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Hull Stingrays 3 - 5 Cardiff Devils

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Claire reckons a tough road game for the Devils but will pull out a 4-2 win!

Carl in Llanpumsaint going for a devils 4-1 win

Pat from Bridgend calls it 4-2 to the Devils

Ruth on the train home from London calls it Devils 9-6! No comment......

Luke Burnett calls it Devils win 4-2

Tom Darnell is in charge of tonight's game

Gaz G calls it 7-2 Devils, as the Rays are understrength and the loss of tendler is huge!

Claire has now changed her prediction due to noticing Darnell was in charge! 4-2 Stingrays!

John Frank thinks C Frank will get seven game misconducts during warm ups, but each will be easily explained by the officials as "he had that look" defense.

One of our texters has checked in at the Hull Arena. Teams on the ice for warm up

John Frank calls it 5-3 Devils in a runaway in the third.

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Will keep everyone posted on scores from around the league. Big game in Coventry tonight between the Blaze and Clan.

Viv from Llantwit Fadre calls it 4-3 Devils.

Danny calls it 3-2 Devils after a fightback from 2-1 down!

Dom calls it 3-1 Devils in a tight game

Piggott and Harding Icing for the Devils. Pease playing for Hull

Devils u12 beating Bracknell 9-0 end of the 2nd!

Warmup over

Hull missing Tendler, Ondrej and Lake. Usual missing for Devils

Beth and Dad call it 5-1 Devils. Pierce with 3

All texters have checked in. Keith (Stingrays fan) reporting a low crowd

Eight Devils fans have made the trip. Hello to Amanda and Martin Kift who made the trip

Zamboni finished cutting the ice, lights are down, just waiting the arrival of the teams

Davies also missing for Hull

Officials out on the ice

Devils on the ice

Hull out on the ice

Anthem time

Ethan says 5-2 Devils

Anthem done

1st period underway

Early devils chance but Boucher saves 2 on 1

Devils pen Vanderveeken 2mins slashing @ 1:16

Devils close on short handed chance. Boucher pushed the net off to avoid wrap around

Devils full strength

Very scrappy start

Two rays collide and take each other out.

Rays hit the post then Devils have a counter attack but save from Boucher @ 6:00

Lyle save

Stingrays net off

Seems Devils mounting pressure and Cloutier took the net off. 7:12 gone

Lyle freezes puck

Hull pen Dulle 2mins @ 7:41 tripping

Handbags. Awaiting more info

Keith our Stingrays fan reckons a fight is on the cards shortly

Stingrays pen too man men @ 8: 35

Handbags was Vanderveeken and Cloutier. Devils 2 on 1 attack from Pierce and Hill but big save from Boucher

Big save once again from Boucher. 8:47

Devils hit pipes 9:09 gone


Devils 1st goal Stu from Pierce and Matzka @ 9:19 PPG

Big win for Devils u12's today. Winning 11-1 v Bracknell

Devils still on PP

Clan winning 2-0 in Coventry

Rays Full strength

Stingrays net off once again. 11:10 gone

Lyle save 11:40

Great move by Pierce but Boucher saves. Followed by another great save

Devils pen Vanderveekn 2mins @ 11:40 hooking

Games still a bit flat despite Campbell chirping

Stingrays goal disallowed. Net off. 12:44 gone

Devils pk going well

Devils full strength

Gametime 14:00

Hull hovering around Devils net but not creating much

Shot across rays crease but Devils can't get a touch on it

Rays net off once again. 15:20 gone

Gametime 16:00

Scramble in front of Hull net. Puck covered by Boucher

Gametime 17:"3

Score from Coventry now Clan 2-1

Rays pen Silverthorn 2mins tripping @ 18:08

Gametime 19:00

Rays pen Dulle 2mins slashing @ 19:46

End of 1st Devils lead 1-0

Devils will have a 5-3 PP for 8seconds and 5 on 4 for 1:46 when the 2nd period starts

SOG On Lyle 6 on Boucher 19

Teams back for the second

Second period is underway

Stingrays back to 4 skaters

Glove save Boucher

Rays back to full strength

Campbell and Vanderveeken had words in the 1st and looks like something could happen shortly

Batch floored by Harper

Devils pen 2mins Batch Hooking @ 23:15

Stuuuu clears the puck out of the zone. Hope the PK keep working as well as they have

1minute of PK done

Lyle save 24:48

Devils return to full strength

Seems a few players from both teams trying to throw their weight about! Some life in the game

Gametime 27:20

Devils going close on numerous occasions. Gametime 28:17

Devils goal Pierce unassisted @ 28:17

Seemed some confusion with the goal.Whistle went and light came on. No reaction from the Devils players.

