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Cardiff Devils 4 - 1 Fife Flyers

Welcome to MNL as the Flyers from Fife visit Cardiff Bay to take on our very own CARDIFF DEVILS

OJ here at MNL HQ waiting for your score predictions which can be sent to me at

Russky predicts a Devils win by three clear goals

Josh Batch's parents have made the trip from Essex and have arrived at BBT despite the M25

At onetime it looked as you would have to put up with a disgrunted punter but a nice touch at 7/2 got me out of jail at Ffos Las

Panthers are winning 3-1 at Sheffield in 2nd period

Dick & Sue Matzka in Port Huron calls it 6-2 to the Devils.

I bet you Dick & Sue have snow, all we have is driving rain and mist

Thats WALES for you.

Keeping an eye on Twitter for up dates on games elsewhere I am amazed at the level of foul language used - there are sad people on this planet

Bethan also predicts a 6-2 win for the Devils

Claire calls it 5-1 to the Devils

No snow but sunshine (whats that) in Port Huron

My brother in law in Ottawa has snow, my family in upstate New York didn't have any when I spoke to them on Christmas Eve

Still no snow in Utica, New York just had a call from my cousin

6-2 to the Devils is populat tonight as Carl and Lisa J go for that score as well

Keighley thinks it will be 5-2 to the Red Army

WArm up underway at the BBT

Clan 1 Giants 2 after 1 period

Does anyone other than Andy Carson ever referee Panthers v Steelers in Sheffield

Ruth says 4-2 to the CC semi finalists

Phil R goes for 6-2 as well

6-2 will be SOLD OUT soon

Chris S says car parks are empty so another poor turnout on the cards

Warmup done & dusted

Gordon F calls it 4-2 to the Flyers - we shall see Gordon

Mr Hicks has the whistle (without a pea hopefully)

Devils have a full squad + Piggot and Harding

Teams come onto the ice in a leisurely manner

Don't rush its Christmas

Apologies that has been and gone

Ger-Devils is in the BBT

Anthem done

WE are underway

SAve Zemlak

Voth taken a dislike of Siddall already

Small crowd, fans have stayed at home sobering up


Max Birbraer the scorer

@ 1:29 assists Pierce & Macrae

Flyers Siddall helped off the ice as he hobbles off

Correction it was Danny Stewart who went off limping

Save Stevie Lyle @ 5:29

Devils penalty @ 6:10 - Pierce - tripping


Lyle save

Danny Stewart has not re-appeared

Flyers Goal

Great ppg by Flyers

Flyers goal scored by Hamilton assists Hartmanis & #21

Zemlak save

Tim Maxwell was the 2nd assist

Panthers 5 Steelers 3 result

Devils icing

Zemlak save

Zemlak covers up after shot by Vanderveeken @ 12:13

Martin Clarkson is the backup netminder for Devils tonight

Lyle save as both team create chances

Lyle covers puck @ 15:23

Both D standing up the offense at Blue line

Scrappy neutral ice game as a consequence

Lyle being called upon to make saves

Gametime 17:30

Puck out of play

Final minute of 1st period

Gametime 19:39

End of 1st period DEVILS 1 Flyers 1

Very scrappy game with very limited physical contact says Chris S

We need a few big hits to get this game going.

Teams return to the ice

2nd period starts

Flyers penalty @ 20:11 Hamilton - holding

Lets have a PPG U DEVILS

Flyers return to full strength (FS)

Big save by Zemlak

That save was from a huge slap shot by Vanderveeken

The shot was so hard it knocks Zemlak stick out of his hand

Another Zemlak save

Devils penalty @ 28:13 - Batch - slashing


Flyers icing

Flyers penalty @ 31:21 - Samuel - holding

Devils now on pp

Flyers kill penalty and return to FS

Flyers penalty @ 34:08 - Dutiaume - interference

Get that pp into overdrive U DEVILS we want a goal

Emlak save

Zemlak save

Flyers go close shorthanded

SoG 1st period Devils 9 Flyers 10

Devils penalty @ 36:05 - Adams - slashing

Flyers now on pp

A very poor game according to JohnWildthing

Apologies for non reports but this game is very scrappy and boring - that is the polite explanation

Final minute of 2nd period

There is more action on the Winter Wonderland rink at City Hall

Devils go close - close to what - going home

End of 2nd period DEVILS 1 Flyers 1

Let me in the Devils dressing room - we need some action

I must admit that a win after little effort would be nice considering the games ahead for the Devils this week

Chris S says its the most boring game he has seen for years

Clan 2 Giants 7 - result

Crowd estimated as circa1400

Nice to have you back Keith, I was wondering where you were

Is it as miserable in Aber as has been here?

Teams are back

Come on U DEVILS the fans have come out on a dreadful Boxing Day night give them something extra this period

3rd period starts


Matzka, assist Hill

Time of Devils 2nd goal 40:30

2nd assist goes to Brad Voth

Zemlak save

Lets turn that screw U DEVILS


@ 42:55 scored by Matzka assists Hill and Vanderveeken

I am greedy so lets have another goal U DEVILS

Flyers lift the pressure on them by icing puck

Gametime 45:08


Kenton Smith

assists Pierce and Birbraer @ 46:33

Flyers time out

GAmetime 47:40

Devils 4th line getting plenty of ice time

Flyers penalty @ 48:54 - Ceman - hooking

Gametime 50:10

Cardiff born 17 year old Nathan Walker scored for HC Vitkovice against Team Canada in Spengler Cup

Flyers return to FS

I believe Walker learnt his hockey in Australia of all places but I might be wrong

Flyers penalty @ 51:47 - Muir - hooking

Flyers retrn to FS

Zemlak is keeping the score respectable

Devils penalty @ 54:03 - Macrae - slashing

SoG for 2nd period Devils 16 Flyers 5 making it 25 15 after 2 periods

Devils PK is a class act

Steve James - Borders Devils - if you are going to Edinburgh for Tuesdays game please text me

Gametime 57:30

Devils are running down the clock

Anyone out there who can help us out at Edinburgh tomorrow please get in touch with PM, e-mail or text me if you have the MNL number

MNL will be with you tomorrow as I am confident that I have at least one texter already

Gametime 59:20

Final score DEVILS 4 Flyers 1

Thanks to texters - Sharlene, Chris S, Spearsy, JohnWildthing and Ger-Devils - great job as usual



Thats all from me, join me tomorrow nigh as MNL covers the Capitals v Devils game in Edinburgh