Match Night Live
Nottingham Panthers 2 - 4 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL - OHj your host tonight for the away leg of a weekend of back to back games against the Nottingham Panthers

Score predictions as usual before face off to

Just to warn you I have been having problems with the scoreline it seems to be very keen to show it as 3-2 to the Panthers ans we can't have that can we

Just to warn you I have been having problems with the scoreline it seems to be very keen to show it as 3-2 to the Panthers ans we can't have that can we

Ruth calls it 4-3 Devils - I knew that rgue scoreline would become useful

Richard Jones says 5-2 to the Panthers as a consequence of the Devils being 2 forwards down

Gavin & Amy predict a 6-4 win for the Devils before they start their texting duty

SAm Smith Inr goes for 4-2 Devils

Joo & Mark call it 4-2 to the Devils

Correction Sam's prediction was a 4-3 win for the Red Army

Teams on the ice

Will bring you eam news when we have it

Brad Voth and Max Birbraer scratched

Doubt on whether Matzka is there

Scott Matzka has not appeared for warmup

Luke Piggot is there

Pat in Bridgend calls it 4-2 Devils

Birbraer at NIC sat on bench

Donna & Megan call it 4-3 Devils = possibly in O/T - that would be a first for a long time

Still no sign of Matzka

17 skater for Panthers

We are still counting the Devils - there are only a few 13/14 at most

It looks that we are in line for a "Devils on the road" defensive game tonight

Andy Carson was down to ref, will confirm shortly

David M calls it Panthers 2 Devils 3

David also predicted a 4-2 wil for the ENL Devils

Richard P calls on Jeff Pierce to pick up the slack and lead Devils to 4-2 victory

Carson is in charge

Martin Clarkson is the backup netminder

Scott Matzka confirmed as a scratch

Zamboni chasing its tail

Ice is ready

The Batchs of Essex predict a 3-2 win for Devils

daisy Devil predicts a 5-1 win for Panthers

You of little faith

Scott in Pontypridd goes for a 3-1 Devils win

Daisy you have to have faith

Devils on the ice at NIC

Intro time for Panthers

Blind faith is better than no faith Daisy

Panthers have nicked Devils intro music

Panthers on ice

Carl says 3-2 Devils in OT

Angela also goes for a 3-2 win for the Devils

Phil R says 4-2 Devils

I don't have to start a Revival the faith is there for all to see

Decent crowd at NIC

Anthem time

*** ENL Game starts

Devils start with Macrae, Hill & Pierce

Game starts

Devils penalty @ 1:00 - Dobben - hooking

Looked like Adams playing as a forward

Panthers penalty @ 1:34 - Heerema - hooking

Pierce goes close

Pierce thwarted by Kwall


@ 3:00

Macrae scores devils 1st goal assist Sam Smith

Both teams back to full strength

Devils have silenced the Panther fans

Lyle save from Beauregard

Gametime 5:05

Piggot & Burrows in the action

Good Kwall save from Batch

Batch denied a second time by Kwall

Panthers offside @ 7:23

Its end to end stuff played at pace

Burrows, Davies & Piggot icing as a line

Burrows shoots high

Lyle save @ 8:40

Brit line working their socks off

Great save Lyle

Devils penalty @ 9:40 - K Smith - slashing


Panthers go close on pp

Panthers icing @ 10:16

Gametime 11:05

Devils kill penalty and return to full strength (FS)

Devils icing @ 11:49

Devils PK was good

Pierce & Davies go close

Gametime 12:06

Gametime 13:00

Adams playing as a forward with Dobben & S Smith

Brilliant save Lyle @ 13:40 after Devils cough up puck in their end zone

Gametime 14:05

15 minutes played as Meyers puts a big hit on Vanderveeken

Pierce nails Meyers

Devils penalty - Dobben - hooking @ 15:41


Another big save by Lyle @ 16:06

Great block by Richardson

Devils back to FS

Devils are more physical tonight than they have been of late

Vanderveekjen nails McAslan

Pierce goes mighty close

Lets have another Goal U DEVILS

Panthers penalty @ 18:21 - Benedict - hooking

Final minute as Frank floors a Panther

Neilson was the target of Franks anger

Puck out of play @ 19:39 after Panthers breakaway

End of 1st period Panthers 0 DEVILS 1

*** ENL Devils 2 Milton Keynes 1 after 1 period

SoG for 1st period - Panthers 13 Devils 3

Texter confirm SoG and state that they are a reflection of the excellent period from Stevie Lyle

5 minutes until 2nd period

Lisa John in Germany predicted a 4-2 Devils win

Gareth G went for a 4-1 Panthers win

Howard and his 2 day old son Jack call it 3-1 Devils

I should add that these prediction came in as the game started

Both teams back on the ice

Extra assist on Devils goal to Chris Frank

Devils start 2nd period with 22 secs of pp

Panthers back to FS

Panthers goal @ 20:50 - McCaslan

Assist Lachowicz

defence wenyt AWOL for Panthers goal

Lyle save @ 21:52

Panthers offside @ 22:17


Phil Hill @ 22:52

Assists Macrae & Pierce

Puck out of play @ 23:26

Lyle save :@ 23:32

Thats Daisy Devil prediction out the window

I wonder if these multiple 4-2 will be correct - lets hope

Panther fan hit by puck - ouch, ouch

** Can't bring you ENL Devils score as texts do not include game score, ENL have scored more goals

Puck out of play @ 24:26

Neilson nails Burrows

Panther penalty @ 26:05 Lachowicz - tripping

Lyle save @ 26:26

Lets have a PPG U DEVILS

Panthers offside @ 27:00

Devils pp not very good, what a surprise!!

