Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 4 - 2 Fife Flyers

Welcome to MNL as the Devils take on the Flyers in the BBT

Score prediction to me (OJ) at before face off

My merry band of texters making their way to the BBT before tunnel closes

Warmup underway

I am now confused one texter tells me teams about to go onto ice now I am tol;d face off has been put back to 8:15

Confirmed by Ger-Devils that the Flyers have not arrived at the BBT

The MNL helicopter is airborne looking for the Flyers

No news so far on eta for Flyers

Will keep all predictions dry until we know we have a game tonight

Can you imagine hitting Birmingham after 4pm!!!!

Fife have just arrived at the BBT

Hazel predicts a 5-3 win for Devils

Luke is more confident and calls it 5-1 to the Devils

Sarnissue Matzka calls it 5-3 Devils

Ron G says 6-2 Devils

James predicts a goal fest with in excess of 10 goals - does call a winner though

Probably thinks thats obvious

Devils on ice for warmup

5 minutes of warmup gone still no Flyers

Flyers have finally come out for warmup

Just 2 minutes left on clock for warmup

Dean Smith was down to ref will confirm shortly

Warmup over

Buzzer went for end of warmup. Flyers took no notice, lights turned off

They should have left earlier

I can't understand why they took a good 25 minutes to get changed

Very quiet on email front tonight

James L says Devils will coast to a 7-2 win

We will never face off at 8:15

I hope the freezing weather doesn't return

Missing my racing - Newbury - Friday, Ffos Las - Sunday and Taunton on Tuesday.

Its intro time

Laura thinks the result will depend on which Flyers team has travelled to Cardiff bay. If they play like they did last week Devils will walk it but if they are up for it and Zemlak is hot it will be close

Dean Smith is in charge

Both teams on the ice

Adam Harding and Luke Piggot ice tonight

Andy calls it 7-2 Devils

Anthem time

Anthem done and dusted

Puck is dropped and we are away

DEan Smith the referee has a camera on his helmet or a nasty spot

Zemlak save

Big hit by Frank

Zemlak save @ 1:37

Devils icing

Camera on ref is for Devils TV we think

Matzka centering with Harding & Piggot

Puck out of play

Zemlak save

Batch flattend Gunn

Zemlak glove save denies Pierce

Flyers player slashed Adams who goes mad

Penalties Zemlak (flyers) Adams (Devils) both called for roughing @ 5:06

Flyers goal

Chris Wands scores for Flyers with a bullet shot @5:59 assist Stewart

Awesome save by Zemlak as Devils go for equaliser

Gametime 8:01

Zemlak save from Vanderveeken @ 8:17

Zemlak playing well - not what we wanted to hear

Flyers penalty @ 10:52 - Muir - hooking

Sorry 9:08 was the time of Flyers penalty

Double save by Zemlak

Flyers back to full strength (FS)

Devils pp not up to much ass usual

Pierce puts a centre ice hit on Samuel

Next penalty against the Flyers maybe the Devils should opt for a scrum instead

Game has become very chippy @ 12:59

The fuse has most definately been lit

Davies & Burrows get in each others way in Flyers zone

more handbags

Scuffle in Flyers crease after Pierce move

Devils penalty @ 14:22 - Frank - roughing


Devils back to FS

Pierce rocket goes marginally wide

Flyers goal

Flyers were under great pressure, counter attacked and scored

Flyers 2nd goal @ 18:07 scored by Dutiaume unassisted

Final minute

End of 1st period DEVILS 0 Flyers 2

What a load of rubbish

One of the weakest teams in the league has endured a 10-12 hour bus trip and are beating us.How embarassing

People will say Zemlak is hot, OK but that makes it 0-0 in my book

Ger-Devils says its very poor

When was the last time the Devils played 3 good periods in a single game?

