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Hull Stingrays 2 - 1 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL as we bring you the away return leg of the weekends doubleheader with the Hull Stingrays

OJ here in the MNL hutch checking up on our texters for this evening

We have Keith our regular texter from Hull plus another Stingrays fan Dave S who has volunteered to help us.

A Devils fan now living in Doncaster , Maria (shortstuff on Inferno) is making her way to Hull as I start this MNL blog

It is possible that Ger-Devils has found me a 2nd Devils texter, he knows everybody

Score predictions as usual to

Someone told Ger-Devils was a twitter I thought they said he was a twit

I have a new hearing aid now

Ruth C says 6-2 to the Devils

No need to thank me for missing the racing in order to host MNL. I think it was the monsoon in West Wales that put me off

Not icing for Devils Sam Smith, Brad Voth + M Smith & Birbraer

Not icing for Stingrays - Ryan Lake

Dean Smith is the ref

MNL will break the 50,000 viewers for the season tonight

Ben S thinks Devils will win 4-2

Beci at The Pilot calls it 4-1 Devils

Must visit The Pilot oneday, had lunch at The Captains Wife today, very busy

I had three winners at Ffos Las a good little touch but not enough to fund the new rink - sorry

Everyone on about snow, who has snow?

You lot in Canada/USA don't count

7 Devils fans spotted at Hull so far

We have a 2nd Devils fan on text duty - Liz

Trying to find out why Sam Smith is not icing

Warmup 1 minute remains

Sam Smith is confirmed as a scratch - reason not known

Kts Mobile Pet Shop predicts 6-3 Devils

Who let the dogs out?

Howard T calls it 5-2 Devils and hopes Adam Harding finishes off Chamberlain tonight

Angela L says 5-2 Devils

The Batch's of Essex call it 4-2 Devils

Ruth says no snow in Caerphilly but reports of snow in Swnsea

Just in case - any server poblems I will be on Twitter

I must check with the techies if the fault last Wednesday has been identified

Next Saturdays 2nd leg will be massive and its Welsh Champion Hurdle day as well

Come on Oscar Whisky you can do it and beat Big Bucks at Cheltenham

The ice apparently is read at Hull

Number of Devils fans has risen to a massive 10 - well done you

Decent crowd at Hull for a Sunday night

Officials on the ice

Welcome on to the ice your very own Cardiff Devils

10 fans make a big noise

Stingrays on the ice

As their fans call them the Rays so shall we tonight - less typing

Carl you leave it late, start the milking earlier he calls it 5-2 Devils

Anthem time

Luke B says 5-3 Devils

Anthems done

Game starts

Dulle wraparound foiled by Lyle

Donna & Megan go for a 5-2 win for the RED ARMY

Devils icing

Gametime 1:43

Scrappy start to game

Boucher saves from Davies

Osman slap shot, glove save Lyle

Daisy Devils predicts a 4-2 Devils victory and more points for Phil Hill

Rays 2 on 1 save Lyle from Tendler

Rays penalty @ 4:30 - Watkins - hooking

Hazel M says we are going to get a bucketful of goals with Devils winning 6-4

Devils set up in Rays zone good

Cloutier puts big hit on Vanderveeken

Big save Bucher from Dobben

Rays back to full strength (FS)

gametime 8:15

Game remains fairly scrappy

10 minutes gone

Pierce goes coast to oast but shoots high

Poor passing letting both teams down

Lyle save from Chamberlain @ 12:20

awesome save by Lyle says Liz

Gametime 15:30

Boucher gkove save off Harding

Who has snow?

Chamberlain looks like he wants to fight tonight as well

No Devils goal net off its morrings

Gametime 16:30

Harper and Piggot tangle - no call

Final minute

Another great save by Lyle

Damian Diafol says there is a covering of snow in the Heads of the Vallets area

End of 1st period Stingrays 0 DEVILS 0

Devils had a slight edge in opening period according to Dave S a Rays fan

Thats MNL honesty for you

Maria says both netminders are playing well

Devils fans angry at disallowed goal claiming Boucher dislodged the net when he was beaten

SoG Stingrays 9 Devils 10

I don't know we have this fixation about snow, but it is dier than this continuous rain