*** ENL DEVILS winning 3-1

Pierce fllored behind Panthers net

Lee wants to fight Pierce - pathetic

Adams goes close

Lee now has words with Adams

Panthers back to FS

Good PK by Panthers , poor PP by Devils


Lee V Frank

Frank just killed Lee after a high hit on one of the Devils @ 29:19

Ben Davies was Lee target

Frank batters him

Penalties - Lee 2+10 - check to the head plus 5 minutes for fighting, Frank 5 for fighting


Correction late text arriving NO GOAL

Kwall save @ 30:22

Davies floored by a Panther

Now 5 on 5

Devils pp is not working

Carson was going to call that nasty hit by Lee but Frank got at him first

Great save by Lyle @ 31:52

Double save by Lyle

Panthers fans truly one eyed- Lee cross checks Burrows to the head Frank batters hime, they are saying it was a cheap shot by Frank - well the referee didn't think so

Panthers icing @ 33:38

Kwall save from Pierce

Great tip by Macrae - save Kwall

Lyle save @ 34:31

Frank is back

Lee in the safety of the sinbin for 23 minutes

Devils icing @ 35:02

Lepine puts big check on Burrows

Brilliant save Lyle @ 35:25

Frank nails Myers

Devils penalty @ 37:22 - Dobben - delay of game


Frank floors Beauregard although it was 90% dive

1 minute of PK left

Standing ovation for Lyle save @ 38:30

Vanderveeken floors McAslan

Awesome save Lyle @ 39:04

Devils return to FS

End of 2nd period Panthers 1 DEVILS 2

Special mention to my texters - Emma, Gavin, Amy, JohnWildthing and Chris S

Great start to new year keep it going

That goes for the team as well

Stevie Lyle as in many games recently is keeping the Devils in this game

SoG for 2nd period Panthers 15 Devils 6 making it 28 - 9 after 2 periods

*** ENL DEVILS 4 MK Thunder 1 after 2 periods

It would be amiss of us not to wish Chris Frank happy birthday for tomorrow

John Mc-Frank - Chris battered him even the Panthers fans recognised a good win, it was a horrible hit by Lee on Burrows, referee Carson tried to jump in but your boy got there first

Teams back

False start I don't know who came out then I thought it was the teams but it wasn't

Panthers do come out now

No Devils yet

Now here come your very own CARDIFF DEVILS

3rd period starts

Panthers offside

Sam Smith goes close

Burrows and Sam Smith go close

Gametime 42:03

Great save Kwall from Macrae

Now Dobben goes close as Devils create chances

Its end to end at start of 3rd period

44 minutes played

Panthers goal @ 44:49 - Beauregard

Assist Wilson

Come on U DEvils

Beauregard was all alone 1 on 3 - how he scored we don't know

It was like Moses - the defence just opened up for him

Panthers offside @ 45:41

Lepine nails Davies

Lee reurns after completing his misconduct

Gametime 47:02

Referee Carson it letting the players get on with it


After Adams is high sticked

FRANK v Lepine

Adams injured blood on ice

Not much of a fight

Neilson helps Adams off the ice

What will Carson all now, everyone else saw it

Waiting on penalties

All this happenned at 47:42

Jono says it was Frank that was cut, he needs new glasses

Penalties - Lepine 2+2 - high sticks plus 5 for fighting: Frank 5 for fighting


Pierce assist Vanderveeken

Time of Devils 3rd goal 48:55

Devils still on pp

That was a ppg of course - nice one

Lets have another PPG

Kwall save from Sam Smith

2nd asist on Devils 3rd goal goes to Phil Hill

Neilson floors Davies and Smith

Save Kwall @ 49:42

Panthers back to FS

Gametime 51:03

Lots of pressure on Devils @ 52 minute mark

Lyle save @ 52:32

Devils icing @ 52:47

Frank is back

Gametime 54:02

Gametime 55:03

Kwall save from Dobben

Gametime 56:02


Scored by Macrae @ 56:31

Correction it was Hill assist Pierce

Gametime 57:03

Great pass by Pierce Kwall didn't have a chance

Lyle save @ 57:27

I bet you Pan thers fans are leaving

Gametime 57:27

Devils penalty - Frank - check from behing 5 = Game @ 57:27

Final 2 minutes


Gametime 58:25

Kwall lifted

Gametime 58:43

Final minute


Devils penalty - delay of game - served by Sam Smith @ 59:08

6 on 3

Final 30 seconds

Final score Panthers 2 DEVILS 4

A brilliant win for the Devils

What a performance on the road

Adans didn't return after his injury so we were 4 imports down for the last 12 minutes


Panthers MoM Brandon Benedict

Unanimous view of texters is that Stevie Lyle should have been MoM

Final SoG Panthers 38 Devils 15

Thanks to our texters Johnwildthing, Chris S, Emms, Gavin & Amy

Also a big thank you to the RED ARMY that made the trip to NIC

Thats all from me, join me from 5pm tomorrow for the return fixture in the BBT. Also well done to all those fans who predicted the correct 4-2 scoreline

Thats all from me, join me from 5pm tomorrow for the return fixture in the BBT. Also well done to all those fans who predicted the correct 4-2 scoreline