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Belfast Giants 5 - 3 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL as we bring you the crucial 2nd leg of the Challenge Cup Semi-Final

Join me (OJ) from around 6pm as our gallant texters get down to their tasks

Score predictions for the CC game to before face off time

Whilst this game is also a league encounter we shall concentrate on the Challenge Cup element hence the scoreline with show thw AGGREGATE SCORE for the semi-final

Join me later, its too cold to go out anyway.

Russky can't see the Devils winning but he is still hoping

Ruth calls it 2-1 Devils

Alan Thorne thinks Devils will win 3-2 and wishes Brad Voth well in his retirement

Calls to RED out the BBT on Sunday as Brad Voth takes his leave of the Cardiff Devils before flying home on Wednesday

I hope the team can get home on Sunday as there are reports of massive disruptions to airports

Donna & Megan calls it 2-1 Devils

I will not be repeating all the good luck messages to Brad Voth as I would miss the game if I did

Lets take it for granted that he will be missed but we wish him all the very best in the future

Soph G thinks it will be a close game

Pat in Bridgend doesn't think so he has the Red Army winning 4-1

Tonights ref is

I will only use his name when he proves capable of refereeing

How can he be allocared such a crucial game?

Angela calls it 3-2 Devils

Ruth it is that so called ref, a ruined game for both teams is odds on

Devils late onto the ice for warmup

Jeanne & Nobby call it 3-2 Devils

Remember scoreline will show aggregate score throughout game

Ruth made a good point - Devils will probably get back to Cardiff without any problems but will the Clan get to sunny Cardiff Bay

Ger-Devils in the O but getting beer

Skippy has everything crossed for a non defeat for the Devils

Devils haven't got to win just not beaten

If Ger-Devils has been on the sherbert since 2pm we are going to have a problem with him.

If there are anyother fans at the O irrespective of allegience and can text e-mail me at

Carl thinks it will be 2-2 which would do nicely thank you

In case we end up with problems again tonight I will switch to Twitter and run both

Hoffman ices for Giants Awada doesn't

Warmup completed

About 50 Devils fans in Belfast

James calls it 3-3 and the Deviuls to bag 2 league points in regulation

Daniel thinks an early Devils goal will rattle the Giants and Devils win 2-1

Ice is ready

***We will bring you updates of the ENL DEVILS v Slough Jets fO 7pm

We could do with update on snow with games tonight and tomorrow

My big day at the races at Ffos Las was a casualty of the frost

I suppose I am quids in

Took to boss out to lunch instead

Hazel M calls it 4-3 Devils

Took to boss out to lunch instead

Hazel M calls it 4-3 Devils

If the Devils are losing 2-1 do we pull Lyle asks Adam.

I wouldn't have thought so - althoughj I know we have a terrible O/T pens record

Officials take to the ice

Devils take to the ice

Giants take to the ice

Puck dropped and we are off


Macrae assist Vanderveeken @ 38 secs

Lyle save

Devils offside @ 1:14

Lyle comfortable save @ 1:32

Piggot & Sam Smith Play but no Harding

Puck out of play @ 2:24

Devils have started well

Giants penalty @ 3:06 - Peacock - hooking

Doubts about which Giant was penalised one texter says Peacock other says Kuiper

Devils go 5 on 3

Rebek holding @ 4;14

Giants back to 4 skaters

It was Peacock who took penalty

Come on U DEVILS get the pp into gear

Murphy save

Giants return to full strength (FS)

Giants go close

Now end to end as bothteams try and create chances

Murphy coughs up re-bound no Devil in sight

Devils penalty @ 9:34 - Frank - holding


Lyle save

Gametime 10:14

Another good save by Lyle

Devils back to full strength

Gametime 11:47

Lots of pressure from Giants

Gametime 13:02

Devils penalty @ 13:24 - Dobben - hooking


Slashing was the call

*** ENL Devils 1 Slough Jets 0

45 secs of pk left

Giants goal

Scored by Pelle

PPG with 2 secs left on pk

Giants 1st goal @ 15:20 scored by Pelle assists Peacock & Dowd

Lyle save followed by handbags

*** ENL Devils opening goal scored by Jason Stone

Giants goal - Peacock @ 17:14

Assist Dowd

2nd assist to Clarke

Giants icing @ 17:54

Terrible give away from Frank led to Giants 2nd goal

Giants penalty @ 18:04 - Garside - interference

devils go close

Penalty shot Giants

K Smith brough down Dowd on breakaway

Lyle saves penalty shot

Last minute - Devils still on pp

End of 1st period Giants 2 DEVILS 1 making it 3-3 on aggregate

Devils will have to up their game if they want to get to the final

Ode to Voth can be found on The Inferno -

SoG for 1st period Giants 11 Devils 12

*** ENL Devils 1 Slough Jets 1 after 22 minutes

Some people don't like the comment on Frank giveaway - well there are enough fans watching the Giants webcast to confirm how bad an error it was.

