Match Night Live
Braehead Clan 2 - 3 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL as we bring you coverage of the Devils visit to Glasgow to take on the Braehead Clan

OJ here in the MNL box and tonight coverage is thanks to two Clan supporters who have kindly offered their services as texters

We have Chris Devlin who has been our regular texter from Clan games for the last two seasons and making her debut Julie Patterson

Score predictions as usual to before the 7pm face off

Russky predicts a Devils win if they play with the speed and intensity they showed on Wednesday

Kev & Sue Batch's passports have expired so they had to give the trip to Glasgow a miss and are in sunny Essex and predict a 4-2 win for the RED ARMY

Ruth predicts a 4-3 win for the Devils

Wes can you text me again with your request I have changed mobiles and my texts haven't transferred accross - same MNL number

Carl calls it 3-2 Devils

My texters are making their way to the Braehead Arena

Beci at The Pilot goes for a 4-2 win for Devils despite he craze for purple

Donna & Megan forecast a tough game but for the Devils to win 3-2

Luke B also calls it 3-2 Devils

Warmup starts at Braehead

Will bring you team news shortly

My understanding is that Moray Hanson is the referee will confirm later

15 minutes of warmup remaining

No promise that everything I say is true and factual

There was a comment on the Forum from somebody who thought I lose it when I am bored and post rubbish!!!

Clans new import Mike Wirll is making his debut tonight.

Hopefull I will be able to bring you updates on the ENL Devils v Streatham Redskins

Julie has reported in now waiting for Chris D to clock in at Braehead

At least Ruth enjoys my rubbish

Is there anyone out there following MNL in a maternity unit, Franny's shift has finished

Congratulations to Franny & Laura on the birth of Hollie

Warmup almost done

Warmup is over

Claire I am still trying to get team news especially whether Mark Richardson is playing and whether Piggot, Harding etc have made the trip to Glasgow

Richie is playing, no M Smith, Voth, Birbraer or Harding

No Kile Bruce for Clan

Debbie Bardo I hope you are enjoying MNL hope you will be better soon and back at the BBT because RED ARMY are in desparate need of new recruits as most of them left their chanting voices in Scotland

Soph & Matt call it 4-2 Devils

Thanks for team news on Gmail although my texters came through with the news in time

Officials on ice

Teams take to the ice

David E is asking how many Devils in Braehead I assume he means fans

WEll none reported yet

Will ask my texters if they have seen any

I know that Borders Devils couldn't make it


Julie reports that she can see 6 Devils fans

If any of these fans are following MNL get in touch

JOM calls it 4-2 Devils

Spearsy calls it 3-1 Devils

Thats it folks puck is dropped and we are away

Devils penalty - Pierce

Goal Clan

Galbraith the scorer a ppg

Pierce penalty was hooking

Clan goal was @ 1:21 - Galbraith assists Jorgensen & Krestanovich

Devils penalty - K Smith - x-checking


Jenton's penalty was @ 1:58

Lyle saves from Wirll

devils back to full strength

The penalty to Pierce was @ 1:11

Everything happenned at the sametime

No news is good news I suppose after 2 penalties and a goal conceeded

Both netminder being called upon to make nice saves

Panthers take a 1-0 lead in Belfast

Devils penalty @ 9:51 - Vanderveeken - hooking


Devils back to FS

Dick Matzka is still confident that Devils will win 4-2

Gametime 15:36

Sam Smith goes off injured

Batch impressing CChris Devlin our Clan texter

Clan penalty @ 17:23 - Campbell - tripping

Lets get that pp into overdrive, well at least out of first/second gear

Clan kill penalty and are back to FS

Phill Hill misses open goal in final seconds of 1st period

End of 1st period Clan 1 DEVILS 0

Teams are back on ice

SoG for 1st period Clan 8 Devils 13

2nd pereiod starts

Clan goal disallowed

Great save Lyle frm MacPherson

Clan penalty - Wirll - hooking @ 23:53

Clan return to FS

Devils penalty - Dobben - tripping @ 26:08

Clan Bayrack down & hurt

He is back up and gingerly skates off

***ENL1 Devils win 3-1 at Streatham

Devils kill penalty and return to FS

Lots of pressure from Devils as they seek equaliser

Devils have upped their game in this period

Suoma saves after great play by Macrae

Suoma now makes amazing save from Matzka

Suoma now saves from Pierce

Lyle comes way out of crease to play puck

Pierce misses open goal

Gametime 36:02

Suoma saves, drops puck but recovers in time

Clan penalty @ 37:32 - Bannister - holding


A PPG at that

Phil Hill scores Devils 1st goal @38:37 assists Macrae & Pierce

Clan penalty : 39:20 - Phillips - tripping

apologies 39:30

End of 2nd period Clan 1 DEVILS 1

By all acounts Devils totally dominated that period and deserved to get back on equal terms

This game is there to be won

Officials are back

Come on U DEVILS lets back those points, good trip home, sleep ans Sunday Lunch what a life

Teams finally arrive back on the ice

3rd period starts

Sam Smith doesn't seem to be icing after going off hurt

Devils penalty - K Smith - tripping @ 44:02


Devils killpenalty with ease and return to FS

You can't say Clan are not trying but they are not creating many chances

Panthers doing Steelers a favour - whatever next (Panthers winning 3-1 in Belfast)


Devils 2nd goal scored by Ben Davies assist Adams @ 49:23

Sam Smith is taking his shifts, he went AWOL for a time but now back

Probably had treatment for a fractured eyelash

Jeff Pierce had treatment for his split ends

End to end at Braehead

Gametime 52:04

Come on U DEVILS get another goal then run the clock down get a carry out and onto the bus and home

Devils want this more than the Clan says Chris D the texter

Goal Clan

Where did that come from

DEvils protest

Still arguing whether puck crossed the line

Goal Judge put his light on waiting for refs decision

Time of Clan 2nd goal 55:00 Krestanovich assist Galbraith

Frank given misconduct


Frant got 10 minute + game misconduct abuse of official

Devils 3rd goal @55:27 scored by hill assist Macrae

Bannioster goes off injured

Last 2 minutes

Clan texter says Clan 2nd goal never crossed line hence arguments

Gametime 59:34

Time out Clan

Suamo lifted

Final score Clan 2 DEVILS 3

Devils MoM - PHIL HILL with 2+0


Our thanks go to Clans very own Julie and Chris D for helping us out at MNL

Two points on the road are always welcomed.

Thats all from me (OJ) join me on Wednesday as MNL brings you the crucial 1st leg of the Challenge Cup Semi-final against the Belfast Giants at the BBT in Cardiff Bay