Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 2 - 3 Sheffield Steelers

Welcome to MNL as we welcome the Sheffield Steelers to Cardiff Bay

Join me (OJ) from around 6:15 as we welcome our veery own CARDIFF DEVILS back to the BBT after their successful tour of Scotland

Scopre oredictions before face off time to

Score predictions even

Texters reporting in from Cardiff Bay

Beci at the Pilot with an early prediction 2-1 Devils

Awaiting team news from BBT

Rhys says Devils will win 3-2 with Phil Hill scoring the 1st Devils goal

David M in Belfast is going for a 3-2 win for the Devils

Nice to hear from you again David where have you been?

Donna & Megan go for a 3-2 win for the lads

Warmup starts

no Voth, Birbraer or M Smith for Devils

Steelers Nick Duff makes his debut

Michael Hicks is the referee

Luke Piggot and Adam Harding icing for Devils tonight

Final 2 minutes of warmup

Told Bute Tunnel closed

Warmup done & dusted

Fans making their way to BBT are asking if face off is going to be delayed

Howard T says Devils will win 3-2

No news on a delayed face off yet but there is a massive queue outside

All the signs are that we shall have a reasonable crowd tonight

Luke B calls it 4-3 to the Devils

Neil calls it a 3-3 tie

Looks as if there is a slight delay at BBT

A win tonight will compenate some bad news today - lost a contract to China

SteelerBoy76 thinks his team will turn it on to night and win by 3 or 4 goals

We shall see

Teams are out on ice

A minute silence being observed

Game starts

Devils go close in opening seconds

Devils penalty @ 1:23 - Matzka - tripping


Franny is asking whether anyone has folloewd MNL before in the Delivery Room of a Matermnity Unit because that where he is

Devils kill penalty and are back to fukk strength (FS)

Devils are creating chances

Steelers icing @ 4:40

Devils wander offside

Steelers penalty @ 5:58 - Phillipd - hooking

Devils have made a good start to game

Hicks already missing a fair bit


Batch we think

Richardson it was who scored at 7:00 assists VAnderveeken & Macrae - a PPG

Finnerty has well and truly spat his dummy out

The abuse going at ref Hicks deserves a misconduct

Hicks is has either decided to let everything go or no pea in whistle

Cheap shots galore

Hill almost makes it 2-0

Steelers are getting away with murder

Gametime 12:33

Grit and determination in abundance from Devils

Steeler strool offside

Red Army giving plenty of stick to Finnerty

Vanderveeken shoots wide

Steelers penalty at last against Finnerty roughing @ 14:07

Crowd 1500+

That was Devils 1,500th EIHL goal I am told

Lets have another PPG U DEVILS

Steelers penalty ' 15:57 - Tait - tripping

Short 5 on 3

Steelers penalty @16:11 - Legue - hooking

Finnerty back

DeCarop save

Decaro save as Devils have a 5 on 3 pp

Steelers penalty @ 17:42 - Duff - x-check

Devils need to shoooottttt

Now 5 on 4


Awaiting confirmation

Another PPG

Devils 2nd goal scored by Sam Smith assistsMatzka & Vanderveeken @ 18:44 a ppg

It was Macrae with assist not Matzka

Final minute

Good save Lyle

Gametime 19:31

End of 1st period DEVILS 2 Stellers 0

The general view is that Hicks didn't penalise the early cheapshots but when it became more obvious he threw the book at the Steelers - and they deserved every one of the penalties - total ill discipline

Paul Ragan now owns the rights to the DEvils name so no change of name thank goodness

Brad Voth hopefully back next Wednesday

Devils 1st period performance distracting Franny in maternity unit

Teams return to the ice

SoG for 1st period Devils 11 Steelers 7

2nd period starts

Lyle save

DeCaro save

Dave12 took at Twitter or any other blog and the reports of Steelers cheap shots is the same

