Match Night Live
Dundee Stars 3 - 4 Cardiff Devils

OJ here desparately trying to locate texters at Dundee so that MNL can bring you coverage of tonights game.

If you know of somebody attending the game let me know at

Your score predictions are also welcomed to

Pat thinks Devils will win 3-1

Rob thinks the Devils will triumph 6-1

Sorry to say no joy so far with texters

There is life in MNL after all - Jane a Stars fan has offered her services

Ruth says 4-2 Devils as does Donna & Megan

Correction Jane is a Devils fan and there are 10 of them in Dundee

Wilson is the referee

Clare M calls it 5-2

Thanks go to Clare for putting me in touch with Jane H

Dick & Sue Matzka call it 6-1 Devils

Hazel M says 5-3 Devils

Charlie L thinks Devils will win by the odd goal in five

Angela L calls it 4-2 Devils

That seems to be the most popular prediction tonight

Devils take to the ice

Kevin thinks Devils will win 4-3 in O/T

Stars now on ice also

Minute silence being observed

Glynis calls it 10-9 but she has had some of those special Dutch cakes. I would stick to Welsh Cakes if I was her

Anthems done

Devils start with Richardson & Batch: Macrae, Hilkl & Pierce

Puck dropped and we are off

Very emotional scence at Nottingham

Save Whitley

Stars break out and Lyle has to make a save

Stars have 13 skaters

Whitley save from Pierce

Devils have 16 skaters on team list but it is only 15 as Burrows is an injury scratch

Chris Franks is back after his one game suspension

Stars hit post

Lyle kick save @ 4:27

Stars ofside @ 5:13

Stars are creating chances

Devils have not started in the same vein as last night for sure


Awaiting confirmation as it is disputed

DEVILS GOAL @ 7:37 scored by Macrae assist Pierce

Turnover led to Devils opener

Flyers take a 1-0 lead at Nottingham

Stars goal @ 8:30

Konkle assists McGoff & Hutchins


Fight featured Adams & Zarb both get 5 minute majors @9:31

Devils penalty @ 9:42 - Frank - slashing


Stars PPG @ 10:19 McGoff assists Hughes & Hutchins

Not much of a fight Adams threw more punches but not many landed

Gametime 13:34

Its end to end

Easy save Lyle @ 14:00

Whitley save from Macrae @ 15:01

Adams & Zarb return

Harding doing well on 3rd line

Lyle covers puck @ 16:42 after intense pressure from Stars

Sam Smith checks Star into boards fans calling for penalty - nothing called

Devils now exerting pressure on Stars

Final minute

Kalanos it was that felt Sam Smith along the boards - he gingerly trudged off

End of 1st period Stars 2 DEVILS 1

Jane says scoreline is a good reflection of the 1st period

Stars fans complaining that the Devils are a dirty team

Lets have another few massive hits on the Stars

SoG for 1st period Stars 13 DEVILS 7

Its Panthers 1 Flyers 2 after 1 period

Ice is ready

Teams back

2nd period starts

Come on U DEVILS give us a goal now please

Some good pressure by Dobben, Matzka & Smith line

Save Lyle @ 24:35

Whitley saves from S Smith @ 24:43

Vanderveeken shoots a bullet but saved @ 25:09

Whitley saves from S Smith @ 24:43

Devils are creating chances but nothing to show for their efforts

Gametime 27:46

Devils penalty @ 28:29 - bench minor - too many men

Served by Pierce


Devils PK in good order

Devils return to full strength (FS)

Gametime 31:02

Vanderveeken turnover but Lyle saves his bacon

Stars penalty @ 32:37 - Wishart - hooking

Gametime 33:24 Devils have 1:14 pp remaining

Whitley saves from Richardson

Pierce hits post, good pp but no goals

Devils penalty @ 35:41 - Frank - charging


Stars icing half way through their PP

Dobben shot saved

Lyle save as Devils return to FS

DEvils penalty @ 38:30 - Pierce - hooking


Stars Fanzine has blinkers on tonight

Final minute

End of 2nd period Stars 2 DEVILS 1

DEvils start 3rd with 30 secs of PK

SoG for 2nd period Stars 13 Devils 8 making it 26-15 after 2 periods

Teams are back

3rd period starts


Devils back to FS

Pierce shot out of play @ 40:55

Penalties Konkle (stars) - slashing; Frank (Devils) tripping both @ 44:28

4 on 4

Stars Fanzine very personal about Devils players

Lets get those 2 goals and bag the 2 points as that will hut them up

Stars Goal

Stars 3rd goal scored by McLean assusts Dolan & Zarb @ 46:29

Two huge saves by Lyle as Stars have a 2 on 0

Stars penalty @ 49:31 - Zarb - hooking


PPG for Devils scored by VVanderveeken assists Macrae & Hill @ 50:43

Good spell for Devils

Shot from Adams blocker diverts out of play @ 52:42

Lyle save @ 52:55 follwing error by K Smith

Come on U DEVILS lets get that equalizer

Stars penalty @ 52:34 - Maclean - slashing


Another PPG what is happening in Dundee

Macrae assists Hill & Vanderveeken @ 54:10

Lets go on and win this game U DEVILS

Stars backup netminder hit in the face by puck deflected off the ice

Mark McGill

Whitley makes some good saves as Devils push for winner

Devils penalty @ 56:51 - Batch - hooking

Stars timeout

1 minute of penalty killed



Shorthanded goal scored by Macrae unassisted @ 57:57

Final 2 minutes

Gametime 58:57

Devils back to FS

Pierce misses empty net @ 59:11

Matzka misses empty net

Final score Stars 3 DEVILS 4

A great 4 pointer trip to Scotland

Home for Sunday lunch

Waiting for MoM details

Devils MoM - STUART MACRAE with 3+1

Stars MoM Chris Zarb

SoG for 3rd period Stars 8 Devils 14 making it 34-29 in total

Big thank you to Jane Hillberg out texter at Dundee who spepped in at the last minute and did a brilliant job - WELL DONE JANE

Thats all from me (OJ) until the next one - GOOD NIGHT