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Sheffield Steelers 4 - 0 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL as we bring you coverage of the Devils game against the Steelers

Devils team arrived in Sheffield in good time for this game that could see the end of the Steelers league title hopes

Score predictions as usual to before the 5pm face off please

Texters on their way

If any of my regular texters have made the trip to Sheffield please get in touch

Will be back around 4:30 after the end of the rugby

Warmup completed

Steelers to win 4-2 says Gareth G

Ruth thinks Devils will win 3-2

Pat calls it 4-2 to Devils

Michael Hicks was down to ref this game, will confirm ASAP

Luke B says Devils will win 2-1

Lots of empty seats at Sheffield

Looks like a delayed start no sign of teams yet

Devils finally appear

Around 25 Devils fans noted

Steelers take to the ice

RED ARMY grown to 30+

Presentation to 4 on 4 fund raising team

Michael Hicks confirmed as referee

Anthem time

Carl calls it 3-2 Devils

Arena a third full

Puck is dropped and we are away

Decaro save from Pierce @ 1:05

Game chit chat will be reduced this evening as I have a new team of texters

Devils penalty _ Matzka - hooking @ 2:31


Davies breakaway foiled

Gametime 3:59

Devils return to full strength (FS)

Gametime 4:50

DeCaro saves from Macrae @ 5:10

Devils penalty @ 5:24 - Pierce - delay of game


Steelers penalty @ 5:36 - King - slashing

Huge save Lyle at 6 minute mark

Glove save off Birnstill

Hill goes close

Pierce returns

Short pp for Devils

Steelers back to FS

Macrae tripped - no call

Gametime 8:54

Devils penalty - K Smith

@ 9:48 - tripping the call


One minute killed

Richardson floors King

Brilliant PK by Devils as they are back to FS

Pierce shoots high

Only marginally high

Steelers penalty @ 12:12 - Duff - interference

Lets have a PPG U DEVILS

DeCaro save

Steelers back to FS

Thomas puts big hit on Pierce

Pierce survives

Gametime 15:02

Noticed that Tim Burrows on gamesheet, checking whether he is icing

I think that is an error on the official gamesheet

Steelers penalty @ 15:47 - Birnstill - hooking

Come on U DEVILS give us a goal

Handbags Pierce & Finnerty

Davies misses open net

Steelers return to FS

Gametime 18:04

Final minute

End of 1st period Steelers 0 DEVILS 0

SoG for 1st period Steelers 12 Devils 4 - I am checking that as it could be the other way round

Very few scoring chances for either team in opener

It appears that Adam Hading is again on 1st line with Matzka & Pierce

Officials are back for 2nd period

Both teams back on ice

2nd period starts

Steelers goal

@ 22:04 scored by Finnerty unassisted

Finnerty steals puck in front of Devils goal and beats Lyle with low shot

Great save DeCaro

Gametime 33:13

WE think Frank is injured

Lyle saves Fulghum breakaway

DeCaro glove save from Adams @ 24:15

Frank now takes a shift

Pace of game has increased

Good saves by both netminders

Frank has shot saved

Frank & King having words

Frank & KIng engage in a bit of shoving nothing else

Duff misses hit on Dobben

I think King & Frank will be having more than words shortly

Frank was reported as limping but looks OK now

Gametime 28:02

Macrae has shot saved @ 29:05

Devils have upped their tempo

Steelers penalty @ 29:39 - Thomas - delay of game

Lets get that equalizer U DEVILS

Nothing in first minute of pp

As usual Devils look more threatening on PK than on PP

Decaro saves from Macrae

Steelers goal @ 31:19 Ramsay assist Legue

SHG that was

Steelers back to FS

Lots of sloppy errors from Devils tonight

Lyle covers puck after mad scramble in front of net

Excellent save Lyle @ 33:27

Esders wants to go with Ben Davies, linos separate them @ 32:58

Gameime 34:16

Another nice save by Lyle

Finnerty and Davies have taken a dislike to each other

Steelers Goal

@ 35:24 - Ramsay the scorer


Matzka v Hewitt

Matzka batters Hewitt

Assists to Legue & Stephenson on Steelers 3rd goal

Penalties coming timed @ 35:54

Hewitt 2 for high sticks + 5 for fighting

Matzka - 5 for fighting

Hewitt minor being served by Squires

Steelers go close on SH breakaway

Steelers back to FS

Final Minute

Devils icing @ 39:49

End of 2nd period Steelers 3 DEVILS 0

Officials are back for 3rd Period

So are the teams

WE are off for 3rd

SoG Steelers 4 + 16: DEVILS 12 + 15

We outshoot Steelers and trail 3-0

We have to win this period 3-0 U DEVILS

How that shot from Harding stayed out we will never know

Gametime 46:00

Gametime 6:21

Steelers goal

@ 46:42 Hewitt, assists Phillips & Thomas

Steelers making the most of Devils basic mistakes

Adams & Piggott combining well

10 minutes left in game

End to end no whistles gametime 51:17

It'll be all done and dusted by 7:15

Unless Devils score 4

Gone very quiet from Sheffield

Devils exerting some presure at long last

Big hit by Duff on Macrae @ 52:53

Lyle folisFulghum breakaway @ 53:44

5 minutes left

Steelers penalty @ 55:29 - Esders - hooking

King has a go at Matzka

Lets have a goal U DEVILS

Gametime 56:30

30 seconds of pp remain

Steelers back to FS

Final 2 minutes

Devils PP doesn't need an MOT but a full overhaul

Gametime 58:18

Final minute

40 secs left

Final score Steelers 4 DEVILS 0

Devils lucky to get NIL I am told

Devils decision making was poor, they fired in enough shots on goal but their quality was low


Steelers MoM - JEFF LEGUE

Our thanks go to texters - Maria, Rachel, Jason & Gerald - great job guys pity about the result

Thats all from me OJ, join us on MNL next THursday when the Capitals visit Cardiff Bay