Match Night Live
Edinburgh Capitals 1 - 2 Cardiff Devils

Good evening!

Chris with you tonight, OJ is trying to recover from the previous two wins I think :P

Any score predictions before/during the game can be sent to

Russky not predicting a score, just a win to complete the collection of 6points from 3 games...

Damian predicts a Devils 3-0 win :D

Dick Matzka predicting a 2-5 Devils victory from the other side of the pond :)

Pat from the other side of Wales, well Bridgend really, predicts a 2-3 Devils win!

Simon (or Fredla?) predicts a 2-4 victory \o/

It would sure be nice to pickup another 2 points from tonights game, the last two games it sounds like we've played pretty well. The Capitals lost 3-0 to Hull last night though so they could be looking for revenge...

In an ideal world, Jarolin will score a hat-trick, but the Devils will win with Kenton Smith also scoring a hat trick or two, just to help my fantasy league team :D

Deutschland Devil predicts a 3-4 Devils win!

First news trickling in from the rink, Frank and Richardson both play tonight! :D

Adam and Bernie are just predicting a Stevie shutout, i'll accept that as a prediction I suppose :P

Natalie says a Devils 2-4 win tonight, but it's going to be a hard fought victory as the Capitals look for revenge after last night...

Another 2-4 Devils win prediction from martinaliyo...

Ger-Devils is cheating *cough* at the fantasy league and has been changing his team every week depending on the fixtures, he's hoping for a Lyle shutout to help his fantasy league team :(

No additional team news from Murrayfield yet, I wonder how cold it is up there this weekend and if anyone has frostbite yet

Warmup has just started, confirmed 100% that Richardson and Frank are icing :D

As usual, it's far far colder inside Murrayfield than it is outside...

Not a lot coming from Murrayfield, I assume everyone is there who's been on the roster the last two games, not sure if the Capitals are carrying any injuries though

Hazel predicting a 2-5 Devils victory :D

Latest update from Murrayfield... Devils fans are having a balloon fight... :)

The zamboni has made its way out onto the ice so hopefully the game will start on time. Adams has asked to meet the fans in the bar after the game to say a big thank you :)

Simon predicts a 2-6 Devils victory, I assume it's the rink bar also

Approaching about 150 Devils fans at Murrayfield tonight, and out come the teams :D

Our fans say they outnumber the Capitals fans :)

Keighley predicts a Devils 3-7 victory!

Apparently a load more have turned up, almost 180 in the building now. Welsh anthem has been sung as well...

Bob The Driver now says close to 200 Devils fans in Murrayfield :)

The puck has been dropped... Here we go!

Devils penalty at 0:35, bench penalty for too many men - unsure who's sitting it

Macrae goes close, puck hits the crossbar :(

Adams goes down but manages to get himself on the ice, not sure what happened, but shortly before that the Devils hit the pipework again...

Seems the Capitals may be missing some players, but not entirely sure who...

Richardson takes to the ice \o/

Very very quiet from our fans up there :S

Capitals penalty timed at 6:05, #32 2mins for hooking (I have no idea who this player is, the Capitals website has no roster...)

Turns out it's #30 who had the penalty but I still have no idea who they are

Devils powerplay pretty good, lots of pressure and creating chances, unfortunately we've hit the pipes again though :(

Capitals penalty went to Holecko, and the Caps have also scored :(

Capitals goal timed at 8:22, Zemberg from Mckenzie and Safar

Devils penalty timed at 9:35, Hill 2mins for tripping

Devils players looking tired out there tonight :(

Devils penalty timed at 14:12, Pierce 2mins for slashing

Dean Smith is tonights ref, on the penalty kill Davies very close but no goal :(

Devils look very tired, lots of mistakes creeping in...

End of the first Capitals 1-0 Devils :(

Fans don't seem so impressed with Smith and the penalties he's called so far...

Aha, there was another penalty called on Pierce at 19:18, 2mins for slashing...

Shots on goal for the first period... 8 on Craze, 7 on Lyle

"Poor show so far but we have hit the post twice" Hopefully an improvement in the second period, three games in three days might just be too much with the injuries we're carrying :/

Thanks for that roster Ruth, very much appreciated! It would seem the Capitals penalty was to #13 Holecko, not #30!

Borders Devil isn't sure if the players are tired, more likely stiff and struggling to warmup, he's predicting a 2-5 victory though :)

Second period has started...

Apparently we're 25mins in, nothing has happened but I didn't even know we were back underway :(

Blueline shot from Batch is blocked :(

Scramble infront of Craze, but neither Davies or Matzka can quite finish the puck off, 27:30 played...

