Match Night Live
Dundee Stars 1 - 3 Cardiff Devils

Join me (OJ) as MNL brings you the first leg of the Devils Scottish trip

Join me from around 6:30pm

Score predictions as usual to before face off please

Spearsy and one coach of Devils fans have arrived at the rink in Dundee

No news on team and other coach yet

Devils fans have taken over the bar

Ben says 5-3 Devils

Sam Smith Jnr calls it 6-2 Devils leading to a 6 point weekend

Christopher S calls it 5-3 to the Devils

Pat thinks Devils will win 3-2 possibly in O/T

There was a time this week when I thought I wouldn't be able to host MNL as I only got back to Cardiff last night after bring todays meetings forward

I am here to rabbit on

In addition to three of my normal texters JohnWildthing, DevilDom and Spearsy we have Bob the Driver doing his little bit whilst relaxing after taking a bus of bonkers Devils fans to Scotland

Adding a bit of Stars flavour we have oure usual Stars texter - Spaceman

Without them we wouldn't have MNL and I would be condemmed to small talk with the missus, washing up, ironing etc

All I have to put up with now is "Why datcu can't we have Fireman Sam on your screen"

Warmup is underway

Natalies also goes for a 5-3 Devils win

Chelle & Rob in Abu Dhabi predict a 4-2 win for Devilsa as they settle down to a night of MNL

Scott calls it 6-2 to the Red Army

I am now totally mystified as one texter told me warmup had started only for amnother to say there was a delay

Close on 200 Devils fans in Dundee

Our problems I think are due to very poor mobile coverage

Katie from Kts Mobile pet shop calls it 9-0 to the Devils

What planet is she on

Howard T and one week old Jack calls it 6-3 Devils

Warmup now started

Russky predicts a tied game

10 minutes of warm up left

Devils to win in O/T was Russky's prediction

Toronto Keighley predicts a 6-2 win for Devils

If you open your windows I am sure you can hear the RED ARMY at Dundee

Iapologise for harkrning back but this Scottish trip is like the old days

I remember the Devils very first game in the Heineken Premier in 1889 v Ayr played at Glasgow

We could hear the noise from the dressing prior to warm up and thinking these Scottish fans are as noisy as the ones we had in Cardiff, we came out to warmup to be greeted by close on 500 Devils fans

WArmup completed

Spaceman has challenged us to name which current Stars player has played for the Devils against the Stars

I haven't a clue I assume it was during the BIHL cross over games of a few years ago

My bet would be Jeff Hutchins but has be played for the Devils

Face off delayed

JohnWildthing thinks that there are close on 300 Devils fans at Dundee

Soph & Matt thinks Devils will win 3-1

Chelle thinks I am ancient talking about 1889. well my 2 year old grandaughter does recognise me in those old team photos

Angela calls it 4-2 Devils

Zamboni still chasing its tail

We have one answer to quiz so far - John Dolan says Anthony Lewis - checking with Spaceman if it is correct

Yes John Dolan is the correct answeer apparently he quested for Devils in our Non MNL season against Stars as DEvils didn't have enough players

Official are out

Lights out

Devils out to a great ovation from the RED ARMY

Stars fans are going to find it hard to be heard

Chelle got the right answer as well John Dolan played for the Devils against Stars in 2001/2 season

I along with many others wouldn't have known or cared as we were outside WNIR picketing

Game starts @ 7:53

Neil Wilson is the referee

Max Birbraer is the Bench Coach tonight

DJ played music whilst Red Army sang Anthem despite pleas from Stars fans

Devils penalty @ 1:59 - Davies - holding

Kill DEVILS Kill

Good PK by Devils

devils return to full strength (FS)

My texters suffeing from poor mobile signal - JohnWildthing especially

Lots of pressure from Stars no clear cut chances thankfully

devils go close @ 6:30

Stars penalty @ 7:28 - Zarb - holding

Lets have a PPG U DEVILS

Some of my texters are suffering from the effects of sherbert already, what are they going to be like by Sunday at Edinburgh

30 secs left on pp

Stars back to FS


Phil Hill scores

devils 1st goal @ 10:23 - Hill unassisted we think

It is so noisy there the game announcer has no chance neither do my texters

Gametime 12:06

Devils penalty @ 12:46 - Pierce - slashing


Devils PK efficient as usual

Wishart and Frank have words - a brave or silly boy

Developed into a good end to end game

Stars penalty @ 17:41 - Mazur

Holding was the call

Holding stick says another texter so take your pick

Matzka hits pipes @ 18:59

End of 1st period Stars 0 DEVILS 1

Trying to determine who is running Devils bench - one texter says its Max another says Max is not in Dundee

Another suggester it was a Co-operative bench coaching situation

No sign of bus legs during that period

Spaceman says Stars are fortunate to only being down 1 goal

SoG Stars 7 Devils 13

Mandy reports that Max Birbraer didn't travel to Scotland and his opration is scheduled for Monday.

