Match Night Live
Belfast Giants 3 - 2 Cardiff Devils

Join me (OJ) from 6pm as MNL brings you the league encounter between the Giants and the visting Devils.

Texters Ger-Devils and Chris S already in Belfast, hopefully keeping of the dark stuff.

Score predictions as usual to before face off please.

Texters have reported in

No Scott Matzka but everyone else present & correct

Jess T calls it 4-3 to the Devils

Soph & Matt thinks its going to be very close but the Giamts will not deny Devils their 6th staight win

Michael Hicks is scheduled to ref this game - awaiting confirmation

MandyR says Devils will win 3-2

My texters are still in the pub

They are missing warmup - which is underway

Beth 7 her mum and dad are in Belfast for their first Devils away game and predict a 3-2 win for the RED ARMY

If any of my regular texters are off to Coventry tomorrow please get in touch.

Stephen B calls it 5-3 to Devils and gives me a tip for the 1st race at Newbury tomorrow

I was going to Newbury until I realised its an early face off in Coventry (5:30pm)

Ruth says 2-1 to the Devils

Warmup done

Ben A calls it 2-1 Devils

Daniel predicts a 3-1 road win for the Devils

Face off in nearly on us so last chance for predictions

Gavin & Amy are you off to Coventry on Saturday if you are can you text me to confirm

Very quiet from Belfast

Officials on the ice

Intro tome at the O

They don't rush in Belfast

Unless there is a time difference between Cardiff and Belfast

Both teams now on the ice

Pam & Mick say 3-2 to Devils

Andyfirth calls it 4-3 to Devils

Game starts


Stuuuu Mascrae at 11 secs

Assists Frank & K Smith

Keith calls it 3-2 Devils, you might want to reconsider

Murphy save @ 1:33 followed by handbags

REferee confirmed as Hicks

Adams nails Dignard

Lyle save @ 2:25

Carl and Howard T both call it 3-2 Devils

Thats it no more predictions

Handbags involving K Smith & Peacock behind play - no call

Good play by Dobben sets up Voth who goes close

Giuants penalty @ 3:32 - Rebak - hooking

Lets have a PPG U DEVILS

Good save Murphy @ 5:15

Giants kill penalty and return to full stregth (FS)

Giants penalty @ 6:09 - Roberts - holding

Put that pp into overdrive U DEVILS

Dobben shot deflected out of play @ 7:16

30 sec of pp left

Devils pp rubbish as usual Giants back to FS

Spearsy thinks its New Years Eve already - 4-2 Devils he says

Awesome save by Lyle @ 9:01

Burrows goes close

Dick & Sue Matzka calls it 3-2 Devils

Puck out of play @ 10:07

Dick & Sue Matzka wish all Devils fans a Happy New Year

It an open end to end game played at speed

Adams stops a Pelle breakaway

Giants thought Pelle had scored

Told Dobben not wearing a face cage

Nasty cut he took on Tuesday in Edinburgh

Devils penalty @ 13:08 - K Smith - tripping


Puck out of play @ 13:32

1 minute of penalty killed

Lloyd man handles Vanderveeken

Devils not physical

Murphy save @ 15:18 as Devils return to FS

Gametime 16:02

SarniaSue looking forward to her trip to Wales this weekend

Giants offside @ 16:44

Gametime 17:04

I hate it when texts arrive out of sequence

Final minute of 1st period

devils offside @ 19:32

End of 1st Period Giants 0 DEVILS 1

Russky joined us late and predicts a Devils win

Not a great period, no hits being thrown, too many mistakes from Devils, Lyle playing well, defence need to tighten up, Hicks doing OK, Giants fans moaning about everything - says Chris S