Gametime 30:00

Stingrays icing @ 31:53

Game gone very quiet since the goal

Clan beating Coventry 3-2

Gametime in Hull 32:00

Devils look comfortable. Not sure how to take this- That message was from Keith our Stingrays fan!

Frank shot saved @ 34:46

Good pad save by Lyle.

Devils pen Davies 2min hooking @ 33:26

Apologies about the times. Update before the Lyle save on Frank shot was 32:46

Devils Pen Frank Tripping 2mins : 35:00

Devils net off. McKinney on the floor

Stingrays pen 2mins Campbell Cross-Checking @ 35:14

Devils back to 4 skaters

Hull go close. Lyle covers up

Devi;s return to full strength



Came from Hull missing a 2 on 1 and Devils going the other end of the ice 2 on 1 and score

Devils goal Stuuu from Vanderveeken @ 36:57

Devils pen Frank hooking 2mins @ 37:23

Gametime 37:38 crazy amount of updates coming through so trying to work through them.

1 minute of PK killed.

Clan now 3-3 with Blaze

Stingrays goal

Stingrays goal Cloutier from Dulle and Silverthorn @ 38:57 PPG

End of 2nd. 3-1 Devils

SOG On Lyle 10 on Boucher 36

Seems Stingrays grew into the period as it went on, but Devils controlled it for the majority. Frank getting some stick off Hull fans as he heads back to the changing room. This could be an interesting 3rd. This was from one of our texters at the game

Panthers 3-0 v Caps with 1 period left. Clan 3-3 with Blaze end of 2nd

Sorry I gave full SOG 4 on Lyle 17 on Boucher for the 2nd

Teams are back for the 3rd

Panthers now 5 up in Edinburgh

3rd Underway

Rays go close but Stevie blocks. 40:44

Another chance for Stingrays before Devils icing @ 41:55

Big Lyle save @ 41:18

Rays started the 3rd period brightly

Panthers now 6-0.

Once again the hull net off. 43:35 gone

Devils offside

Gametime 45:03

Period much more open and Rays have upped their game

Adams shot saved @ 47:05

Clan 4-3

Stingrays still trying to mount some pressure but Devils keeping them at bay. 47:37 gone

Clan 4-4

Hull net off again.

Gametime 48:25

Stingrays goal

Stingrays goal Silverthorn from Rodin and Pease @ 48:32

Hull hit pipes. All Stingrays at the moment


Devils goal Adams from Davies @ 51:46

Bullet shot from the slot. Boucher had no chance

Panthers beat Edinburgh 9-0

Sam Smith shot saved @ 51:31

Devils offside @ 51:27

Stu and Pierce 2 on 1 missed @ 52:50

Clan now 5-4 v Blaze

Devils have taken control again

Boucher still pulling off save after save!

Stingrays pen 2mins Scott hooking @ 55:11


Devils goal Davies from Dobben and Matzka @ PPG 56:06


Stingrays pen Osman 2mins elbows @ 57:11

Devils pen batch 2mins roughing @ 57:11

Fight was Vanderveeken and Campbell

Vanderveeken fell - from a Devils fan, Stingrays fan says Campbell take down but a good fight

Vanderveeken and Campbell pens 5mins fighting @ 57:11

Stingrays goal

Stingrays goal Silverthorn from Rodin @ 57:58

Hill hits pipes @ 58:55

Boucher with another save. @ 59:19

Both teams full strength

Devils win 5-3

Clan win 6-4 ENG

Devils MOM Stuuuu

Decent win for the Devils but Hull didn't give up. Some of their fans giving their own players grief though!

SOG for 3rd period 16 on Boucher 8 on Lyle. Final stats 52 Boucher 18 Lyle

Just waiting for MOM from Stingrays

Silverthorn Stingrays MOM. I would have thought Boucher myself

Thanks to our texters at the game. Maria and Rachael Devils fans and Keith Stingrays fan. I hope you all enjoyed the coverage tonight. At least this time, I brought a win with me hosting! Last time was the first trip to Nottingham.......... Ger-Devils signing out