Not a physical game so far - its what the Doctor odered with thre games in three days and a limited bench

2nd period starts

Scored by Dolan

waiting for details of goal

Stars 1st goal @ 21:04

Assists - Hutchins & Mazur

Texts have died up completely


Macrae @ 24:55

Waiting for assists it so noisy when Devils score

Assists Pierce & Hill

Franny has been in touch confirming that Max has his op on Monday morning.

He also confirms that it is a bit of a Co-op on the bench with bench duties being shared between Adms, Matzka and Macrae

Stars penalty @ 27:15 - Mazur - slashing

Franny asked me to say Hi to all MNLers on his behalf

Sars penalty @ 29:25

Zarb - high sticks

Should have been 2+2 as Sam Smith goes off bleeding

DEvils PP is the usual sub-standard affair

Vanderveeken fires a cannon @ 31:12

Devils penalty @ 31:25 - S Smith - interference


Puck out of play @35:54


Devils 3rd goal scored by Kenton Smith @ 34:10

No assists announced

Please accept my apologies if some update out of order but I try to correct for delayed texts if I can but not always possible

Assists on Devils 3rd goal go to Matzka and A N Other

Vanderveeken gets nailed no call so he wants blood now

Its Hill & Pierce with the assists on Devils 3rd goal

Phill Hill on gamesheet for all three Devils goals (1+2)

36 minutes gone

Gametime 38:20

Devils controlling game

JohnWildthing says Jamie Vanderveeken is having an awesome game

It might be the "Bow" talking mind you

End of 2nd period Stars 1 DEVILS 3

Hopefully we will have a Stars view on the game from Spaceman shortly

SoG for 2nd period Stars 8 Devils 15 making it 15-28 after 2 periods

Spaceman confirms Vanderveeken having a good game as is Matzka although he messed up a great chance in final seconds of 2nd period

Ice ready

Teams are back

3rd period started

Even the referee commented on the fantastic atmosphere the RED ARMY brings to a game

Game stopped for some reason!!!!

Off we go again

Gametime 43:00

Its all Devils at the moment

Give us a goal U DEVILS

Goal wiped out @ 44:21 - net off its moorings

No goal for Sam Smith

gametime 45:23

I hope the RED ARMY "voice" will last 3 days

I somehow doubt it

Borders Devils you better get to Murrayfield to add your voice to the RED ARMY on Sunday

DevilsDom just sent me a photo of the scoreboard

Burrows goes close @ 47:27

One way traffic in Devils favour at the moment

Gametime 50:50

Devils been plaing 3 line hockey all game

Bob the Driver tells me Stars have a 5 on 3

No texts giving penalties!!!

Bob corrected it to 5 on 4 - lets hope he is a better driver that counter

Devils penalties for Richardson & Frank (10 minute misconduct)

Stars penalty @ 51:14 - Hughes - slashing

Franny is that 6 misconducts for Frank, does he now miss a game

I believe both terams are at full strength

Frank & Richardson (x-check) penalties were @ 50:54

Pierce fires over @ 54:50

55 minutes gone

Gametime 55:21

Gametime 57:39

Final score Stars 1 DEVILS 3

Thats 2 points 4 to go

Devils MoM - Stevie Lyle

SoG for 3rd period Stars 6 Devils 8 making it 21-36

Franny believes Chris Frank has 5 misconducts so is OK for Fife

Stars MoM - Brent Hughes

Our thanks to the Stars very own Spaceman, JohnWildthing, DevilDom, Spearsy and Bob the Driver for texting us tonight

Also thanks to Franny for keeping us informed whilst he is on maternity watch

Thats all from me (OJ) join us tomorrow at the Devils venture into the Kingdom of Fife

I just hope they pick up those members of the RED ARMY that fell in the battle with the sherbert and Bow