Match Night Live
Nottingham Panthers 6 - 3 Cardiff Devils

JohnWilding has been busy recruiting texters for MNL as resources are stretch with rugby at Twickenham and the Bluebirds at Wembley on Sunday

Score predictions as usual to

Need to organise texters for this crucial league game if we have any chance of finishing 3rd

Soph & Matt call it 4-3 Devils

Ger-Devils thinks the Red Armu will win 3 -2

The Smiths cannot decide bewtweem 3-1 or 3-2 for the Devils

Hazel M thinks it will be 5-4 to the Devils

Ruth thinks it will be 3-2 Devils

Gerald goes for 2-1 Devils

Warmup drawing to a close

Ice being prepared

Allen W calls it 5-2 Devils

Donna & Megan are going for a 3-2

Neaths Hannah calls it 6-3 Panthers

Martin A says 4-2 Devils

Lets hope it Martin thats right not Hannah

Andy Carson is down to ref tonight will confirm ASAP

Come on you Devils the rugby boys have done their bit

Ice ready

Lights dimmed

I hope I make it through the game have been suffering with a head cols since Wednesday

Going to the BBT for the first time for Stevies testimonial probably brought it on

The MNL hutch is much warmer that the BBT

Andy thinks it doesn't matter after the success at Twickers and calls it 6-3 Panthers

The AA, Green Flag and RAC have been in touch warning that they are unable to offer any asistance in the West London area due to the number of Chariots that have broken down

I am missing the Carnival in Puerto de la Cruz for the 1st time in yersa

I should have my head read for leaving Tenerife to return to cold, west dressing Wales

Although betting England makes up for it I suppose

Here we go -puck is dropped

Late start but the action begins

Panthers hit post

Panthers Goal

@1:50 scored by Fox assists Beauregard & Meyers

Save Lyle from Lepine

Lyle save @ 3:21

Its all Panthers at the moment

Lyle save @ 3:21

DEcvils penalty @5:14 - Vanderveeken - tripping


Panthers penalty @ 5:28 - Neilson - hooking

Pierce goes close with a wrap around

Kenton Smith in a scuffle

Panthers Goal

@ 6:02 scored by Clarke

K Smith fell over and gifts Panthers 2nd goal

Assists for Wilson & Myers

Lyle saves from Lepine

Vanderveeken returns

Devils have a short pp

Macrea has great chance, misses

Panthers back to full strength (FS)

Gametime 8:28

Kwall saves from Ben Davies


Devils 1st goal @ 9:53 scored by Macrae assists Matzka

Confusion a second texter says Phil Hill scores waiting for announcement

It was Hill from Macrae

Devils penalty @ 10:29 - Dobben - delay of game


Devils back to FS

Panthers shot high & wide

Panthers celebrating a goal 3 secs after whistle had gone

Did not cross the line anyway

Gametime 14:44

Gametime 14:44

Devils are matching Panthers so lets hope they have the legs to go 60 minutes

Panthers fans very quiet

Maybe they are upset about the rugby - poor things

Lyle holds on to a bullet from blue line

Pierce misses open goal

Lyle scrambles a save @ 16:02

Kwall saves from Frank

Gametime 17:22

Devils icing

K Smith having words with ref over dodgy icing call @ 18:30

Kwall save from Pierce

Carson missing a number of Panthers penalties - RED ARMY not happy

End of 1st peeriod Panthers 2 DEVILS 1

SoG for 1st period Panthers 19 Devils 7

Having a cup of coffee no wine tonight so that person who citicised me for talking about wine will have to think of something else to complain about on MNL

I won't mention the sport of kings as that upset him too but it is less than 3 weeks to the Festival

Just had a look at the camera at my watering hole in Tenerife - they are all falling off their stools already and the night is young

Carson not very popular with the RED ARMY

Team back on the ice

2nd peeriod starts

Devils icing

Panthers goal

@ 22:24 scored by Clarke

Another gifted goal

Panthers 3rd goal @ 22:24 Clarke assist Myers

Gametime 24:44

Panthers in total contol says JohnWildthing

Lyle save

DEvils penalty @ 27:45 - Matzka - hooking


Panthers wander offside on pp

Devils kill penalty and return to FS

Hill misses target

Panthers goal @ 30:14

Panthers 4th goal scored by Francis

Assists Gortdon & Lachowicz

Gametime 31:02

A few big hits from the Devils called for

Panthers goal @ 31:34 scored by Benedict

DEVILS call a time out

Assist on Panthers 5th goal goes to Beauregard

It seems the Devils have given up already

This could be a cricket score

Pierce shot misses target

Lyle save @ 33:45

evils penalty - Vanderveeken = slashing 34:48


Awesome save by Lyle

Gametime 36:01

At least Devils PK is working well

Devils back to FS

Kwall save @ 36:57

Gametime 37:37

Macrae misses target - sums up the night

Pierce tripped in front of Carson who calls nothing


Devils 2nd goal scored by Dobben assit Matzka @ 38:17

2nd assist to Sam Smith

Final minute of 2nd period

Big save Lyle

@ 39:18 that was

End of 2nd period Panthers 5 DEVILS 2

I am an eternal opptomist, this game is there to be won all we need is for the panthers to have a rubbish period like we had in the 2nd

SoG for 2nd period Panthers 14 Devils 7 making it 33-14 after 2 periods

3rd period starts

Kwall pad save from Macrae

Kwall glove save from Matzka


Dobben @ 41:19

Assist Matzka

Further assist to Vanderveeken

Huge hit from Frank

Myers it was got got hit by Frank

Lets have another goal U DEVILS

Kwall save from Hill

Kwall save from K Smith

Its a different Devils team this period so far long may it continue

Panthers goal

Fox scores Panthers 6th goal @ 43:15

Correction it was Beauregard who scored

Assist Fox

We were back in it but Devils cncede another dumb goal

At least Devils are making a game of it now in the 3rd

Matzka slapshot saved by Kwall

Panthers hit post

Gametime 46:11

Myers rejoins the game

Gametime 47:44

Batch shot narrowly misses target

10 minutes left in game

Gametime 50:58

Gametime 52:06

Macrae shoots straight at Kwall

DEvilsd penalty @ 52:24 - Vanderveeken - holding


Series of big saves by Lyle

Glove save Kwall from Sam Smith

Hill goes close

Devils creating chances whilst shorthanded

Devils back to FS

Gametime 55:02

Gametime 56:03

Panthers fans silent, RED ARMY still chanting

Macrae goes close as close Pierce

Matzka hits pipes

Final 2 minutes

Dobben goes close

Final minute

30 seconds left

Final score Panthers 6 DEVILS 3

Big thanks to our new team of texters - Maria, Gerals, Carl, Rachel, Hubbs all organised by veteran JohnWildthing

Devils MoM - Scott Matzka

Panthers Mom - Marc Levers

Final SoG Panthers 39 Devils 29

Thats all from me OJ join me from 5:30 tomorrow evening as the Stingrays visit the BBT in Cardiff Bay