Match Night Live
Coventry Blaze 4 - 2 Cardiff Devils

Hey hey, Welcome to another installment of Match Night Live! Chris with you again tonight, and don't forget to give us a shout!

First prediction of the night says Devils to win 4-2. That's the same score as you predicted last night Carl!

Devils are against Without Fulton and Prpich, I suspect Cowmeadow will again be missing also. Blaze have a full squad after bringing in Jon Coleman for the injured Soderstrom. (Hopefully he's in the country by now) :P

As has just been pointed out on the forums, if Hull can beat the Bison again tonight after last nights 5-1 victory, Devils will go through to the semi finals of the CC. C'mon Stingrays!

A 3-0 win for the Devils say Simon, if that happens I may very well dance :)

Other fixtures around the country tonight, Newcastle Vipers vs Nottingham Panthers, Edinburgh Capitals vs Sheffield Steelers and the most important of the bunch, Hull Stingrays vs Basingstoke Bison.

Texters from the game would like to thank Graham/Graeme for putting on an amazing spread at The Windmill pub in Coventry. Always knew all the Blaze fans weren't that bad :)

Tyson is icing tonight, which is a rather big relief, can't be doing with 4 players down!

Hello to Keith who joins us all the way from Aberystwyth again! Anyone else out there further afield!? email us!

It's almost time! Almost hammer time :)

Ricky says Devils to pickup another win in overtime, 4-3! That's the spirit :)

Sam from Pontypool says Devils to win 3-2 after Coventry take an early lead! As long as we win, the score doesn't matter :D

Texters at the game say about 80-100 Devils fans have made the trip up!

Big thanks must go to Bob the driver for this seasons increase in away travel, he's been working his arse off to get coaches going!

Another 4-2 prediction on the email! Devils fans seem to love 4-2, is there some hidden significance!?

Delay to face off time as apprently there's a problem with the Devils bench!

Whether that is the players or the actual bench, i'm not sure!

Straight from the game "Delayed FO due to technical difficulties by the Devils bench"

As has just been pointed out to me by several people, the problem with the Devils bench is it's too short. Comedians :D

Huzzah! Finally faceoff arrives! 6:16 Coventry time :)

Bah. Blaze goal already! Details coming

Goal at 1:10 from Barrie Moore, assist to Corey Leclair.

Texters from the game sound less than impressed with our defending in the opening minute of the game.


Goal at 3:12, Jarvis with assist to Matt Towe!

Texters at the game are disputing the assist call and suggesting it was Latulippe and Towe, or not even Towe at all!

Word from the game says Blaze' first goal came from a Devils line change on a Blaze push.

Devils at the game have "fans full of song"

Devils goal has been changed at the game. Should now Read Goal Jarvis, assist Latulippe at 3:12

Blaze penalty! Scott Kelman 2mins boarding at 6:40

Oooooooooooh! Devils come close with a shot from Latulippe but Perras makes the save.


Goal Devils, Silverthorn at 8:04. Assists to Teplitsky and Voth! Powerplay goal!

Don't forget to email us if you're tuning in!

Devils penalty at 10:22. Campbell 2mins tripping.

Oooooh, Voth comes close but Perras somehow deflects shot into the nets!

Good News from Edinburgh. Capitals 1-1 Steelers.

14mins of game have gone, good end to end hockey by all accounts, just not a whole lot to report!

Oooof. Aubry forced to make awesome save after Barrie Moore managed to shoot the puck between MacIver legs!

Ok, lots of penalties coming up!

Coventry penalties. Adam Calder and Dan Carlsson both get 2+2 for roughing at 14:10

Devils Penalties. Jarvis and Silverthorn both get 2+2 for roughing at 14:10

Ooooooh. Tyson comes close but shot goes straight to Perras.

End of 1st Stingrays 3 Bison 4. Come on Stingrays!

Devils line changes are all over the shop tonight, giving Blaze far too much space say texters at the game.

Woop woop! Text from game says "O'conner knows when he's been Campbelled" muahahaha!

And that's the end of the first! Devils lead 2-1!

Couple of emails all predicting Devils wins, if they keep playing like they are hopefully it'll happen :)

Phonecall from the game says team are playing well, but line changes are being exploited a lot by Blaze!

texters at the game are saying if Devils play the 2nd like they did the 1st they'll have no energy left for the 3rd!

Shots on goal for 1st period read 9 each. Here we go with the 2nd period!

Ref for tonight is Dean Smith. Huzzah!

Devils penalty. Silverthorn 2mins tripping at 21:22

Word from the game says Devils are playing very well on the penalty kill and Tyson almost got a shorthanded goal!

Aubry making some big saves on the penalty kill. Tyson playing a blinder!

Aubry making even more saves on the Coventry attack! Gooooooo Auuuubry!

Ooooooh. Voth comes close again! Must be his turn for a goal now? :P

Devils killed the penalty very easily apparently. Coventry had 1 chance in 2mins. Devils putting much pressure on Perras in Blaze nets!

