devils a goal htting pipes of their own net

Ben Davies flattened by Sarich

Ben Davies flattened by Sarich

Devils penalty - Latulippe hooking minor @ 45:04

46 minutes gone - Sharp still waiting for his first shift

Steelers penalty - Talbot hooking minor @ 46:36

Devils will have 90secs of pp

Devils finally start taking shots

Voth misses empty net

STeelers Goal @ 48:54

Steelers goal scored by Talbot, assist Phillips

Now we have an uphill struggle

Devils Penalty - Francis slashing minor Steelers Penalty - Thomas roughing minor both @ 49:07

Devils Penalty - Francis has additional minor for roughing

Midway through 3rd period

Devils have had plenty of chances but not clinical in front of goal

Aubry saves @ 50:57

Steelers go on pp

Russky says we don't look like scoring

52 mins gone Devils slowing down, tired legs syndrome

Atmosphere not like Sheffield games of old, more like a game against Hull

Lehman save @ 52:58

Devils net dislodged @ 53:09

Devils Penalty - Stone holding minor @ 53:09

Aubry save @ 54:02

Keith if you in Aberystwyth blow and Simon in Plymouth sucks maybe we can get the puck in the Steelers net

Aubry save @ 54:47

5 mins left for Devils to turn game around

Devils kill penalty

56 mins gone Steelers finishing much the stronger

No atmosphere at the Tent which is a shame for a big game like tonights

Final 2 mins

Devils alltime record 3 goals in 25 secs

Devils offside @ 58:20

Coments such as "Games hyped beforehand then poor performances" heard

Devils time out @ 58:50

Aubry pulled

Devils go offside @ 59:02

Fight between Voth & Lehman, well thats what I am told

Handbags not a fight

Final score DEVILS 0 Steelers 2

For his brush with Lehman Voth gets penalty

Jarvis hammers Sharp at end of game

Sharp hits linesman

Sharp bleeding throws water bottle at MacIver, misses

Bench clearance

Latulippe & Talbot fight broken up by players

No details of penalties yet

Teams sent to dressing room

Ref and linesmen have also left the ice

Well the game sucked but the last two seconds were fun according to Chris

No penalties to be announced, we will have to seek them on the Devils game report I suppose

No MoM announcements

I wonder if Sharp triggered this as the fight or non fight between Voth and Lehman was nothing to get excited about.

Well we do have MoM after all Steelers Lehman Devils Latiluppe

Thanks to Chris and Russky our texters tonight

Thats all from me OJ until the next time