Match Night Live
Coventry Blaze 3 - 2 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL as we bring you the final game of 2011 featuring the Blaze against our very own Devils at the Skydome in Coventry

Join me (OJ) from 4:30 as we cover team news and other pre game matters before a 5:30 face off.

Score predictions to before face off please

One of my texters already at Coventry - Chris S - who has basically been on tour with the Devils since Christmas

Chris only has London left and he will have visited all Capital Cities in the UK & Ireland this week

Maybe I will suggest to him to head for London at the end of the game to report on BigBen striking 12

Russky get in early tonight after joining us after FO last night, he predicts a win for the Devils in O/T

Capitals 1 Flyers 3 after 2 periods

Confirmation that Brad Voth injury is a back injury

Brad travelled back with team to East Midlands but has now been transported back to hospital in Cardiff

Pat says 4-2 to the Devils

Scott Matzka is in Coventry

Texters Chris S, Andy and Damian Diafol have checked in so we are good to go so fasten your seats belts

Daniel says 4-2 Devils

Matzka tweeted that he will have his mobile close to bench and and news will see him hot footing back to Cardiff

Blaze on ice for warmup

Devils also on ice for warmup

Confirmation that Matzka is playing

Piggot and Harding also icing

Beci at The Pilot goes for a 3-2 win for the Devils of course

Beci I must come and see you someday so that I know what The Pilot is like

I say that but in 2012 I will make my first visit to the BBT

Come on U DEVILS lets have 2 league points to round off 2011

City win 1-0 - West Ham lose

Andy Carson I believe is the referee - awaiting confirmation

Devils have 16 skaters

15 skaters for Blaze

A win in regulation is needed if team & fans want to celebrate New Year in Cardiff or London for Chris

Warmup over

Blaze left ice first - a moral victory you might say

Quiet on predictions - where are you all?

Ruth wake up - whats your prediction

Capitals fight back to make it 4-4 after 55 minutes

Gazza says 6-3 Devils

Luke B says 4-2 Devils

Daisy Devil calls it 3-2 to the boys

Thorne senior & junior are going for a 3-1 Devils win

Carson confirmed as referee

To re-iterate to late comers Matzka plays Voth out injured (back)

10 minutes to face off

Capitals v Flyers gone into O/T

Looks like the only other EIHL game tonight will finish before we face off at Coventry

Intro time in Coventry

Plenty of empty seats I am told

Not in away section though

Matt & Soph thinks Devils will win - no prediction of score though

Lights are dimmed at Skydome

Howard T says 4-3 his son Ben says 4-2 both going for Devils wins

Devils take to the ice to noisy support from travelling RED ARMY

Keith says 4-3 Devils

Flyers win on penalties


Stephen B says 3-2

Waiting for the Skydome lights to get back to full strength

Carl goes for a 4-1 victory for the DEVILS


Total choas with my phone

Game starts

Blaze Goal @ 1:23 a SHG



Devils goal @ 2:53 un assisted

Hirsch save @ 3:30

Trying to unravel my texts - they came out of sequence

Frank floors a Blaze

Hirsch save @ 4:20

The Blaze were short handed as Wood had a penalty @ 0:12

5 mins played

Blaze icing @ 6:25

Told Wood scored Blaze goal which is nonsense as he was serving a penalty

Frank nails Cowley

Blaze goal was scored by Guthrie, assists Weaver & Domish @ 0:50 a SHG

Puck out of play @ 8:00

Now Burrows nails Cowley

Blaze penalty @ 9:01 Weaver - tripping

Macrae hits cross bar

1 minute of pp gone

Puck out of play @ 10:21

Devils pp exerting pressure on Blaze

Blaze return to full strength (FS)

Birbraer close

12 minutes gone

Batch floors Wood

Devils mess up a great 2 on 1 chance with a terrible pass

Devils offside @ 13:02

Now its Blaze turn to go offside @ 13:28

Dobben shot @ 14:11 ends up with Blaze net off its moorings

Block and a half of Devils fans at Skydome

15 minutes gone

Domish nails Hill

Gametime 16:04

This period is going very fast just over 2 minutes left

18 minutes played

Blaze offside @ 18:37

Final minute of 1st period

Wood nails Hill, maybe that will wake him up

Dobben goes close

Hirsch save @ 19:54

End of 1st period Blaze 1 DEVILS 1

I beg to differ Viv, MNL clearly show Pierce as scorer

Luke Oeppen (or whatever your name is) I don't hide behind fake names everyone knows who I am. If I am told any player is playing badly or messes up I blog it on MNL. If you want to call me names thgen I think you better not follow MNL.

