Match Night Live
Fife Flyers 1 - 3 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL from the Kingdom of Fife where yje Devils play their 2nd game of their mini Scottish tour

Join me (OJ) from around 6pm = score predictions as usual to - before face off please

MNL will be also bringing you coverage of the ENL DEVILS v Invicta Dynamoes from the BBT (Face Off 7pm)

Devils were at Kirkcaldy Ice rink some time ago

Texters reported in as well

We have heard that Chris Frank is banned for one game as he has accumulated SIX 10 minute misconducts not five as Franny thought last night

Texters are in the pub not ice rink so we will not know yet

Same rumour circulating in Kirkcaldy

Jed in Giza says Devils will win 4-0

Russky thinks Devils will have a comfortable victory

Pat in Bridgend says 3-2 Devils

The stovies keep you warm at Kirkcaldy Ice Rink

Steve (Borders Devil) reports massive queues outside Arena

Glynne confirms that Frank is banned for 1 game

Fife take to the ice for warmup

Texters now in place in the coldest rink in the UK by a mile

Finny reports big queue at the BBT

I am not totally confused Chris Frank is on the ice for warm up

Franny if you are out there let me know what the situation is.

Ben says 5-3 Sam Jnr says 4-0

Red Army in full song with a new verse for each player

The queue at the BBT is getting bigger by the minute

After events in Medway the blocks behind the team benches are blocked off

As Rhiannon tweeted the old days are back, Devils play in Fife and there are massive queues to see ice hockey in Cardiff

Donna & Negan go for a 4-3 win for the RED ARMY

Howard and baby Jack go for a 4-2 Devils win

Finny says BBT is like an old City game with segregation of fans

Bebch and sinbin areas are fan free

More spelling mistakes than usual tonight as I cover 2 games

ENL Devils face off delayed 30 minutes due to massive crowds outside

I believe the attendance record for an ENL game is 700, it looks like that is going to be smashed tonight

Match programmes at Fife sold out 30 minutes before face off

I am told that there might be even more Devils fans here tonight than were in Dundee last night

Officials on the ice at Fife

Both teams take to the ice

Natalie at the BBT calls it 6-2 to the DEvils

Stingrays 1 Capitals 0 after 8 minutes

My texters tonight are RED ARMY members JohnWildthing, DevilsDom, Spearsy and Bob the Driver

At the BBT we have Finny and Ger-Devils

Anthems done so get ready to ROCK & ROLL

We are underway

Zemlak save

*** Teams on ice at BBT

All ENL DEVILS postings will start with ***

Chances to both teams

Good end to end game so far

It would appear that one of Chris Franks earlier 10 minute misconducts was down graded

*** Teams on the ice at BBT

Lyle being keep busy in Devils goal

Gametime 7:30

Good atmosphere at Kirkcaldy as Flyers fans are more up for it than the Stars contingent last night

*** Crowd 700+

*** Game on @ BBT

Devils penalty @ 9:50 - Vanderveeken - holding


Apologies I missed telling you that Dean Smith is the referee

devils penalty ' 11:19 - Adams - tripping


5 on 3 for Flyers

Vanderveeken returns

Flyers penalty @ 12:36 - Barrkik - slashing

""" 5 minutes gone still 0-0

Lets have a goal U DEVILS

Devils on PP


Devils 1st goal @ 15:07 scored by Macrae assists Hill & Piggot

Devils penalty @ 15:20 - K Smith - slashing

*** 10 minutes gone no goals yet,

*** ENL DEVILS have hit pipes twice

*** Invicta run Brabon in ENL Devils net - no call

I wonder where Franny is, home or the maternity unit?

End of 1st period Flyers 0 DEVILS 1

Franny at BBT apparently

SoG for 1st period Flyers 13 Devils 10

Change of assists on Devils goal they are now credited to Batch & Pierce

*** Very end to end at BBT chances for both teams

*** gametime 15:05

*** ENL Devils pressure but nothing to show for it

*** ENL Devils on pp


*** PPG @ 16:14

*** Jamie Hayes gets ENL DEVILS 1st goal

*** Assists Chris Jones & Jason Stone

*** Ar this rate Stoney will be the first ice hockey player to qualify for a heating allowance and a bus pass to go training

