Match Night Live
Braehead Clan 3 - 4 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL as the Devils travel to Glasgow to take on the Braehead Clan

Whilst the game will be covered live on Sky Sports MNL will bring you their unique coverage of the game.

OJ your host this evening

Score predictions as usual to before the 7:30 face off please

Pat says Devils will win 4-2

Soph (No Matt) calls a big 5-2 win for the Devils

Chris Devlin our regular Clan texter has reported in so we are ready to go.

Trying to contact other Clan fans who have helped in the the past

Devils are going to be short benched tonight with Chris Frank suspended and Tim Burrows on the injured list

Luke also calls it 5-2 Devils

Donna & Megan are more realistic and calls it 4-3 Devils

A win tonight will be a brilliant result

Moray Hanson I believe is the ref tonight

Apologies Luke I missread your prediction 3-2 Devils it is then

Chris has taken a liking to Anna whoever she may be

Anna Woolhouse is distracting my sole texter

Sarnisue calls it 6-4 Devils

Sue & Scott (Matzka) dad are making the trip to Cardiff to see the grandkids and to see the one and only CARDIFF DEVILS

Teams are out and we are ready to rumble

Limited coverage of pre game tomight

WE are off


@ 0:41 Pierce, assists Hill & K Smith

Great pass from Macrae - why no assist beats me

Corrected soon

Devils penalty @ 1:09 - S Smith - hooking


Dobben misses a clear SH chance when clear

Devils return to ull strength (FS)

Hill flattens Bannister and then puts a hit on Galbraith

Gametime 6:07

Clan are mounting attacks after overcoming initial shock


Macrae the scorer

@ 6:50 assist Pierce

Devils penalty - Vanderveeken

Holding @ 7:14


Holding the stick was the call

Clan very sloppy pp

Says Clan fans

We now have more texters as Mr & Mrs Patterson join in - welcome

Devils back to FS

Usual crowd at Braehead I am told

Around 2,000

Clan putting a bucketful of shots on Lyle

Devils playing their usual hyper defensive game

Probably being out shot 3-1

Galbraith stopped by Vanderveeken

Devils hit post

Adams it was who hit post @ 11:30

Lyle save from Wirl


Zajac & Vanderveeken

A win for Zajac on points I am told

It was Batch not Vanderveeken

Batch got the verdict according to my other texters

Batch 5 for fighting: Zajac 5 for fighting 2 for instigationg + 10 minute misconduct


Vanderveeken assists Pierce and Davies @ 14:25

A PPG no less

The fight was at 13:30

7 Devils fans seen at Braehead


Sumo screened by Clan D for Devils 4th goal scored by Matzka

@ 16:44

Clan shell shocked

Gametime 17:38

Hard to believe Devils are 4 players down

Devils penalty - Vanderveeken - tripping @ 18:18


Devils penalty as Clan have 5 on 3

Hill x-check @ 18:47

Bannister miss

Poor pp from Clan

Good block by Richardson

Save Lyle

End of 1st period Clan 0 DEVILS 4

Clan will start 2nd period with 18 secs of 5 on 3

Its not a brilliant performance by the Devils just that they have converted most of the chances to come their way

Clan need to settle down according to texter Jim P

Ice ready for 2nd period

Teams back on ice

2nd period starts

Devils back to 4 skaters

Devils FS

Clan goal - Krestanovich

Assists Jorgensen & Bayrack @ 20:48

Bayrack miss

Pierce impressing everyone

Clan getting back into game

Gametime 24:33

K Smith shoots wide

Penalty Clan

@25:16 Bayrack - holding

Sumo saves from Hill

Clan return to FS

28 minutes gone

Come on U DEVILS give us a goal

Pierce chance saved by Sumo

Clan goal disputed

did it hit the crossbar or was it a goal

@ 29:35 Goal given

Clan 2nd goal scored by Phillips assist Wirl

Hanson looked at video before giving Clan goal

K Smith shot blocked by Phillips

Lyle save from Haywood

Gametime 32:14

Giants winning 2-1 at Sheffield

Sumo save from Pierce

REf Hanson not popular with Clan fans

Sumo covers

Clan goal - Macpherson

Checking that goal on TV

Claims goal was off its moorings

Goal disallowed

Matzka shot denied by Sumo

Devils penalty - Piggot- x-check @ 36:35


Poor pp by Clan as Devils return to FS

Final minute

Jorgensen hit in face by puck

Lyle save from Galbraith

End of 2nd period Clan 2 DEVILS 4

GoG for 2nd period Clan 11 Devils 8

Ice is ready

Teams return to the ice

3rd underway

Lyle save for Krestanovich

Mitchell shoots wide

Gametime 42:02

Next goal will win it

Clan goal - Campbell


Assists Mitchell & Galbraith

Sumo save from Vanderveeken

Come on U DEVILS

Sumo save from Dobben

Devils seem to find it hard to get out of defensive mode

Gametime 47:03

Its end to end as Devils come out of their defensive shell

Come on U DEVILS we want a goal

Lyle saves from Bayrack

Lyle save from Mitchell

Gametime 50:02

Devils penalty - Pierce @50:42

Tripping the call


Lyle glove save lifts pressure on Devils

Devils back to FS

Gametime 53:04

gametime 54:12

55 minutes gone

Bedlam in front of Devils net

Huge save Lyle

Sumo covers at 56:27

Crowd 2,903

Gamegame 57:29

Final 2 minutes

Sumo lifted

Time out Clan @ 59:29

Face off in Devils end

Final score Clan 3 DEVILS 4

Our thanks to our texters Chris Devlin, Julie & Jim Patterson our Clan texters at Braerhead



Join me tomorrow night as the Devils take on the Stars of Dundee