Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 4 - 5 Braehead Clan

Welcome to MNL for the visit of the Clan to the BBT

OJ your host for this league game from which the Devils need to pocket 2 points to strengthern their hold on 4th place in the League

Score predictions to before face off please

THe team arrived in Cardiff Airport at around 4pm in ample time for tonights game.

Trying to find out if the Clan have made it to Cardiff Bay

Kevan Batch goes for a 3-2 win for Devils

The font of all knowledge Ger-Devils confirms that the opposition has made it to the BBT

Hazek M in snowy Southend calls it 4-2 to the Red Army

Hazel do you like my new spelling of your name

Quiet on the email front tonight

Warmup has been underway for sometime

Having my tea, you have to have priorities in life

Gareth G goes for 3-2 Devils

Yes Kevan snowy Southend in Gavin County

Cannot bring you team news yet. My usual pre-game texter not on duty tonight. Pther texters making their way to BBT

Ger-Devils making his way into BBT, I wonder if his chest infection is better

Warmup done & dusted Zamboni chasing its tail

Very subdued atmosphere at BBT

Montage of Voth videos being shown to "Nobody does it better"

The Irish have gone down in my estimation after todays rugby. I will probably be flamed again for the use of the word "pathetic"

The Irish pride themselves of maintaining a silence when kicks are taken by either teams. Today that booed and hissed when Leigh Halfpenny stepped up for that last kick that is pathetic.

Furthermore did you hear the booing of the victorius Welsh team after the final whistle or were they booing their own teram for losing

Intro starts and the Clan cvome onto the ice

Harding & Piggot icing for Devils

Stephen B calls it 4-3 Devils

Brad Voth gets standing ovation

Anthem time

Anthems done

We are ready to play hockey

Game starts

Well done to the 25 Clan fans who have made the trip

BBT looks pretty full

We had 1,534 unique viewers on MNL last night hope you enjoyed it, pity about the score

Sumo save

Gametime 2:30

Sumo save from Richardson @ 3:00

Great hit by Frank the Tank

Zajac it was who then invites Frank to fight and hes 2ft shorter Frank skates away

Lyle save

Forgot to tell you Mr Hicks is in charge tonight

I had a word with him to remind him that there was school tomorrow and with a later FO could he lose his whistle

Devils wander offside

Steelers go 1 up against Giants

Sumo save

Devils piling on the pressure

Glove save Lyle @ 8:14

Clan goal

Came from nowhere

Naming a scorer will be difficult then

Clan goal @ 9:11 scored by Bannister assists Galbraith & Jorgenson

Gametime 10:03

Lyle save @ 11:20

Clan are creating more chances than Devils after a slow start

Mainly through their dangerous 1st line

Hicks missing a lot or is he allowing game to flow?

Sumo save @ 14:02

Devils puck handling leaves a bit to be desired

I am watching my paint drying

Devils playing a physical game but Clan more threatening to score

Clan penalty @ 15:30 - MvPherson - tripping

Sumo then handbags

Hill and 4 Clan players in argument

Devils go close

And again

Clan kill penalty and return to full strength (FS)

Clan Goal

A breaaway goal @ 17:48

Galbraith assists Krestanovich & K Phillips

This is no spark in Devils

Clan Goal

@ 18:41 what an embarrassment

Glabraith assist Krestanovich

Final minute of 1st period

Damian Diafol tinks the emotion has got to the Devils

Thats a load of rubbish they are professional athletes

End of 1st period DEVILS 0 Clan 3

Awful. Awful is one comment

Its the worst period of hockey all season

It must be questionable whether you can build a successful team for the new rink from this group of players

A question that I am asked and I subscribe to

2nd period underway

Clan icing

JohnWildthing says nobody wants to be at BBT so I asked him why not

John says no atmosphere looks like everyone wished they were at home watching TV

Not a normal hockey night at BBT

I know what I would do - skating session at 1am blow their Super Bowl parties

Devils offside @ 22:53

Devils penalty @ 23:25 - Pierce - slashing


At least my texters will not be vilified tonight as similar comments on Twitter from fans at game

Clan camped in Devils end

Devils kill penalty back to FS


Devils 1st goal @ 26:07 scored by Pierce assists Macrae & Hill

At last Devils go in for rebounds - how long has it taken them to do that this season

Sumo save

Galbraith smacked in mouth by team mate on a line change

By team mates stick I should add

SoG for 1st period DEVILS 13 Clan 16

Lyle save

Gametime 30:02

Puck out of play

Puck out of play

Devils penalty - Adams - interference @30:54

Clan penalty @ 31:56 - Jorgenson -- boarding

Devils back to FS and go on pp

Lets have a PPG please U DEVILS

Clan kill penalty with ease

Sumo being called upon to make saves thats something

Lyle making saves as well

Lets have another goal U DEVILS before the break

Penalties K Smith (Devils) & Campbell (Clan) roughing minors @ 36:35

Both teams back to FS

Final minute of 2nd period

Gametime 39:30

Clan penalty @ 39:50 - Jorgensen - delay of game

End of 2nnd period DEVILS 1 Clan 3

Slight imorovement says Damian Diafol but he can't see how Devils can get anything out of this game

SoG for 2nd period DEVILS 14 Clan 3 making it 27-19 after 2 periods

Teams are back for 3rd period

Devils start 3rd with 1:50 pp

Puck dropped 3rd period starts

Clam back to FS Devils pp terrible as always


devils goal came from nowhere scored by Adams assists Matzka & K Smith @ 42:48

Sumo now busy with save after save

Maybe Devils intent on emulating Man Utd

Looks as if the team has had a kick in the backside from someone


Devils 3rd goal scored by Pierce assist Matzka @ 45:09

Its woken up the Red Army as well

Devils 2nd goal changed to Adams from Matzka and Sam Smith

2nd asist on Devils 3rd goal goes to Vanderveeken


Scott Dobben @ 48:43 assists Davies & Burrows

JohnWildthing scratching his head on how this remarkably turnaround has happened

Lyle save

I think there are a number scratching their heads - a few hundreds

Lyle save @ 50:42

I'm trying to stick back the hair I pulled out

Attendance given as 1,444

looked more says Ger-Devils

End to end @ 54:25 mark

Gametime 56:02

Pierce working his socks off, both ends of the ice

Final 2 minutes

Clan going for equaliser

Gametime 58:52

Clan lift Sumo

Clan goal

End of regulation DEVILS 4 Clan 4

Clan scored @ 59:29

No details of scorer yet

I believe it was Galbraith who scored

Assists Jorgensen & Mitchell

Into O/T we go

Lyle save @ 61:29

Trip on Frank not called

Its all Devils in O/T

Final minute of O/T

Devils time out

Maybe they lift Lyle as they have no faith in penalty takers!!!!

Matzka goes close with 43 secs left

End of O/T


Galbraith miss K Smith scores

Krestanovuch scores

Pierce misses

McPherson misses

Ricardson saved

Galbraith scores

K Smith must score


Result DEVILS 4 Clan 5

DevilDom is positive - Devils scored a penalty for once



Our thanks go to our texters at the BBT - Sharlene, Ger-Devils, DevilDom, Damian Diafol and JohnWildthing thank you one and all

Thats all from me (OJ) until the next one. Good night Nos Da