*** Getting a bit edgy at BBT

*** Final minute of 1st period

*** ENL Devils Lockwood got a 10 minute misconduct @ 17:46

*** End of 1st perid ENL DEVILS 1 Invicta Dynamoes 0

Ice ready at Fife

Teams return to the ice

2nd period underway

Puck out of play

Gone very quiet on Scottish front

Lets have another goal U DEVILS

Its all kicked off at FIFE

Flyer runs Stevie Lyle and Kenton Smith goes mental

Penalties for K Smith and Frank

Frank gets game but nobody saw what happenned

Unconfirmed that he laid into a Flyer who ran Lyle

What Kenton did is a mystery

*** 2nd period underway

Very confusing texts cfrom Fife

Referee Smith didn't call anything when Lyle was run

These penalties took place as 23:27 - K Smith - slashing:: Frank 2 for roughing and I assume game for leaving the bench


Devils 2nd goal scored by Matzka a SHG whilst 3 on 5

Assist Vanderveeken

@ 25:05

It wouls appear that Kenton got a 10 minute misconduct as well as his minor for slashing

**** GOAAALLLLL for ENL Devils making it 2-0

*** @ 25:26 Deacon assist Preece

Gametime 28:00

Devils are at full strength just short of D men

Davies misses on a great chance

PIMs at the moment 2-42

Forgetting the misconduct penalties it is still 1-6 for minors

*** gametime 32:02

Flyers penalty @ 32:31 - Kadic - hooking

Lets have a PPG to complete the set

Flyers return to FS

Gametime 35:20

Kenton back soon first whistle after @35:27

Vanderveeken goes legth of ice ans shoots wide


*** Jamies Hayes backhand shot

*** ENL goal was @ 33:59

**8 Assist Jason Stone

Flyers penalty @ 37:24 - Horne - hooking

2 minutes left in 2nd period

*** gametime 38:30 ENL DEVILS 3 Invicta 0

End of 2nd period Flyers 0 DEVILS 2

*** end of 2nd period ENL DEVILS 3 Invicta 0

Coach Adams wants a word with referee

SoG for 2nd period Flyers 6 Devils 14 making it 19-25 after 2 periods

Pierce should have made it 3-0 in the closing seconds of 2nd period

JohnWildthing is on his second lot of stovies

*** 3rd period starts

Teams back on the ice at Fife

3rd period starts

Come on U DEVILS lets secure these 2 points with an early 3rd goal

*** ENL DEVILS go on pp

*** ENL Devils now have 5 on 3

Devils offside @ 42:50

Flyers penalty @ 43:00 Muir - hooking

We want a PPG U DEVILS

We want it NOW

** Invicta back to FS

Flyers kill penalty

Gametime 45:30

Capitals lose 3-0 at Hull

*** Fantastic triple save by Brabon

Brilliant block by Vanderveeken

Devils penalty @ 47:08- Vanderveeken - holding


Devils return to FS

*** 10 minutes left

Gametime 52:00

Flyers penalty @ 53:15 - Muir - tripping

*** Gametime 53:08

Gametime 56:00

Gametime 57:03

*** Gametime 55:05

Final 2 minutes

Devils penalty @ 58:09 - Richardson - tripping


ENG scored by Dobben

Assists Matzka & Vanderveeken

*** Last 2 minutes at BBT

Devils 3rd goal was at 58:50

Flyers goal

A Flyers nails Richardson who limps off

That hit was @ 59:41

No detail on Fife goal yet

Final score Flyers 1 DEVILS 3

Handbags at final buzzer

Flyers goal was scored by Kyle Horne @ 59:53

SoG for 3rd period Flyers 8 Devils 10

Kenton Smith gets a 10 minute misconduct @ 60:00

*** Final score ENL DEVILS 3 Invicta Dynamoes 0

*** Our thanks to texters Finny and Ger-Devils at the BBT

*** ENL DEvils MoM Brabon; Moffat for Invicta

Whilst we wait for details of MoM at fife - thanks to texters Bob the Driver, Spearsy, DevilDom, JohnWildthing and Steve - Borders Devil

MoM went to the 2 netminders Stevie Lyle and Garrett Zemlak

Two more points two to go

Thats all from me (OJ) be sure to join Chris your host tomorros=w night when the Devils take on the Capitals at the Murrayfield Ice Rink