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Edinburgh Capitals 3 - 5 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL as the Devils travel to Scotland to take on the Edinburgh Capitals

OJ here in the MNL hutch waiting for your score predictions to - before face off please.

Steve - Borders Devil reports that the team have arrived at Murrayfield Ice Rink

Luke Piggot and Adam Harding have made the trip

Scott Matzka has not travelled to Scotland as his wife is expecting baby anty time now.

Scott Dobben will take his place on 1st line.

Gavin & Amy call it 5-2 to the Devils

Daniel thinks Devils will win 7-2 with Jamie Vanderveeken getting his 1st goal for Devils

Drainage calls it 4-2 to the Devils

I assume dan.k hasn't made the trip hence score prediction

Devils playing footie in rink car-park to get rid of bus legs

Claire says 6-3 to the Devils

Keighley is more confident and calls it 5-1 to the Red Army

Franny wins the two touch footie.

The Batch family are back in Gavin County lokking forward to the extended Scottish road trip in the middle of next month.

Rhodri in Florida calls it 7-3 to the Devils before he goes to see the Lightening v Flyers NHL game

Chris S has arrived

Warmup commences

It appears Devils have 17 skaters compared to 15 for the Capitals

Borders Devils predicts a Devils win in O/T

4 minutes of warmup remains

Carl calls it 3-1 to the Devils

As does PAK2305

Chris has splashed out and bought 3 pucks (3) to chuck at Scot Neil

Can you imagine what the Devils could charge for pucks to throw at BP

Our financial problema would be over

Hand grenades would be better

I suppose he will read this and try and get me the sack again.

Bubba & Dave calls it 4-2 to Devils

Warmup over and Capitals leave the ice first

14 minutes to face off says game clock

Not many there yet

Around 10 Devils supporters have made the long trip (or short trip if you live in the Scottish Borders like Steve)

Is the Murrayfield rink still as cold as I can recall, especially when nearly empty

Panthers now winning 4-1 against Steelers much to the enjoyment of the 15 or so Devils fans who have made the trip to Nottingham

Face off at Coventry delayed

For those of you not with us earlier Scott Matzka has not travelled to Scotland as his wife is due to give birth anytime now.

That reminds me of when John and Debbie Lawless was expecting their 2nd child. We were playing Hull on Saturday and Whitley Bay on Sunday and The Weazel could only play if he could get back to Cardiff ASAP. So I drove up so that I could bring him home if necessary. well nothing happened and I had to drive back from Whitley Bay through the worst fog I have ever seen. The team bus passed us somewhere and John Burnicle & I didn't even see it.

Referee is believed to be Neil Wilson, not highly thought of by Capitals fans

Blaze game started 10 minutes late no score so far

Nothing from Port Huron yet.

Both teams on the ice

13 skaters + 2 net minders for Capitals

17 skaters + Lyle & Clarkson for Devils

Blaze take 1-0 against Stingrays

Puck dropped and we are off

Devils start with Frank, K Smith, Pierce, Macrae & Birbraer

Lyle save @ 0:54

Voth nails Sladok

Panthers 5 Steelers 1

Capitals icing @ 1:53

No atmosphere whatsover at Murrayfield

What a difference from the old days

Brilliant save by Craze @ 3:11 from Voth

No physical contact so far in game

Puck out of play @ 4:04

Another Lyle save 5 seconds later

Dobben, Piggot and Harding out together

Lyle save @ 5:00

Capitals creating more chances than Devils

Devils offside @ 5:20

Only Pierce line looking dangerous

Gametime 6:03

Dobben double shifting as he is also on a line with Voth & Hill

Frank floors Zembergs

Lyle thwarts Captals breakaway @ 7:27

Lyle save from Gautschi @ 8:06

pierce pushed into Craze and Capitals fans go mental

Devils penalty @8:42 - Batch - hooking


Birbraer & Macrae go close on sh breakaway

10 minutes played

Penalty killed Devils return to full strength (FS)

