Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 2 - 1 Manchester Phoenix

Hey hey, Chris with you tonight for MNL, Fulton isn't playing and we're trying to get some more texters from the game. Don't forget to email us

First prediction of the night, before the game starts says Devils to win 4-2. Hopefully it's achievable after the 5-3 Devils win in Manchester last week!

Word from the game says that Cowmeadow, Fulton and Prpich did NOT warm up before the game!

Another 4-2 prediction on the email for the Devils!

The ice has been cut and we're waiting for the off!

Referee for tonights game is Matt Thompson! Don't forget to give us a shout at

The lights are down, it's blackout conditions! Intro movie being played again! Come on Devils!

Both teams are on the ice!

Heh, As predicted, the Phoenix fans are booing Voth as the lineups are announced. I think they're just angry he doesn't play for them :)

And we're off! Let's hope Devils can win this one, we've done it with a full roster, now let's do it with 3 players down!

Our starting 5 for tonight, Voth, Jarvis, MacIver, Latulippe and Campbell! Could almost be expecting trouble :)

Anyone out there watching?! Awfully quiet on the emails tonight, and not a whole lot coming back from the game!

Sounds like Clouthier is having a rough time from the crowd tonight! That'll teach him to act like a Steeler in the local paper!

Ooooooooh! Latulippe shoots and shot goes wide! Come on Devils!

Sounds like Voth is hitting everything in sight, giving the Manchester Phoenix what for!

Oooooooooh! Towe shoots and shot is saved at the last minute by Murphy!

8mins gone of the 1st. Sounds like we've started well. Best chance yet has been a shot from Towe.

Aubury has had to make a couple of good saves. Sounds like a good end to end game!

Phoenix putting massive pressure on the Devils. Aubry standing tall as usual! Gooooooo Devils!

Devils penalty! Voth 2mins for tripping at 7:26

Seems like whoever told me 8mins had passed is a punk!

Woop woop! Devils kill the penalty!

Sounds like aubry is having to put in some massive saves to keep us in this!

Teplitsky and Jarvis take it in turns to hammer Murphy with shots! Time for the Devils to put some pressure on the Phoenix!

Murphy saves at 11:47. Steve at the game says the devils are peppering the Phoenix net with shots!

Phoenix penalty! Kenton Smith 2mins slashing at 12:39!

Phoenix kill the penalty! Bah!

Devils only took 1 shot on the powerplay. Sounds like we're playing better 5vs5 :)

Devils penalty! Hill 2mins boarding at 16:37!

Texters are reporting that Tony Hand has missed some skin with the tan, oops :D

Woot! Devils kill the 2nd penalty of the night!

Final minute of the 1st period!


Goal MacIver at 19:05! Steve at the game describes it as a "howitzer of a shot". Get in!

Assists for the Devils 1st goal go to Voth and Teplitsky!

Time has been changed to 19:06 for the Devils goal. Fussy buggers :)

And that's the end of the 1st period! Let the teddys fly!

2nd line for tonights game consists of Hill, Towe and Silverthorn.

Devils have played very well in the 1st period, they just need to keep it up for another 2. We've seen the Phoenix come back before, so we need to kill it this time!

Fact of the night! MacIvers goal tonight was his 1st for the Devils!

Some more 4-2 predictions by email! Don't forget to give us a shout if you're watching!

And here we go for the 2nd period! Come on Devils!

Bah! Towe gets within a meter of the Phoenix net and somehow watches his shot get deflected! We've had a goal from MacIver, Towe has got to be next!

Devils penalty! Latulippe 2mins tripping at 23:33

Sorry, penalty should read Slashing, not tripping!

Towe misses again! Sounds like he's playing amazing on the 2nd line with Hill and Silverthorn!

And the Devils kill the 3rd penalty of the night!

Latulippe shot saved by a last minute save from Murphy!

Sounds like Manchester are having a rough old time in our rink. Players touching the puck are getting hammered! Get in!

Sounds like great end to end hockey being played, but not a whole lot to report!

Thompson blows premature with Devils players in the crease at 31:15!

Tyson high sticked! Thompson missed the incident!

Word is Teplitsky is OK, but fans annoyed at the missed call!

Oooooooooooh. Campbell shoots, but once again Murphy pulls out a save.

And it's reverse time! Aubry having to pull out some big saves now with Phoenix putting much pressure on the Devils net!

Phoenix penalty! Kyle Bruce gets 2mins for high sticks at 34:57

Phoenix penalty! David Beauregard 2mins hooking at 35:53

Devils have a 5on3 for 1min! Come on Devils!

Murphy under lots of pressure on the penalty kill! Where's our 2nd goal though!?

Bruce returns to the ice. 1min of 5on4 left! COME ON DEVILS!

Bah, Phoenix kill all penalties and we're back to 5on5. Now we're due a goal :)

Devils penalty. Jarvis 2mins hooking at 38:06

Texters are saying that Thompson put the wrong player in the bin? Will try and work out what they mean :)

Ooooo, Latulippe hits the pipes whilst on the penalty kill!

Texters say it was Hartwick with the hooking, but Thompson called the penalty on Jarvis.

And that's the end of the 2nd period. Still 1-0 Devils!

Devils will start the 2nd period with 6 seconds of penalty killing to do!

Word from the game says the Phoenix will come out all guns blazing in the 3rd so we need to hang in there!

Don't forget to give us a shout! We don't bite! *cough* mostly *cough* :D

Here we go with the 3rd period! Let's get another goal to keep things easy :)

If only tonight was the CC game for the Stingrays, they're currently leading Bison 5-1!

Aubry makes 2 big saves at 44:15. Sounds like a good period, but not a whole lot to report again!

Texter at the game says "some nice mid ice checks tonight" Voth and Campbell perhaps? :)

Still more big saves from Aubry! Come on Devils!

Phoenix penalty! Dwight Parrish 2mins tripping at 45:52

Devils penalty. Latulippe 2mins interference at 46:42

Without having the shots on goal numbers, sure sounds like Aubry is putting in a damn good performance tonight!

Phoenix are back to full strength

Damnit! Knew I shouldn't have said anything. Phoenix goal :(

Aubry made a brilliant save, our defence failed to clear the puck and phoenix score. Bah!

Goal was on the powerplay, details coming.

Phoenix goal Burnett, Assists Beauregard and Fulghum at 48:37. Powerplay goal.

There were only 5 seconds of Latulippes penalty left when the Phoenix goal was scored. What a bummer :(

Manchester have stepped up a notch by the sounds of it and look dangerous with the puck now.

Aubry saves! Fulgham thinks he's scored but he hasn't!

Still, Steelers are currently leading Belfast 5-0. Lyles just been taken off and has gone mental.

Phoenix penalty. Fulgham 2mins boarding at 54:28

Devils have called a timeout, unsure whether it was before or after penalty call. Texts are all mashed up!

Bah. Phoenix kill the penalty. We're running out of time to take all the points from Phoenix, which is exactly what we need to start catching up!

Final 2mins of the 3rd period!

And that's it 1-1 after regulation. Overtime here we come!

2mins into overtime, Latulippe takes a puck to the face! Hopefully he's ok!

Ooooooooooooh. Hill comes close at about 3mins!



Hill scores! Rebound from Murphy lets Hill score! YES

Goal Hill 64:26. Assist to Jarvis!

Phoenix man of the match = Parrish

Devils man of the match goes to #64.........Doug MaaaaaaaaaaaaaacIveeeeeeeeer

That's all for tonight, thanks to James, Steve, Sharlene and Russky for texts tonight! Back tomorrow with MNL from the Coventry Blaze!