Piggot getting lots of ice time, Capitals offside at 28:37

Macrae shot blocked, Hill can't quite reach the puck afterwards and shot goes wide

Capitals penalty timed at 30:33, bench penalty for too many men, Steel sits the penalty

Powerplay starts, Kenton Smith gets turned over but Lyle makes the save *phew*

31:58 played, not sure what the stoppage is for

"Devils really not playing very well. Caps blocking everything and looking much the better side" - Straight from Murrayfield :(

Capitals icing timed at 33mins exact

Devils fans are looking tired as well up in Murrayfield...

Capitals penalty timed at 34:43, Safar 2mins for interference

Devils struggling to make the post of the powerplay, can't seem to string many passes together...

"absolutely no pressure from the Devils on this powerplay" :(

Craze saves a shot from Matzka at 36:36

"some fans getting frustrated and shouting at some players"

38minutes played, some texters don't expect us to score...

Unfortunately I think 3 games in 3 days with imports missing and other players carrying injuries might just be a game too many, although there's still a period to play :)

End of the second, it's still Capitals 1-0 Devils...

Spearsy reports that we did score a goal, unfortunately it was after the buzzer had gone though :(

Shots on goal for the second, 8 on Craze, 7 on Lyle again...

Devildom isn't sure the Devils have it in them for a massive final period to win this game :(

Bob The Driver to present the Devils man of the match, Wildthing to present the Capitals man of the match, Luke to present Batch with his birthday card at the end of the game :)

Teams are back, and here we go with the third period, come on Devils!

42mins played, not sure if anything magical has happened yet... :P

Capitals #18 (who isn't on any roster) blocks a shot from his own team and looks to be hurt, he's helped off the ice and getting treatment though

Wildthing doesn't sound too impressed in Murrayfield :( "This is shocking. I know they are tired but nothing to report"

Capitals penalty timed at 44:39, Steel 2mins for hooking

Thanks for that link Neil! Capitals #18 is Joel Gautschi, he's returned to the ice now

Devils penalty at 45:04, Vanderveeken 2mins for hooking...

Frank and Sladok having words, couple of the texters are expecting something to happen shortly...

If it's a Lee vs Frank style beating, that could be entertaining and provide the spark we need to win this!

It's gone very quiet...

"Frank takes a dumb penalty" according to several texters :(

Devils penalty timed at 48:23, Frank 2mins for cross checking

Penalty was roughing, not cross checking sorry

Wildthing says Smith is doing his best impression of Hicks tonight :(

Devils penalty timed at 50:49, Vanderveeken 10min misconduct for abuse of official I think, but forget that....


Devils first goal timed at 51:23, Pierce from Macrae and Hill - Shorthanded :)

Sounds like Craze dropped the puck over the line for us, bit weird but it'll do :D

Devils players look absolutely knackered out there tonight, we need another goal just to stop this going to overtime!

K Smith hits the pipework again, nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...

Craze makes a save from Pierce at 55:32, the Devils fans have found some energy! Come on Devils!

Very quiet again :(

Everytime I say that, another text comes through. Craze saves a shot from Matzka at 57:36 :(

The Vanderveeken misconduct came after he was called for being offside (texters agree he was) and had a go at the officials :(

Capitals called for offside at 58:18

Devils called for icing at 59:52, and that's the end of the third period, into overtime we go :S

Shots on goal for the third period, 8 on Craze, 6 on Lyle and the puck is dropped for overtime :S

No texts so far, not sure how far we are into overtime...

Knew that would work, Vanderveeken is back on, 63:14 played and it's end to end non stop...

Devils 3on2 break but we're called for offside at 63:56

Texters are struggling to hold themselves together they're so nervous!

Vanderveeken shot deflected out of play, 64:34 played


AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZING! Devils second goal scored with 1second left! :D

Devils second goal timed at 64:59, texters think it was Matzka but it's absolute pandemonium in Murrayfield :D

Devils second goal timed at 64:59, Matzka from Pierce :D

What an ending! 6 from 6 and the final goal scored with 1 second to go!

Devils man of the match goes to Lyle :D

Capitals man of the match goes to Craze :)

Wow, what an ending! Spearsy just sent me a photo, the clock was stopped with 0.1 seconds left for our second goal!

Well, that makes up for being stuck in Stabbingham for the next 6months! Thanks to Wildthing, Spearsy, Devildom, Bob The Driver and Borders Devil for helping us cover all three games this weekend!

I'm off to have a lie down, OJ will be back on Wednesday to cover our home game against the Steelers :)

Hope everyone enjoyed! Chris out.