We need to do something to create some atmosphere at the Skydome

Its the 1st time I have had foul language directed at MNL and me

All because we say a player is not playing well

Also accuses me of hiding behind false names - well I am OJ - aka Nott Simpson and have been known by those names for close on 25 years

Officials back on ice

SoG Devils 15 Blaze 7

Here come the teams

Here we go for 2nd period

Blaze offside @ 21:02

pierce goes close

Devils penalty @ 22:10 - Frank - slashing


Lyle save @ 22:35

Devils penalty @ 22:59 - Vanderveeken - slashing

5 on 3 for 1:11

Blaze penalty @ 23:48 - Bakrlik - holding

22 secs of Blaze 4 on 3

Blaze actually scored when that penalty was called

Devils back to 4 skaters 4 on 4 for 46 secs

Awesome save Lyle

4 on 4 for 4 secs then 48 secs of Devils pp

Devils on pp as Pierce goes close

Blaze kill penalty and are back to FS

48 secs od Devils pp yielded 1 shot

26 minutes gone

Sam Smith is floored at 27:04

Devils get physical you have a week to recover

Batch floors Farmer

Batch and Frank are the only players to hit so far

Batch has the most hits

Hirsch save @ 28:35 from Vanderveeken

Gametime 28:50

Both sets of fans have been schocked into silence by how bad both teams are playing

The Stub what does it look like on Webcast

30 minutes gone

Matzka is the only Devil putting pressure on Blaze

Devils offside @ 30:58

Devils penalty @ 32:04 - Frank - slashing


Lyle save @ 32:34

Another Lyle save @ 32:52

1 minute of penalty killed

Lyle save @ 33:10

Like last night our D are not moving attackers from in front of the crease

Devils return to FS

Adams imploring Devils to skate quicker

Good save Lyle

K Smith goes close, Hirsch save

Jurynec nails S Smith

Gametime 36:02

Devils offside @ 37:28

Chris S says our only defence is Matzka and Lyle

puck out of play @ 38:26

Blaze hand pass @ 38:59

Final minute

Hirsch save @ 39:53

End of 2nd period Blaze 1 DEVILS 1

Dire dire Devils says Andy, Devils are only still in game due to Stevie Lyle

I ask myself why am I back in Cardiff, I should have stayed in Tenerife

I am trying to organise a meeting with a Scottish client and trying to convince them that it would be cheaper for me to travel to Scotland. I have suggested 12+13 January. If it come off I shall do the Devils Scottish tour

2 minute to start of 3rd period

This game is there to be won U DEVILS

Officials back on the ice along with both teams

Dick & Sue Matzka are packing for their trip to Wales 4-2 would do nicely they say

SoG 2nd period Blaze 16 Devils 9

Here we go for 3rd period

Puck out of play @ 40:19

Blaze offside @ 40:39

Devils icing @ 40:49

Anyone been following the Spengler Cup?

Its amazing that the Devils were playing those clubs in the 1990's

I remember playing in Riga when upset Helmut Baldaris the ex NHL player who ran the Riga team then

Handbags at Blaze bench, someone throwing punches at Hill off bench

Farmer 2+2 roughing and holding, Hill - roughing @ 41:43

PP for Devils

Ref Carson down injured in centre ice

Probably sulking after abuse fro, Blaze fans on the last call

Hill certainly punched by a Blaze player on bench

1 minute of pp remains


Dobben a ppg

Conflicting texts did Devils score or not

Dobben did score Devils 2nd goal @ 42:53

Assists Richardson & Macrae

Puck out of play @ 44:29

Mobile reception at Skydome always a problem

Gone very quiet, will get a batch of e-mails in a minute

Apologies for this but I can't resolve it

Lyle save @ 45:34

Handbags follows with a roughing penalty for Frank


Puck out of play @ 25:45

Dobben's goal was a ppg

Devils return to FS

Hirsch save @ 48:00

Lyle save @ 49:04

Lyle save @ 49:23

Another Lyle save @ 50:05

Blaze icing @ 51:02

Sam Smith checks Wood

We might now have to go to fingers on 2nd hand for Devils hits

Gametime 52:03

Hirsch save @ 52:23

Blaze penalty @ 52:23 - Cowley - hooking + 10 minute misconduct

Hirsch save @ 53:03

Get a PPG U DEVILS please, please

Devils offside @ 53:26

Hirsch save @ 54:01

Its end to end at the 55 minute mark

Devils had 3 shots on that pp

Lyle save @ 56:09

Goal Blaze

Tap in at back door

Blaze 2nd goal @ 56:34 scored by Fussey assists Phillips & Guthrie

Hirsch save @ 57:04

Hirsxh save @ 57:16 from Pierce

Hirsxh save @ 57:47

Final 2 minutes

Great save Lyle to foil a Blaze breakaway

Final minute as Pierce goes close

Lyle save @ 59:15

End of 3rd period Blaze 2 DEVILS 2

Into O/T we go

2nd assist on Blaze 2nd goal now givweb to Greg Owen not Guthrie

5 minutes of O/T starts

Devils start with Macrae, Birbraer, Richardson & Vanderveeken

Devils offside @ 60:32

Matzka, hill, K Smith & Frank now on

Dobben & Pierce now out

Dobben goes close @ 61:30

Blaze score winner @ 62:04

Final score Blaze 3 DEVILS 2

Yes Chris it is over and you can go home

Guthrie unassisted


Blaze winning goal now announced as scored by Fussey assists Guthrie and Domish

SoG in 3rd Blaze 14 Devils 5

Our thanks go to texters Andy, Damian Diafol and Chris S (our travelling texter) another to service by them

awaiting news on Blaze MoM

Happy New year everyone from all of us at MNL

Blaze MoM - Jeramie DOMISH

Join us at MNL in the New Year when we start with the Devils visit to Nottingham next Saturday

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda from me OJ to you all