Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 3 - 2 Coventry Blaze

Welcome to MNL as we bring you coverage of the Blaze's visit to the BBT

OJ your MNL host tonight

Score predictions as usual to before face off please

Paul/Sasha predict a 4-2 win for Devils

Dean Smith is scheduled to be the man in charge tonight

Texters have all reported in awaiting news on warmup

The Matzka call it 5-3 to Devils

Sue Matzka says warm weather on the way

Which is more than you could say here in Cardiff, nice in the day but chilly at night

But never mind I will be off to Tenerife soon afer Cheltenham next week and the end of the Six Nations

What a chance for those fans that don't like me hosting MNL to step forward and do their bit

Mid way through warmup

very few predictions so far.

Zamboni chasing its tail at the BBT

Dean Smith confirmed as referee

Gaz G calls it 6-3 Devils

Officials take to the ice

Hazel M froom deepest Essex has made the trip to the BBT and predicts a 4-3 win for the Devils

Dundee Stars netminder Whitley hurt in warmup

Blaze on the ice at BBT

Devils come onto the ice

Gerald predicts a 3-2 win for the RED ARMY

Harding & Piggott both icing for Devils

Anthem time

Minute silence preceeded Anthem

Puck dropped and we are away

15 skaters for each team

Devils offside

Blaze icing @ 1:50

Davies swats Wood like a fly

Devils go close

Coventry relieve pressure with icing @ 3:47

Fussey tries to put big hit on Frank - misses

Now end to end

Blaze penalty @ 4:28 - Farmer - interference

JohnWildthing thinks Devils are up for it tonight

Devils stick handling letting them down on pp

Blaze pen alty @ 6:11 Soderstrom - tripping


Devils 5 on 3 ppg scored by K Smith @ 6:15

Assist Matzka

Hirsch save as Devils still on pp

Soderstrom penalty was hooking not tripping

Glove save Hirsch from Pierce

Blaze return to full strengtyh (FS)

Sam Smith goes close @ 8:16

Devils penalty @ 8:16 - S Smith - holding

Nice save Lyle


Devils return to FS

Puck out of play

Batch shoots wide

Lyle save @ 12:37

Blaze offside @ 13:00

Puck into Blaze bench - good catch Domish

Farmer goes close for Blaze

City win 2-1 after 2 Bristol City own goals

Adams goes close with backhand shot

Damian Diafol very impressed by Adams/Davies combination

Blaze goal @ 16:01

Scored by Kralj assist Griffin

Hirsch save

Gametime 17:04

Hirsch saves from K Smith

Another Hirsch save @ 17:50

Farmer drops his gloves & stick to fight the invisable man

What is he all about?

Final minute

End of 1st period DEVILS 1 Blaze 1

SoG for 1st period DEVILS 11 Blaze 7

Teams out on the ice for 2nd period

2nd period starts

Come on U DEVILS give us a goal - please, please

Blaze penalty ' 20:41 - Kralj - x-check

Blaze penalty @ 20:51 - bench penalty - too many men

Devils on 5 on 3 again

There semms to be a doubt on whether Kralj had a penalty or merely serving bench minor

Macrae shot saved @ 22:36

Blaze return to FS

Hirsch save from Macrae @ 22:57


JohnWildthing waiting for something to happen in game @ 23:45

Lyle covers the puck @ 23:57

Bad trip on Dobben who smacks head onto ice

Blaze penalty @ 24:09 - Guthrie - tripping

Lots of stick work in game - hacking & wacking

Blaze back to FS

Blaze shoot wide on breakaway

Not much to excite a decent crowd in BBT tonight

1,500+ I am told

Devils penalty @ 27:10 - Piggott - slashing

Blaze PPG @ 27:34 scored by Guthrie assists Kralj & Wood

Vanderveeken & Jurynec having words @ 28:13

Goal scored of Blaze 2nd goal changed to Farmer

A FIGHT is what is needed to liven up this game

very open game at the moment end to end at a decent pace

Hirsch save

Devils penalty - Frank

My texters call it a poor call by refe Smith as it was a good clean hit

Frank get 2 + 10 for check to the head @ 33:02

Texters amazed at that call


Its all kicked off at BBT

Jurynec kicked out of game starts fight

Fight with Vanderveeken

Waiting for penalties

Discussion going on between ref and linos

Blaze penalty - Jurynec 2 (charging) 5 + Game (x-checking: Devils - Vanderveeken - roughing minor all @ 34:23

Big hit Batch on Owen

Franks minor over Devils now on pp

Hirsch save

Devils shoot wide

Devils pp very poor

Hirsch save

Hirsch save @ 38:07

Soderstrom puts hits on Matzka

Final minute of 2nd period

Blaze kill major penalty and return to FS

End of 2nd period DEVILS 1 Blaze 2

SoG for 2nd period DEVILS 15 Blaze 6 making it 26 - 13 after 2 periods

Ice ready for 3rd period

Teams back on ice

3rd period starts

Harding on Matzka/Dobben line

Devils wander offside

Some fans at BBT think there is a conspiracy to try and get Blaze 5th place

Guthrie goes close

Hirsch coughs up rebound but Devils cannot take advantage

Sam Smith shot saved

Now Lyle has to make a save

Gametime 42:55

Devils penalty @ 43:26 - Matzka - hooking


Lyle save

Frank back first whistle after 45:02

Handbags between Vanderveeken & Fussey

Gametime 45:00

Devils back to FS

Frank returns

Devils hit pipes

Hill hit the pipes when it would have been ewasier to score

Lyle save @ 46:38

Devils penalty ' 46:50 - K Smith - slashing


Fussey hanging high

Gametime 48:15

Ben Davies breakaway - save Hirsch

Gametime 48:46

Harding shot saved as Devils return to FS


Harding from Matzka

Devils 2nd goal was @ 49:42

Assist for Dobben as well

Harding cementing his place on 1st line????

Haring has certainly taken the opportunity given him following Burrows injury

Hirsch not happy about conceeding Devils equaliser

Hirsch save from Matzka @ 52:06

Both teams going all out for the winner

Minors to both teams @ 52:24

Pierce - x-check: Hirsch - roughing was the call

Krajl serving Hirsch's penalty

Gametime 54:03

devils penalty @ 54:03 - Adams - holding

Blaze at FS Devils have 4 skaters


Gametime 55:02

Dobben shot saved by Hirsch

Adams returns

Gametime 56:18

Come on U DEVILS get that winner

Gametime 57:05

Final 2 minutes

RED ARMY in fine voice

Lots of pressure from Devils

Gametime 58:37

Final minute

Lyle save

30 seconds remain

End of regulation DEVILS 2 Blaze 2

O/T here we come

Over 1500 raised for Dutiaume family

O/T starts

Vanderveeken, Richardson, Matzka & Pierce start for Devils

Puck out of play

All action in Blaze zone

Gametime 61:17

Stick save Hirsch : 61:20


WE win in O/T

Devils winner scored @ 61:47

Macrae assists Hill & Richardson

Well done those of you who predicted a 3-2 win for Devils

Blaze MoM Matic Kralj

Final SoG DEVILS 38 Blaze 23


Thanks go to texters - Sharlene, JohnWildthing, Ger-Devils, Gerald, Damian Diafol and Spearsy

Join me tomorrow night as the Devils travel to Sheffield to take on the Steelers - remember its a 5pm face off

Good night and 2 more points in the bag