Devils penalty @ 11:07 - Davies - slashing


Panthers 5 Steelers 1 - result

Gametime 12:04

Lyle save @ 12:21

Devils back to FS

Blaze 2 Stingrays 0 after 1 period

Voth goes very close, Craze clears off line somehow

Its the Devils who are creating chances now

Convert one of them U DEVILS

Frank turnover in Devils Zone

Another Lyle save @ 16:08

Anthother Lyle save @ 16:13

It appears that all Capitals chances are breakaways

Capitals mascot is mental says Chris S

Gametime 17:03

Matt & Soph redict a 3-1 Devils win

They better show some urgency if they are to claim those 2 points

Craze save @ 18:42 from Pierce

Final minute of 1st period

Devils icing @ 19:26

End of 1st period Capitals 0 DEVILS 0

Not the most exciting of periods by all accounts

Donna & Megan redict a 3-1 win for the Devils

SoG for 1s period Devils 11 Capitals 10

Ice is ready for 2nd period

officials back on the ice

Blaze 3 Stingrays 0

Teams back

2nd period starts

Birbraer goes close

Pierce also goes close then Birbraer collides with net

Devils penalty @ 20:48 - Voth - slashing


Awesome save by Lyle

Vanderveeken nails Menton

Capitals hit crossbar then pipes

Devils kill penalty and are back to FS

These Capitals are dangerous on the counter break

Come on U DEVILS give us a goal NOW

Good save Craze from Hill

Capitals offside @ 23:39

Anoth cracking save by Craze @ 24:11

Bit line playing well

Brit on Bit

Kenton Smith hits pipes

Devils icing @ 25:01

Menton skates into Voth and bounces back 3/4 feet

Craze save @ 25:40

Another Craze save

Craze floored by one of his own players

Devils offside @ 26:38

Come on U DEVILS get out of 1st gear

Lyle save @ 27:17

Open end to end game, Devils creating most chances but nothing to show for it


There is now!!!!

Devils 1st goal @ 27:33 scored by Dobben assists Voth & Hill

Craze made save but lost puck, Dobben tapped in the buscuit

Craze save @ 29:01

Hill goes close after turning over Capitals

Gametime 30;04

Big double save by Lyle after D lapse

Puck out of play @ 31:06

Adam Harding goes close

K Smith shot cleared off goal line by Capitals D after Craze beaten

Capitals goal @ 32:24

scored by Mackenzie assists Hartmann & Hanzal

Devils icing @ 32:48

Capitals fans have woken up after their team scored

Craze denies Sam Smith

Devils icing @ 34:57

Craze saves from Pierce @ 36:05

First Dobben then Hill go close

Another great save by Craze @ 37:17

Macrae puts a hit on Mackensie and home fans go mad

Great save Lyle on a 2 on 1 breakaway

Final minute of 2nd period

Hill goes close

End of 2nd period Capitals 1 DEVILS 1

A btter period to watch with the Devils creating far more chances

A game for the Devils to win in the 3rd period

SoG for 2nd perion Devils 11 Capitals 9

Chris thinks the 22-19 SoG are a bit dodgy

Devils have to upp their game, like they did last night, to bag 2 valuable points

Ice is ready

Teams back

3rd period starts

Davies hits pipes

I think someone should have a word with these players, hitting the pipes is not the thing to do

Batch nails Blake

Pierce now hits pipes - its a pandemic

Clan winning 2-0 against Giants they just scored on a penalty shot

Good save Craze @ 43:54

Handbags between Hill & Hartmann - nothing called

Devils penalty @ 44:22 - Frank 2+2 - slashing + boarding

Capitals goal @ 45:00

A PPG scored by Jarolin assusts MacKensie & Hartmann

Come on U DEVILS pull your finger out

Its a long way home after a loss in Edinburgh

Something I didn't have to endure very often I am glad to say

Devils penalty @ 46:19 - K Smith - holding the sticvk

41 secs of 5 on 3

Capitals goal

Oh dear, Oh dear says Borders Devils - Steve

another PPG @ 46:52 scored by Jarolin assists Hartmann & Safar

Almost 4-1 as Lyle partially saves and it takes D ages to clear zone

Come on U DEVILS we want a goal NOW yes NOW

Dobben done hurt, cut I think

Capitals penalty @ 47:28 - Valecko 2+2 - accidental high sticks

Ice being cleaned of blood

4on 4 for 52 secs

Capitals hit pipes

Craze covers puck with 14 secs of 4 on 4 remaining

Devils at FS go on pp

Oh for a good pp for once

Devils offside @ 48:37

Almost 3 mins of pp

Devils pp is a shambles, they cannot get into Capitals zone

One penalty killed by Capitals

Gametime 50:03

Capitals are creating more chances on their PK than Devils on PP

Voth floored by Hartmann

Finally a shot on pp saved by Craze


@ 48:36

Scored by Richardson

Assists Macrae & Birbraer a PPG YES a PPG

Capitals icing @ 52:34

Blaze 5 Stingrays 2 - result

Voth goes close at the 55 minute mark


Devils 3rd goal @ 55:04 scored by Voth assis Davies

Awesome Lyle save

Devils penalty @ 55:49 -Pierce - hooking


Hill goes close on a SH breakaway

Capitals icing @ 56:32

Devils fans - recount - 20 present

A terrible call that last penalty

2 awesome saves by Lyle

24 secs pf PK left

Devils back to FS

Get that winner U DEVILS - please, please

Last 2 minutes


I think


@ 58:39

Macrae, assists Birbraer & Richardson

Final minute


@ 59:13

What are you doing to us U DEVILS?

Ben Davies scored Devils 5th goal

Final score Capitals 3 DEVILS 5

Unassisted that Ben Davies goal

What a finish, well done U DEVILS

SoG for 3rd Devils 18 Capitals 6

Devils Mom - PHIL HILL


Our thanks go to Chris S and MNL very own Scottish reporter Steve - Borders Devils - James - thank you both

A very productive Christmas for the Devils so far

Thats all from me (OJ) join me on Friday night as we bring you coverage of the Giants v Devils from Belfast