Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 1 - 4 Nottingham Panthers

Welcome to MNL as we bring you Episode 2 of the "Devils slaying the Panthers"

I should add for the animal welfare crowd that no Panthers were hurt during the making of this event.

You lying toad OJ

No team news yet, we shall bring it to you as soon as we have it.

Score predictions to ASAP but before face off please as I think I am going to be busy tonight.

All those fans who predicted the correct score last night, get your thinking caps on and go for a double.

Getting me texters briefed.

It will be interesting to see how big a crowd we get tonight after the game in Nottingham

There were 5,024 at the NIC last night a small proportion went home very happy

According to grandpa Dick in Port Hron - Owen & Catie Matzka went home yesterday

Top texter Sharlene tweeted she was on her way to BBT

Ger-Devils in the BBT will bring you team news shortly

Predictions very scarce tonight - hopefully they are all going to BBT to shout for the Devils

The RED ARMY were in fine voice last night - very much appreciated by the team

Warmup starts

With no Brad Voth & Max Birbraer news on any other scratches eagerly awaited as the players drift onto the ice for warm up

No confirmation from Ger-Devils yet, he is finishing off his pizza

My usual pre game texter has been held up in work and is make a mad dash for the BBT as we speak

How many candles do we need for Chris Franks birthday cake?

2 points on his cake would do

Kevan & Sue Batch were asking how big a RED ARMY was going to Scotland?

Gwyn W calls it 5-3 to the Devils

Stephen B calls it 4-1 to the Devils, get well soon Stephen

Gareth G is being pessimistic tonight as he was last night and calls it 4-2 to the Panthers

We believe Neilson is a scratch for the Panthers

5 minutes of warmup remains

As expected no Voth or Birbraer , Piggot and Harding ice

Network seems to be painfully slow tonight I hope it improves

Warmup completed

Most of my texters missed the warmup hence lack of team news

The Batch family call it 4-3 Devils

The Pilot Hotel goes for a 3-2 win for the Red Army

Confirmed that Neilson not playing for Panthers

LisaJ our German Devil thinks Red Army will win 4-3

ROB D calls it 3-2 to Devils in O/T with a Frank whipping for Lepine

Confirmation that both Adams and Matzka play

Hicks is the referee so any chances of a flowing game gone out the window

Teams come onto the ice

Derek calls it 4-3 Devils

Anthem time

4-3 to the Devils seems to be a popular score tonight

Anthem done

The hare is running

Game starts

Save Lyle after 5 secs

Pierce goes close

Panthers icing @ 2:20

Devils go close again

Frank nail Mcaslan

A huge hit that was

Open game so far maybe no pea in Hicks whistle

Panthers icing quickly followed by Devils icing

Devils penalty @ 5:10 - Frank - interference


Panthers PPG @ 6:15

Scored by Benedict assists Francis

Panthers penalty @ 6:31 Myers - tripping

2nd assist on Panthers goal goes to Ryhanan

20 secs of pp left

Come on U DEVILS give us a goal

Devils penalty - Frank 2+2 - x-check & slashing

@ 8:47


Hicks has started already, why can't he let the game flow

One minor killed


Devils return to full strength (FS)

Panthers penalty @ 11:38 - Levers - tripping

Save Kwall @ 11:43

Clipping was the call against Levers

Lers get that PPG U DEVILS

Panthers back to FS

Gametime 14:02

Apologies when Frank took his 2+2 there was a slashing minor for Panthers Jordan Fox

Gone very quiet for some unknown reason


I don't mind it being quiet so long as we score

Devils 1st goal @ 17:22 scored by Hill assists Vanderveeken & Pierce

Apologies again it wax a PPG as Lee had been given a slashing minor @ 16:02

Network problem worse than usual some texts coming in anthing up to 10 minutes late

I can but apologise

Panthers penalty @ 18:47 - wilson - roughing

Final minute

Loads of stick work being missed by Hicks

End of 1st period DEVILS 1 Panthers 1

Ice is ready

Teams back

2nd period starts


Dick Matzka thinks it will be 3-2 to Devils

Vanderveeken hobbles off in pain

Devils return to FS

Vanderveeken ok - back on ice

SoG 1st period Devils 10 Panthers 8

Devils icing

Gametime 25:46

Myers misses hit on Frank and crashes into boards

Trudges off wearily

Game gone a bit flat

What are the odds that the next Devils penalty will be against Chris Frank to give him a nap hand of minors

Devils offside

Frank yet to be called for elbows, charging, boarding - give Hicks time he will get round to it

Frank hit by flying puck - hes OK

Panthers penalty - Ryhanen - tripping @ 28:33

One texter says holding other says tripping - take your pick

Lets have another PPG U DEVILS we want it now YES NOW

JohnWilding thinks RED ARMRY all shouted out after last night

Panthers penalty @ 29:11 - Meyers - kneeing

1:05 of 5 on 4

Come on U DEVILS

Lee clears from goal line as Kwall goes walkabout

Devils penalty @ 30:47 - Matzka - tripping

Maybe Scott impersonating Chris

Still Devils pp

Apolgies its 4 on 4

Lyle save

Lyle save

From Lepine that was

Devils kill penalty and are back to FS

Good saveLyle @ 32:46

Just as Matzka came out of sinbin

Panthers penalty - Ryhanen - roughing @ 33:50

Get that PP into overdrive U DEVILS

Lyle save

Devils shoot wide

We need a spotter

Panthers lift pressure by icing the puck

Panthers back to FS

Gametime 36:02

Big save by Lyle

Fox hits post for Panthers

Devils penalty @ 37:06 - Davies - x-checking


Kwall slashes Macrae - no call from Hicks

Devils return to FS

As we enter final minute of 2nd period

Clan might only have 12 skaters but are winning 4-3 at Hull

End of 2nd period DEVILS 1 Panthers 1

SoG for 2nd period Devils 9 Panthers 5 making it 19-13 after 2 periods

Teams are back

3rd period starts

Come on U DEVILS you can do it, one final effort

Panthers icing as Devils exert pressure

Gametime 41:36

43 minutes gone

Devils penalty @ 43:11 - S Smith - slashing


Devils have a 2 on 1 sh chance but messed it up

Kwall save

Devils return to FS

Now lets have the next goal U DEVILS

Crowd announced as 1,659

Big save by Stevie Lyle

Gametime 48:10

Another awesome save by Lyle

Pierce turns it on and goes coast to coast, sadly no goal

I wander if Pierce is as good a skater as Doug McEwen in his prime

Panthers goal - Beauregard


Assists Fox & Heerema

Lets get that back U DEVILS

We want a goal now, you can do it

Come on RED ARMY get behind the lads

No news is not good news

Kwall save @ 50:07

Gametime 54:00

As you can se texts delayed for some reason

Less than 5 minutes left

Panther penalty - Lee - x-check @ 56:41

Pierce shoots wide

Come on U DEVILS we want a PPG Now NOW NOW

Kwall save

Final 2 minutes

Panthers SHG by Myers @ 58:04

Assists Levers & Wilson

Matzka got turnedover, breakaway SHG for Panthers

Panthers icing

Devils time out

Lyle pulled @59:17

ENG for Pnthers @ 59:26

Lyle back

Myers assusts Clarke & Lee

Final score DEVILS 1 Panthers 4


Devils MoM no news yet

Our thanks go to texters - Sharlene, JohnWildthing, Ger-Devils, Spearsy and Damian Diafol


Thats all from me (OJ) until the next one - Friday nights game in Dundee