I can ride my high horse without falling off in a heap and moaning

Steelers fans not happy with MNL coverage - do we care NO WE DONT

Steelers icing to relieve pressure

Gametime 24:03

Lively start by Devils

WE are getting uder the skin of the Steeler fans

Rumours in BBT that Craig Weller might be coming back

Total change to assists on Devils goals

1st goal scored by Richardson assists Macrae & Davies

2nd Devils goal scored by Sam Smith Assists K Smith & Davies


Batch v Hewitt

Batch battered him as one would expect with his fatyher an ex-boxer

Batch kicks his ass as they say

Steelers penalty @ 27:04 Hewitt 2 for slashing and 5 for fighting

Devils penalty - Batch - 5 for fighting

Steelers goal

After some stupid Devils play

Lyle went AWOL

Steelers SHG scored by King assist Tait @ 28:36

Gametime 30:03

Devils were controling the game so well but have given Steelers a way back

Gametime 30:23 as JohnWildthing finds his mobile

Lets get that goal back U DEVILS

Finnerty wants to fight Vanderveeken

Decaro denies Devils

Devils penalty @ 33:33 - Dobben - hooking


Steelers penalty @ 35:19 Trudel - hi stick

Devils back to FS and go on pp

Just seen Batch fight on twitter he got his puches in and threw Hewit around like a rag doll

Steelers back to FS

Frank clears a goal bound puck

Batch returns

Steelers penalty @ 34:55 - Phillips - holding

Devils penalty @ 38:33 - Matzka - x-checking

Final minute of 2nd period

Finnerty is still trying to get a Devil to fight him, devils sho hom away like a dung fly

End of 2nd period DEVILS 2 Steelers 1

Steelers start 3rd period with a 33 second pp

Playing in Stevie Lyles testimonial uss Cowley and Jonathan Weaver (Coventry Blaze) and Nicky Chinn ans Steve Moria (ex Devils)

SoG for 2nd period Devils 9 Steelers 10 making it 20-17 after 2 periods

Teams are back for 3rd period

úrd period starts

Lets get the next goal U DEVILS

Attendance given as 1,369 on EIHL gamesheet my texters say it looks like more than that

Adams ends up in net @ 41:48

Spearsy gives me the winning 50/50 number I don't know why I didn't buy a ticket neither did anyone else not at game

Its end to end at BBT

Steelers trying to incite Devils, Devils not falling for that old trick

Pierce goes close

Thats not good enough Devils we want a goal NOW yes NOW

Frank playing very well say texters

Devils hits pipes

When will they learn that hitting the pipes is not the objective

Sam Smith was that by the way

Gametime 49:06

10 minutes left

The view is that Adams is too slow to be on a line with Davies & Burrows

Matzka denied by a pad save by DeCaro

Franny - any news

Gametime 52:02

Steelers goal

Scored by King assist Tait & Birnstill @ 52:29

It was a PPG as Batch got a tripping minor @ 52:11

Apologies for network needed as text of goal came before penalty call

Gametime 54:01

Come on U DEVILS lets have a GOAL, PLEASE, PLEASE

Getting ready for the push in maternity unit, Franny suggests that that is what is wanted from the lads

Come on U DEVILS

Gametime 56:20

Steelers icing

Gametime 57:46

Final 2 minutes

Hicks has put his whistle away

We don't want O/T U DEVILS get us a goal now

Last minute

DeCaro save

30 secs left

End of regulation DEVILS 2 Steelers 2

Into O/T we go

O/T starts

Steelers penalty @ 60:20 Thomas - holding the stick

Devils time out

@ 60:20

Gone very quiet

Steelers penalty - Finnerty - holding @ 62:01

This penalty will not start unil 62:20

Finnerty penalty starts

Gametime 63:00

1:20 of pp for Devils

Come on U DEVILS

Steelers back to FS (4 skaters)

Lyle denies breakaway

Steelers goal

Steelers win

Final score DEVILS 2 Steelers 3

Steelers winning goal scored by Legue assist Huttel @ 64:49

Good same shame about the result

Our thanks to texters Sharlene, JohnWidthiung, Spearsy, ger-Devils, DevilDom and Damian Diafol

Steelers MoM - COLT KING


Thats all from me (OJ) join us on Saturday night as we bring you coverage of the Devils visit to Glasgow to take on the Clan