Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 5 - 3 Hull Stingrays

Welcome to MNL as the Stingrays visit Cardiff Bay

Warm up has been underway for some minutes

Cup final gone into extra time so some of my texters AWOL

OJ here in the MNL box

I doubt if there will be many in BBT tonight

Russky just wants a Devils victory

Dean Smith was down as tonights ref - will confirm ASAP

Warmup completed - Zamboni on

Lets hope the Bluebirds maintain their penalty taking success and don't emulate the Devils

Dean Smith confirmed as referee

Intro time

Stingrays on ice

Anthem time

City make it 2-2 in final minute

Puck dropped at BBT

Boucher save from Davies

Double save by Boucher

Adams shoots wide

Good start by Devils

Macrae shoots high & wide

Gametime 6:24

Penalties at Wembley

All Devils at BBT

Hull goal

No details on Hull goal

I had a text saying Hull had scored nothing else

Hull goal scored by Silverthorn @ 7:44 assist Dulle

No Burrows for Devils tonight

Macrae hits pipes @ 10:05

Hull penalty @ 11:31 - Dulle - slashing

A slash on Frank no less

Hull penalty @ 11:39 - Mackruskey - delay of game

Devils on 5 on 3

Come on U DEvils

Pierce shot saved Boucher


A PPG @ 13:15

Devils 1st goal scored by Matzka assists Vanderveeken & K Smith

Hull back to full strength (FS)

Campbell displaces net as Sam Smith about to score

Gametime 15:56

Big Big hit by Frank on Farmer

Or was it Harper - texters disagree

Gametime 17:03

I am sure you would want to know who the Tank has taken a dislike about - it was HARPER

Hull offside @ 18:39

Final minute of 1st period

End of 1st period DEVILS 1 Stingrays 1

SoG - Devils 18 Stingrays 6

Ice ready for 2nd period

Teams back on the ice

2nd period starts

Come on U DEVILS Lets have a goal


I still have it

Devils 2nd goa; @20:44 scored by Matzka

Assists S Smith & Richardson

I wish I had the special powers at the racecourse or when buying a lottery ticket

I think we will have a Cardiff Bus situation

Lets have another goal U DEVILS

Gone very quiet from BBT

Blackout from BBT explained - repairs being made to ice

Adams also took a puck in the face and left for the dressingroom

There was a Devils penalty @ 22:54 - Richardson -tripping

Network overload in Cardiff

Game restarted ages ago gametime now 29:24

I suppose Bluebirds fans are ringing home

Adams is back on the ice

Apologies for the coverage network has played up before but nothing like this

Hull penalty @30:09 - Harper hooking

Adams, Piggott & Davies line impressing Gerald

K Smith has 2 shots saved

Hull back to FS

Triple save by Boucher

Gametime 35:04

Dobben shot saved

Good save Lyle to thwart a 3 on 1 breakaway

Gametime 36:51


Devils 3rd goal @ 37:18

Not sure as texts from 1st period are now coming through

Yes it is a Devils goal scored by Adams assist Harding @ 37:18

Richardson shot saved

Final minute of 2nd period

I am stressed out by the network tonight

Just had a text saying Silverthorn had scored - that was more than an hour ago

End of 2nd period DEVILS 3 Stingrays 1

SoG for 2nd period DEVILS 22 Stingrays 3 making it 40-9

That says more about the quality of the Devils shots than Boucher as a net minder

Don't get me wrong Boucher is a quality shot stopper on his night

Stevie Lyle save% is 88.89 compared to Boucher 92.50

Visiting netminders made to look good is clouding the issue maybe.

They can't all save up their hot nights for visits to the BBT can they?

Both teams back on the ice

*** Bristol Pitbulls 3 ENL1 DEVILS 4

3rd period starts

Boucher save @ 42:51

Very scrappy game by all accounts

Pocket the two points and move on I say

Boucher save from Macrae

Hull goal @ 44:54

Cloutier assists Dulle & Campbell

In off the post that 2nd Stingrays goal

Very subdued atmosphere at BBT tonight must be City fans that couldn't get a ticket

Devils offside @ 47:02

Surprised we haven't heard from Ger-Devils and JohnWildthing who went to Wembley

Devils have taken their foot off the gas, Stingrays sensing they can get something out of this game

At one time it looked as if we werer going to complete the game in under 2 hours

Frank crushed Harper again

Hull penalty - @48:50 - Rodin -hooking

Lets have another PPG U Devils as we are greedy


A PPG no less - thank you

Waiting for details

Pierce assists K Smith @ 50:04


@ 51:20

Devils 5th goal scored by Matzka assists Batch & Sam Smith

Matka dumps Campbell

Hat-trick for Scott Matzka

Additional assist on Devils 4th goal for Vanderveeken

Gametime 52:04

Pierce goes close

gametime 53:53

Crowd given as 1073 which is not bad considering what was on Telly

Silverthorn tries to land a hit on Piggot and ends up 2nd best

Devils penalty @ 54:29 - Adams - interference


Dulle elbows Pierce @ 55:52 nothing called

Hull PPG

@56:00 scored by Campbell

Correction is was Osman from Siverthorn & Dull

Devils penalty @ 56:06 - K Smith - slashing

Gone very quiet again

Something happenned that has upset Devils fans


Frank v Dulle

Campbell jumps in as 3rd man

All at 57:00

Frank 2 + 2 Roughing

Campbell 2 + Game for 3rd man in

Frank got 2+2 + 10 minute misconduct

Final minute

Campbell gestures to crowd when he is forcibly ejected

Frank dropped Osman with 2 cracking punches

Final score DEVILS 5 Stingrays 3

I think I covered all the penalties Osman got nought as it wasn't a fight Frank punched him twice and he went down


Campbell gestures will I am sure be penalised

Devils MoM - Scott MATZKA

All thats left for m to do is to thank our texters - Sharlene, Gerald, Spearsy, Damian Diafol and DevilDom

I hope the issue with the nework didn't spoil the coverage too much

Thats all from me OJ until the next time