Match Night Live
Edinburgh Capitals 2 - 3 Cardiff Devils

Hello! And welcome to this Sunday evenings Match night Live. Whether your joining us exclusively or watching us alongside the excellent edinburgh webcast we welcome you!

Kett Devil will be providing us with texts for the first time so go easy on him! 'he reports that Harding and Piggot both play tonight

e-mails coming in already! Pat from Bridgend is looking for a 4-3 Devils win!

Nottingham Panthers currently 2-0 up against the Giants. #mightnotbetheyear if they lose in the NIC this afternoon. Title race hotting up

Devils fans up in edinburgh number 2! they are hoping they dont have to sing the anthem...

Steph Borinetti calls it 4-2 Devils. as Does Gaz G.

John Frank is joining us from Washington. Says the capitals webcast does not broadcast as far as the states! Also a check on the last name, its Stephen not Stephanie! Much apologies! Dont quite know how that went wrong! haha

Referee for tonight will be Wilson. a few giants and Vipers fans have joined the Devils in the away section cheering.

More predictions coming in Ruth says 3-1 us Shifty from bridgend says 5-1

Ok the puck has dropped. Stuuu, Hilly and Jeff Pierce the starting line.

Lyle forced to make a save after 41 seconds

all capitals pressure at present.


Goal by Pierce assist from Ben Davies!

G forces a save from Craze

Another Craze save this time from another great pass by Ben Davies


Frank the Tank! Frank the Tank! assisted by Sam Smith and a scott! not sure whether that be Dobben or Matzka

12:09 Van der Veeken with a hooking penalty

uh oh more penalty trouble. Kenton going in for slashing at 12:22

VDV returns and lyle makes a good stop

Penalties killed! back to full strength

There's a siege going on at the caps goal! but theres only just over a minute left in this period!

Capitals goal :( at 19:12

Jarolin with the goal. Immediately after wards Jp waltzes through the caps zone and creates a chance

End of first devils 2-1 capitals 1. Devils should be out of sight our texter says. SOG 14 on Craze and 10 on Stevie.

Giants won 3-2 with the GWG coming in the final 7 seconds of the game. From #maybenottheyear to definitely #thisistheyear now! Championship calibre comeback!

Eslewhere Coventry are 1-0 up against the Steelers end of first.

Daniel Ingram has kindfully reported it was Matzka with the assist to solve the mystery of the Scott.

Teams back on the ice. Peter says more needed from some of our snipers. Ben And pierce laying it up but no one is putting it away. Max is running the bench in the absense of Franny.

Delay to the second due to dodgy ice. Clan fans now in the growing Devils adoption agency of away fans in the away block.

Caps jan safar 2+10 for checking to the head at 20:09. Stu was hit and is looking groggy but back on his feet.

Power play over! No shots :(


VanderVeeken from Pierce and Hill!

Goal timed at 22:11

Stu returns to the ice which is excellent news.

Devils enjoying a good spell. 7 minutes gone in this second stanza

The line of Adams, Matzka and Sam Smith showing signs of Gelling up in Edinburgh this evening.

Almost had a Texter down! Poor KettDevil got hit by a VDV clearance. Out of every player on our team I think the big 44 is the last player i would want hitting a puck at me. 10 minutes left int he second.

Goal Capitals :(

Zembergs the scorer assist to Bari Mckenzie.

Richardson now sits in shame for 2 minutes with a slashing penalty. Big Kill needed.

Penalty killed.

5 minutes left in the second. Stuuu forces a save from Craze.

Rene Jarolin causing the Devils problems with his speed. Richie saves a chance with a good block

Frank called for slashing. Poor call according to our texter.

Poor Call number 2. Phil Hill called for tripping!

End of Second Devils 3- Caps 2. Frank and hills penalty were very very soft. Max is apparantly in need of anger management on the bench because of them. 7 SOG on each netminder that period.

I havent been over to the cage forum yet. I can only assume the place with be slightly more quiet on Wednesday. How long will those fans have to suffer such league dissapointment?

3rd period begins. 8 seconds of 5 on 3 to kill!

Lyle makes a save and we are back to 4 skaters!

Penalties killed \o/

Frank with a big hit 1 minute in!

Capitals putting pressure on!

Caps hit post! We are in trouble....

Penalties up coming. Holecko has cross checked somebody, and not for the first time it seems.....

However its called as interference. Go figure. I believe that puts us on the powerplay

Pen killed. Powerplay poor again :(

Frank now in the bin for delay of game at 10:46! Big kill needed!

Craze stops Ben on a shorthanded breakaway.

Stevie saves our bacon at 12:29! Come on Devils 7 minutes to hang on. Penalty killed :D

Not that you can usually say many nice things about Murryfield ice rink but their choice of music just got a thumbs up! 6 minutes left!

Devils go on the powerplay. Hartmann called for interference.

Powerplay looking better. Camped in Edinburgh zone.

however Capitals manage to kill!

Final 2 minutes of the game!

Capitals call time out 1.19 left!

Craze pulled

Matzka called with 32 seconds left. nonsense penalty number 3! devils need to hang on.

All over! Devils win! :D

Lyle with our MOM but Pete would have chosen pierce or Frank! Massive thanks to Pete (KettDevil) for the texts this evening. Excellent job. Thanks for joining me Gazza272 this evening. Good 4 point weekend and we;ll see you next week!