27mins gone. Devils playing extremely well, Coventry look flustered and can't get their gameplan going.

Bah. End of the 2nd period it's Singrays 4-7 Bison. Looks like we're out of the CC for another season chaps :(

Blaze fans have gone awfully quiet and it's left to the travelling masses of Devils fans to keep the noise up :)

Blaze are playing strong lines against us, checking from players on both teams. A strong, hard game by all accounts.

Ooooooh. Francis comes close but Perras gets in the way again!

Devils penalty. Voth 2mins slashing at 31:19

Devils defence looks completely different to the 1st period. Texters saying Jarvis playing another blinder.

Bah. Blaze goal at 32:45. Barrie Moore, assists Danny Stewart and Corey LeClair

Blaze goal came after Aubry went behind nets to get puck but Blaze got there first, essentially an empty net goal.

Texters torn between aubry going behind net and Blaze getting puck first, or puck taking dodgy rebound and falling infront of Blaze offence. Still, it's 2-2 everything to play for!

Ooooo, Latulippe shot hits the pipes and goes wide!

35mins gone. Devils still playing well. Blaze equalising goal was "just one of those things"

End of the 2nd in Edinburgh and it's Capitals 2-4 Steelers. At least they've scored more goals than the Giants managed :)

Devils penalty. Voth 2mins slashing 2mins diving at 37:22

Blaze penalty. Danny Stewart 2mins roughing 37:22.

Blaze 4rd goal. Powerplay goal. Weaver from Deschatelets at 37:38

3rd goal, not 4th!

Devils penalty. Hill 2mins slashing at 37:45

Blaze penalty. Greg Wood 2mins slashing 37:45

Devils on the powerplay apparently not playing very well. Come on Devils!

Devils penalty. Towe 2mins holding at 39:41.

And that's the end of the 2nd period!

End of period saw some handbag sizing up between MacIver and LeClair.

Blaze 2nd goal was lucky rebound off boards, nothing Aubry could do :(

Texters worried Blaze will overpower us in the 3rd having not played last night. 3rd period will start with 4on4 for 46 seconds. Then Devils have just under 1minute of penalty killing to do!

Shots on goal for 2nd period. Devils=14 Blaze=10

Damnit. Devils penalty. Silverthorn 2mins tripping at 40:56.

I Guess it's 40 seconds or so of 5on3 for Blaze now!

Ooooooh. Aubry glove saves a cracker from Sly!

Aubry making many a save, but giving up lots of rebounds. Making life extremely hard for ourselves!

Woop! 55mins gone and it's Edinburgh 4-4 Sheffield! Goooooo Capitals!

Devils kill the penalties!

Bugger. Final score Stingrays 6-8 Bison.

Silverthorn and Perras fire 2 quick shots at Perras, but can't find anyway around him!

Blaze penalty. Lewis 2mins tripping at 43:53

Oooooh. Perras makes an awesome save from Campbells shot!

Blaze successfully kill the penalty!

Devils coming close, but can't get the lucky break needed!

Devils penalty. Latulippe 2mins delay of game at 46:38

Blaze penalty. Jamieson 2mins delay of game 46:38

Texters not sure why penalties called as delay of game. They say Latulippe was punched by Jamieson!

Devils suffering at the hands of Blaze who are putting massive pressure on the Devils now!

Silverthorn and Voth have chances, both denied, turnaround leads to Blaze goal :(

Blaze goal 48:54. Goal Kelman, Assists Carlder and Carlson!

Devils appear to have tired and are now playing 2 line hockey!

Good news up North. Edinburgh 4-4 Steelers. Into overtime. Come on Capitals!

Awesome save from aubry after Blaze offence make a mockery of Devils defence.

Devils penalty. Voth 2mins check from behind. 10mins unsportsmanlike conduct. 51:20.

Another fantastic save from Aubry! Devils under immense pressure!

Devils fans have gone quiet! Only Spatzy, Max Beerbarrel and Gaz G left singing!

55minutes gone. Fans at the game can't see a way back for us!

Sounds like the game in Edinburgh has gone to penalties!

Devils looking incredibly tired.

Ben Davies has steamrollered LeClair!

Fans at the game think it's all over, Devils have nothing left to give.

Texters say Devils have had a lot more chances, but Blaze have clinical finishers infront of the net.

And bah. Steelers win on penalties in Edinburgh!

Final minute of the game.

At 58:33 Devils took a 2min penalty for abuse of official. No idea on who took penalty though!

Devils penalty. Latulippe 2mins delay of game at 58:57

Blaze penalty. Calder 2mins hooking at 58:57

Blaze penalty. Lewis 2mins delay of game at 58:57

Devils penalty. Hill 2mins hooking at 59:39

Devils penalty. Campbell 2mins slashing 59:53

and that's it, game is over. Devils winning streak comes to an end.

Devils man of the match goes to Teplitsky.

Shots on goal for the 3rd. Devils=16 Blaze=14

Thanks to all the texters, Bob the driver, Max Beerbarrel, Dan and Aldo!