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Cardiff Devils 8 - 5 Hull Stingrays

Welcome to MNL as the Hull Stingrays visit the BBT in Cardiff Bay

Join me (OJ) from 6pm

Score predictions to before face off

Ant DEvils or Stingray fans going to Sundays game at Hull who can help us out at MNL please get in touch

Texters have reported in

andy thinks Devils will win 4-3

Russky on BBT car park duties

Andrew in North Bay, Ontario calls it 4-2 Devils

Scott calls it 4-1 to the Devils with a brace of goals fot Matzka

Teams out for warmup

Michael Hicks is scheduled to be in charge tonight, will confirm later

The Batch family predict a 5-2 win for the RED ARMY

Steelers lead 2-0 in Edinburgh after 1 period

Roy Smith in Beaumont, Alberta, Canada predicts a 5-1 victory for the Devils

Warm up completed

Hazel predicts plenty of goals resulting in a 6-3 win for the Devils

Roy Smith in Beaumont is Kentan & Mark's father

Kenton's aunt Elaine has also joined us on MNL

Soph & Matt thinks there will be aggro and Devils will win 4-1

Gareth H goes for a 6-2 Devils win

Trying to bring you team news

A decent crowd reported for a Hull game

Phil Hill ices, Brad Voth doesn't

Stingrays come onto the ice

If we do end up with server problems tonight I will update on Twitter

I don't expect any problems although we haven't really got to the bottom of the problems we had on Wednesday

Michael Hicks is in charge

Adam Harding & Luke Poggot ice for Devils

Intros done

Anthem time

MNL PLEA if there is anyone out there who can help us by texting from Hull on Sunday email me at

Its good fun you will enjoy it

Anthem done

Keith (our regular texterr at Hull) can you get in touch with me (OJ)

Ready for face off

If it show 2-1 press F5

Game underway

Howard T goes for a 4-2 Devils win

Devils penalty @ 1:38 - Matzka - x-checking


Devils penalty @ 2:04 - Vanderveeken - delay of game

Stingrays have a 5 on 3

Stingrays offside

BBT is full, but quiet - newbies

Matzka returns

Boucher save

Stingrays penalty @ 3:44 - Ondrej - interference

Devils go on pp as Vanderveeken returns

Lyle foils a 2 on 1 sh breakaway

Boucher save

Lyle save from Tendler

Stringrays back to full strength (FS)

Another Boucher save

Some nice passing and movement from Devila as per Liverpool earlier

Gametime 7:03

Hull icing

Lyle covers up @ 7:55


Devils goal @ 9:43 Davies assists Burrows & Richardson

Great tip in by Ben after a Richie shot from blue line

Sarniesue predicts a 4-2 win for the Devils

Devils seem to be constantly in Stingrays zone

Crowd were quiet but have now found their voices

Devils penalty @ 12:45 - Scott - holding

Stinrays penalty I meant

Lack of shooting on Devils pp

Give us that 2nd goal U DEVILS

Stingrays back to FS

Stingrays penalty @ 15:13 - Davies - hooking

Pierce tips Hill shot wide

Go and show Jeff how its done Ben

Devils are trying to walk the puck into the net, SHOOT,SHOOT

Stringrays back to FS

Devils penalty @ 17:48 - Dobben - tripping


Correction - slashing was the call

Final minute

End of 1st period DEVILS 1 Stingrays 0

SoG will be interesting but I doubt that they will give a true reflection of the game as the Devils don't seem like they want to shoot the puck

SoG Devils 11 Stingrays 5

Teams return to the ice

Devils will shoot more this period after they have read MNL in the interval

2nd period starts


Devils 2nd goal @ 23:10 scored by K Smith unassisted


Just checking that to make sure its not a rogue text

Devils 3rd goal @ 25:09 scored by Matzka assists K Smith & Vanderveeken

Campbell taking a few liberties with Devils young brits

Yes John - Chris is icing

Stingrays penalty @ 29:10 - Osman - hooking

Awesome glove save by Stevie Lyle

Boucher save

Gametime 30:30

Stingrays only threat is Tendler

Devils penalty @ 31:35 - Vanderveeken - interference



Macrae SHG

Devils 4th goal was @ 32:40 scored by Macrae assist Hill a SHG on a delayed penalty


Another SHG scored by Dobben assist Matzka @ 33:16

This is what we want with a big crowd of newbies - THEY WILL BE BACK

Stingrays penalty @ 34:18 - Silverthorn - boarding

Gametime 35:46

Stingrays back to FS

Devils getting free access to Stingrays zone almost to the crease

Stingrays Goal

Where did that come from

Tendler @ 37:35

Assists Campbell & Davies

Myers in net for 3rd?

Devils breakaway denied, this was one instance where a pass would have opened up the Rays net

Final minute


Devils 6th goal scored by Chris Frank assists K Smith & Matzka @ 39:31

Great finish by the TANK

End of 2nd period DEVILS 6 Stingrays 1

I think we will see both backup netminders in the 3rd

Both team back on the ice

Backup Andy Brummit in net for Stingrays

Problems with ice delays 3rd period

SoG for 2nd period Devils 19 Stingrays 5 making it 30-10 after 2 periods

3rd periodf starts

Is that a rogue delayed text

No it wasn't Tendler scores @ 40:25 assist Campbell & Dulle


Devils 7th goal scored by Pierce

Pierce from Macrae & Hill @ 45:09

Piggot & Harding getting shifts

Stingrays penalty @ 43:36 - Osman - hooking

43:09 was Devils 7th goal

Devils penalty @ 44:07 - Matzka - tripping


Stingrays back to FS


Adams the scorer

Adams pings one off the underside of the crossbar for Devils 8th goal @ 46:29 assists Davies & Matzka

Myers replace Lyle and conceedes a goal in second

Stingrays goal @ 46:47 Dulle from Watkins

Osman it was who scored assists Dulle & Watkins

Chants of "we want 10", can we have 9 first

Devils penalty @ 50:00 - Davies - slashing

Brummitt denies a clear Devils chance

Devils return to FS

Good save Myers

We will be covering the Stingrays v Devils game at Hull tommorow thanks to two Stingrays fans Keith & Dave who have offered their help, thank you guys

Stingrays penalty @ 52:41 - Dulle - hooking

Gametime 53:14

Stingrays goal

I question whether there is a goal

There is a 4th Stingrays goal @ 54:41 scored by Osman assist Silverthorn

Gametime 56:18

Flyers 0 Giants 1

Capitals 2 Steelers 4 - result

Gametime 57:11

Flyers 0 Giants 2


Harding v Chamberlain

A score draw by all accounts

A good fight

Harding and Chamberlain get fighting majors @ 58:20

Stingrays goal

Final score DEVILS 8 Stingrays 5


Stingrays 5th goal @ 59:37 scored by Osman, assists Rodin & Cloutier


Our thanks go to texters Sharlene, JohnWildthing, Spearsy, Ger-Devils and Damian Diafol

Why not join me tomorrow nigh as we bring you the return game as the Devils travel to Hull

Thats all from me (OJ) until Sunday at around 5pm