The start hot and finish flat or vice versa

SoG for 1st period - Devils 18 Flyers 6

That tells a story as well

Small crowd, subdued just like the team

Tony W suggests that there is a ploy to give Scottish teams a good start when they come to the BBT

WE shall see soon as the teams are back on the ice

2nd period starts

Devils breakaway denied

ZEmlak save

From Dobben that was @ 22:08

Lyle glove save @ 22:19

JohnWildthing beginning to doubt whether the Devils will score any goals tonight

Devils ice puck @ 23:45

Gametime 24:40

No improvement shown by Devils so far

Flyers penalty @ 26:46 - Horne - kneeing

Come on U DEVILS Give us a PPG

Zemlak save @ 27:48

Devils pp is of the usual standard - need I say more

Flyers return to FS

DevilDom very polite calls is a poor Devils pp

DamianDiafol thinks Devils are showing more urgency - maybe wishful thinking on his part

Pierce throws his 2nd big hit of the night

That woke the crowd up

Linesman down hurt

Hes up and OK

Devils trying to get going but only the top line creating chances

1st line taking too much icetime

Adams laughs at Stewart who wanted to fight him

A big hit from Frank

Zemlak hangs on to the puck @ 34:09

Gametime 34:34

I think we have a Cardiff Bus scenario - if we get a goal another one would come along quickly afterwards


I told you

Scored by Pierce - a back hand shot @35:27 assists Vanderveeken & Davies

Lets have another one U DEVILS

Flyers penalty @ 36:08 - Baklik - interference


A PPG no less

Devils 2nd goal scored by K Smith

@ 37:59 assists Pierce & Macrae

devils penalty @ 38:34 - Matzka - hooking


Final minute of 2nd period

End of 2nd period DEVILS 2 Flyers 2

A nice bottle of vino tinto has been emptied - well a full glass to go

This game is there to be won

Only Pierce and Macrae playing well says DevilDom

Ice is ready

Teams are back

Devils have a 34 secs pk to start 3rd period so KILL DEVILS KILL

3rd period starts

SoG for 2nd period Devils 16 Flyers 7 making it 34-13 after 2 periods

Devils back to FS

Lyle save @ 41:01

Zemlak save @ 42:19

Come on U DEVILS give us a goal NOW yes NOW

Another Zemlak save @ 42:38

Devils go close but "You know the rest"

Guess what happenned @ 43:40

Yes another Zemlak save

Ask him is he has any Welsh ancestors - Zemlak is an old Welsh surname

Gametime 44:06

Game has sunk back to 1st period standard

Flyers penalty @44:38 - Samuel - hooking

Devils penalty @ 44:58 - Macrae - interference

Gametime 45:57

JohnWildthing thinks next goal will be the game winner

Let it be us then


Richardson scores Devils 3rd goal @ 46:06 unassisted

Devils penalty @ 47:20 - Frank - interference

In all the confusion it would appear there was a holding the stick penalty against Bakrlik hence Richie goal was a ppg

Pierce now puts a hit on Bakrlik

Flyers now at FS

That Bakrlik penalty was as 45:57

Lyle save @ 49:30

Phil Hill given assist on Richardson goal

Crowd given as 1,121

Zemlak save

Gametime 52:59

Lyle save @ 53:42

Stephen there is no value in any of Hendersons horses at the moment although the 5/4 I got today was better than I thought

Gametime 55;02

3 minutes left in game

Final 2 minutes

There was a penalty to Frank @ 56:30 for delay of game

Devils back to FS

Zemlak pulled


ENG by Matzka

@59:06 Matzka from Vanderveeken & Frank

flyers penalty @ 59:15 - Samuel - hooking

Final score DEVILS 4 Flyers 2

Flyers MoM - Garrett ZEMLAK

Texters feel it should be Pierce for Devils

Devils player of the moth 3rd Pierce 2nd Davies 1st Hill


Our thanks to texters - JohnWildthing, Damian Diafol, Sharlene, DevilDom, Ger-Devils and Andy

Thats all from me join us on Sunday for coverage on the Devils game in Hull

PS for those of you interested the final SoG was 49-20