2 minutes before re-start

SoG for 1st period Giants 7 Devils 5

Both teams are back on ice

2nd period starts

No Voth on bench for 2nd period

Voth took a nasty fall after hit on boards in 1st period

Lyle save @ 20:54

Murphy face @ 22:00

Batch then Davies go close

Lyle save @ 23:05

Ger-Devils not very happy no Bulmers cider in bar

Giants penalty @ 23:49 - Keefe- x-checking

Now then Devils let us have a goal

We can but hope of a ppg

Lyle save on Giants sh 2 on 1 breakaway

Davies goes close

Giants back to FS

Batch nails Mason

Devils icing @ 26:38 to relive pressure


Lyle save @ 26:40

Without throwing heavy hits the Giants are skating rings around us

Stevie Lyle is the only reason Devils are in front

Another awesome sve by Lyle

Hill and Davies create a good chance

Giants offside

Clan 0 Stars 2

Lyle save @ 28:55 another 2 0n 1

Still no Voth

Walton nails Adams

Giants icing @ 30:43

A mystery of why no hits from Devils

Chris S says its basically Lyle v Giants

Devils look shattered

Keefe floors Richardson, who looks hurt, but no response from Devil teammates

Anyone watching webcast who doesn't agree text me at

Awada getting away with elbows, stick play etc

Lyle save @ 32:57

Devils Penalty @ 33:07 - Macrae - hooking


Hanbags after Lyle save

Finally Frank kills someone @ 34:11

Crane's face met Frank's elbow

Rchardson is back after treatment

Giants offside @ 34:23

Devils kill penalty and return to FS

Big save Murphy

Lyle save @ 35:50

giants offside @ 36:18

Murphy save @ 36:48

Keefe nails Davies

Gametime 38:03

Giants goal

@ 38:34 scored by Peacock assists Pelle & Lloyd

Giants hit pipes

There is life in the Giants fans after all

Hick notices goal off its moorings @39:44

Texters tell me that it was clear Devils goal was off its moorings long before Giants scored their goal

Lyle falls into net, dislodging it @39:55 - Hicks notices again

End of 2nd period Giants 1 DEVILS 1

SoG for 2nd period Giants 13 Devils 8

Explanation for non hits from Devils - Hicks' tendency to give Match penalties against Devils for any physical play

Hicks should be holding his head in shame for giving a goal when net was clearly off its moorings

Webcast shows clearly that the net had been displaced

2 mintes to go before 3rd period

Both teams are back

3rd period starts

Puck out of play @ 40:25

Gametime 40:55

Davies goes close

Murphy save from Sam Smith @ 41:17

Giants will conver one of their numerous 2 on 1s

Gametime 42:02


Dobben @ 42:21

Lyle save @ 43:05

Assists for Burrows & Hill on Devils 2nd goal

Burrows goes close

Its end to end, Devils 2nd goal has shut up the Giants fans

Gametime 45:04

Devils penalty @ 46:15 - Vanderveeken - interference


Giants PPG @ 46:44 scored by Peacock assist Awada & Mason

Richardson goes close

Gametime 48:01

Devils icing @ 48:16

Come on U DEVILS you can win this game

A big effort needed

Devils offside @ 48:40

Burrows goes close again

Giants offside @ 49:29

Devils offside at 50 minutes exactly

Hill gets tripped - does Hicks call it? Answers to me by pidgeon

Devils penalty @ 51:23 - Dobben - holding

Giants hit pipes

1 minute of penalty killed

Giants goal following Hill turnover

Gignard @ 53:06 a ppg


Devils had a 3 on 2 Hill passed to a Giant giving them a 4 on 1

Burrows floors Dignard

Devils cannot clear their crease

Gametime 55:03

Lyle save @ 56:07

Adams nails Keefe

Ganetime 57:02

Final 2 minutes

Giants offside @ 58:12

Gametime 58:33

Lyle save @ 58:39

Devils icing @ 58:48

Final minute

Lyle pulled @ 59:30

Dignard hits pipes @ 59:59

Final score Giants 3 DEVILS 2

aA reasonablre game but a few let down the team badly, one especially by all accounts. I won't name him but I am sure the game reorts on the Forum will.


Without Stevie's efforts the game would have been lost ages ago

Giants weren't at their best but the Devils made it eay for them


Devils outshot 19-31

Our thanks to texters Chris S and Ger-Devils

Join me tomorrow from 4:30 as MNL brings you the Blaze v Devils game from Coventry on New Years Eve

Thats all from me (OJ) until the next time