Ice ready

Scrappy game down to poor ice says Keith

Officials back so are the Rays

Devils back on ice

2nd period starts

Early Hull pressure at start of period

Lyle save from Rodin

Boucher save from Hill @ 23:40

Devils on top denied lead by Boucher

Tendler strips puck off Adams but Lyle saves the day

Rays struggling to clear zone

Gametime 26:30

Devils have uooed a gear this period

Lyle saves from Silverthorn as Rays venture up ice


Devils 1st goal @ 28:14 scored by K Smith assists Burrows & Davies

Rays goal

Rays score off a dodgy rebound scored by Silverthorn @ 29:47

Assist Osman

Devils penalty K Smith - roughing @ 30:20


Lyle made a great save from Tendler but somehow puck rebouned off boards directly to Silverthorn

Devils kill 1 minute of penalty

Cliutier misses open net

Devils return to FS

Gametime 32:33

Tays pen09 - Rodin - holding

That was for taking Pierce down on a breakaway

Lyle saves from Campbell

Boucher save from Hill @ 33:49

Pierce shot deflected over goal

Rays back to FS

devils lacking a bit or urgency, they can't be tired

Gametime 37:18

Dulle shot from point tipped wide

campbell is doing his usual pushing and shoving

Devils 2 on 1 - Boucher save

last minute of 2nd period

Dobben misses empty net

Rays had too many men which went unseen by officials

End of 2nd period Stingrays 1 DEVILS 1

Franny getting sticks off Rays fans after he complains about the lack of a "too manu men" call

SoG for 2nd period Rays 10 Devils 16 making it 19-26after 2 periods

Come on U DEVILS lets bag those 2 points and get back home

Zamboni done its duty and sneeks off

Come on U DEVU+ILS lets get out of here with 2 points a rest on Monday and then three days to get your game in top order before the Battle at the O

Officials are back

Keith says game gone quiet

Devils back on the ice as are the Rays

3rd period starts

Boucher save from Pierce

Blatant interference by Ondrej not called

devils penalty @ 42:37 - K Smith - slashing


Devils penalty @ 44:08 - Matzka - tripping

5 on 3 for Rays

Devils back to 4 skaters

Lyle save from Tendler

Devils return to FS

Gametime 46:22

Boucher save @ 46:48

Pace of game gone up a few notches this period


Handbags involved Frank and McKinney

Penalties Harper (Rays) & Frank (Devils) roughing minors @ 47:50

Rays penalty @ 48:13 - Dulle - tripping

huge glove save by Boucher as Devils exert pressure on pp

And another save

boucher is standing on his head during these Devils pp

Rays back to FS

Gametime 50:50

The only resaon Devils are not in Front CHRISTIAN BOUCHER

Game now getting feisty

K Smith misses a hit and lucky not to do himself damage

Gametime 52:49

Devils throwing everything at Rays net

Chris Frank just limped off

Tendler close on rare Rays attack

Hirsch thrown out at Coventry

Whatever happenned to Frank he is trying to walk it off behind Devils bench

Gametime 54:38

Gametime 56:04

gametime 57:04

Frank the TANK is back

Final 2 minutes

Boucher save

Boucher has been brillant all game

Rays hit cross bar

Silverthorn that was

Boucher save yet again

End of 3rd period Stingrays 1 DEVILS 1

O/T here we come

Despite Devils pressure Silverthorn should have won the game for Rays

Come on U DEVILS lets win it in O/T

O/T underway

Pad save Boucher

Its all Devils in O/T

Gametime 62:04

SoG for 3rd Rays 8 Devils 17 making it 27-43

Gametime 63:18

Devils icing

Pays penalty @ 63:40

Penalty Shot DEVILS

Missed by Matzka

Last minute of O/T

Handbags - nothing called

rays mis another golden opportunity

End of O/T now penalty shots

Matzka takes 1st - saved

Osman - save

Pierce - misses

Rodin scores

Macrae misses Stingrays win

Result Stingrays 2 DEVILS 1 after O/T & Penalties

My money is on Bucher MoM for Rays

How the Devils lost that game we will never now although it had a lot to do with Boucher


Stingrays MoM - Still waiting

Rays Mom - CHRISTIAN BOUCHER what a surprise

Our thanks go to our texters Rays fans Keith and Dave and twoDevils fans making their debuts on MNL Maria and Liz - thank you one and all

Thats all from me (OJ) join me next Saturdat night from around 6pm as we bring you the 2nd leg of the CC Semi-final against the Giants