*** Jamie Hayes makes it 2-1 for ENL Devils @ 23:19

Teams back on ice for 2nd period

***ENL Devils 3 Jets 1 @ 24:19

2nd period starts

Devils icing @ 20:47

Lyle double save @ 21:06

*** ENL Devils 4 Jets 1 @ 28:08

How the senior Devils could use some of those goals now

Immense Giants pressure at start of 2nd period

Devils offside @ 22:46

Now Giants go offside

Gametime 24:57

*** Adam Harding makes it 5-1 for ENL Devils @ 30:35

RE=ebek blocks a goal bound shot from Matzka

Lyle save from Crane @ 27:44

Devils offside @ 28:27

Giants penalty @28:52 Mason - high stick

Giants foul up excellent breakaway chance

Devils penalty @ 30:57 - Hill - hooking


Giants Goal

PPG for Crane @ 31:34

Dowd it was that scored assist Pelle

Time of goal might be 31:20

My texters can't agree

Ger-Devils watch is slow 3rd Giants goal was at 31:34

** Harding scores again to make it 6-1 to ENL De vils @ 37:50

Puck out of play at 33:41

Good save Murphy from Dobben

Murphy save from Matzka @ 34:44

Giants icing @ 35:08

*** end of 2nd period ENL Devils 6 Slough Jets 1

Devils SoG for 2nd will be very small indeed

Giants penalty @ 35:30 - Keefe - hooking

Come on U DEVILS give us a goal

Giants look dangerous on PK

Devils pp is very poor as usual

Giants back to FS

Maybe Devils had 1 SoG during that pp

Final minute of 2nd period

Lyle saves a Clarke breakaway

End of 2nd period Giants 3 DDevils 1 making it 4-3 on aggregate

I think my texter must be on twitter they are now apologising for being negative.

Well I told them to call it as they see it because that is what MNL is all about, if there are people who don't like we do have vacanies fopr texters.

They can host as well if they want.

I've now seen the Frank giveaway and to call it terrible is an understatement

SoG for 2nd period Giants 10 Devils 9 making it 21-21

My texters are scratching their heads. How did they miss the Devils 9 shots on goal?

Dumps that went in the vicinity of Giants goal is one explanation

*** Luke Takel goes in net for ENL Devils replacing Brabon for 3rd period

Come on U DEVILS this game can be won just 2 goals needed

David Mercer a Giants fan is one of our texters

Luke Spatsky says Devils need to energise in 3rd they are way to flat

David M says it was a silly giveaway - and hes impartial as far as Devils are concerned

Officials and players are back on ice

We are off for 3rd

Puck out of play @ 40:19

Matzka penalty @ 40:45 - elbows


Lyle save

Lyle save from Crane

Giants score goal disallowed

Player in crease

30 secs of PK left

Devils back to FS

Murphy save from Davies, net off its moorings

Murphy saves a Batch slapshot

Gametime 44:55

Giants net off again

Murphy saves from Pierce @ 45:22

Devils have upped their game, is it enough?

Giants icing @46:21

Ger-Devils wants the Devils team who started the game back

Rich thinks they are slowly getting back in game

Murphy save from Adams

Devils offside @ 47:14

David M says Devils fans are quiet

Murphy save @ 47:32 from Hill

Giants offside @ 47:53

Vanderveeken land a massive hit on Clarke behind Devils net

Murphy save @ 49:08

Ger-Devils cant shout he has a chest infection

Giants icing @ 49:35

We need someone to spark the team

Rich says Giants seem content to run clock down

**** Final score ENL Devils 6 Slough Jets 1

Devils spending more ime on the puck but nothing to show for it

Devils penalty @ 51:05 - Batch - x-check

Giants ppg just 6 secs into pp

Clarke from Rebek & Deniset @ 51:11

Hanbags behind Devils net between Matzka and Keefe

Penalties Richardson (Devils) Keefe (Giants) both get roghing minors @51:46

Giants penalty @ 52:23 - Deniset - hooking

Devils 4 on 3 for 1:23

End of Devils 4 on 3 now go on pp

Devils being at FS

Ger you will get in trouble for this " Devils not playing for what the Devils Mean, PRIDE< INTENSITY its all missing"

Giants score Darnell disallows another one

5 minutes left

Devils penalty @ 56:59 - Matzka - interference


Matzka gets a 10 minute misconduct as well

Nobody has text or emailed me how bad it is out there in the snowy regions across Offas Dyke

Final 2 minutes

Great save Lyle at 59 minute mark

Devils back to FS

Final score Giants 4 DEVILS 1 making it 65-3 on aggregate

Over 5,000 at O tonight

Devils MoM - Stuart MACRAE

Giants MoM - Jon PELLE

Out thanks to our Devils texters - Luke, Rich and Ger-Devils and our Giants correspondent David Mercer

Join me (OJ) tomorrow nigh as the Clan march on Cardiff Bay - MNL from about 5:30 onwards