Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 4 - 4 Sheffield Steelers

Welcome to MNL as we bring you the big clash between the Devils and the Steelers in this Challenge Cup decider

Steelers mus win to go through to the semifinals, the Devils mustn't lose in order to progress

OJ here at MNL HQ waiting for my texters to make their way to the BBT on this, the infamous Black Friday although this year it is Black Friday 2 after last week.

Score predictions as usual to before the 7:30 face off

There shouldn't be any traffic problems tonight as most revellers (drunks) have left their cars at home.

Most o f my texters have reported that they are making their way to the BBT

Warmup starts

Katies goes for a 5-4 Devils win whilst Howard calls it 4-3 to the Red ARMY

Luke B predicts a 3-2 win for the Devils

The legend ECHO1 is in the BBT by all accounts

New D man Jamie Vanderveeken wears #44

I wander if he looks like John Burnicle but a foot taller

For those of you who don't know him, John Burnicle was a D man for the Devils in the glory years of the early 1990's

Warmup draws to a close

Brad Voth is back and Gerad Adams is playing

Adam Harding & Luke Piggot also icing

Zamboni doing its best to prepare the ice

It will be interesting to see how big a crowd we get

DevilDom estimates that 80% of rink is RED

Very few predictions tonight, hopefully they have all gone to the BBT

Early afternoon in North America so they will be in work

I wander if we will have a sell out tonight?

I am surprised at it is a 7:30 face off as I would have thought this game could have faced off at 6:30 as people left work early tonight

Some fans I know were in the pub at mid-day

I hope that there arn't too many arrests tonight as I don't want a call in the morning to go to Court

I am covering New Year this year.

Announced that Travis Brigley will play at Stevie Lyle's testimonial game.

Mr Hicks is in charge

Big crowd and lots of RED says Chris S

Welcome back to Cardiff Chris from Sherwood Forest

Steelers on the ice

Intro time

Devils welcomed by a MASSIVE CHEER just like the old days

Ivan Matulik confirmed as a player in Testimonial game

Martin Clarkson is the back up net minder

Jamie Danderveeken given a hell of a welcome from the Red Army

Anthem time

John Frank in Washington State thinks Devils should not take any prisoners tonight

Andrewweinrob says Devils to win 2-1

Puck is dropped

Richardson and Vanderveeken on D

Handbags already

Atmosphere is awesome

Scrum by Steelers net

Stephenson cheapshot not called

Decaro save

Pierce shoots so high it hits roof of BBT

End to end

Voth floors Trudel

Come on U DEVILS your fans have turned out

Lyle save

Gametime 3:09

Devils icing

Gametime 3:22

Steelers dump & chase

Sarnia Sue Matzka calls it 4-3 to the Devils

Voth & Hill nail Huttel

Devils icing @ 4:50

Steelers penalty - Ramsay - hooking @ 4:37

Steelers SH breakaway foiled by Lyle

Get that PP into overdrive U DEVILS

Devils go close

Devils are creating chances

Macrae goes close

Steelers net off its moorings

decaro pushed into net caused its displacement

Voth who else caused that bit of havoc

Steelers return to full strength (FS)

Devils penalty @ 8:18 - Adams - interference


King and Frank taking hits on each other in turn

Devils kill penalty and return to FS

Ben Davies ipressive on PK duty

Devils shoot wide

Devils playing well according to Chris

DeCaro save

Good effort by Pierce led to save

Kevin & Danette Macrae calls it 5-4 to the Devils

Its all Devils at the moment

The Macraea in Cape Breton want to see some photos of Red Out

Decaro manages to stop puck on goal line

Decaro save from Birbraer @ 14:54

All Devils squad seem to be on top of their game

Tail hits ref Hicks

devils go close yet again

Steelers penalty @ 16:07 - Finnerty - boarding

Frank taking hit after hit and not retaliating

Lyle save from Phillips

Good DeCaro save @ 17:52

Steelers return to FS

Steelers penalty @ 18:36 - Tait - tripping

Devils wander offside

Steelers penalty - Huttel - tripping @ 18:36

Devils 5 on 3

Final minute of 1st period

Apologies only 1 penalty called @ 18:36

Tail swung at Hicks no penalty called

End of 1st period DEVILS 0 Steelers 0

To clarify Devils will have 36 secs of pp at start of 2nd period

Panthers fans all over the country shouting for the Devils I am told

The Fyers v Panthers game has been delayed as two lots of plexi glass have shattered

Texters amazed that Tait & Finnerty are still in game after Tail took a swing at ref and Finnerty tried to take off Pierce's head

Devils out shot Steelers 9-3 in 1st period

The Panthers of course are at Dundee not Fife

Thanks to Paul for showing me the errors of my blog

Its the Eve of Christmas Eve and I haven't had a drink yet

Thats connitment to MNL for you

Truthfully I am waiting for my coffee and toasted tea cake

Ice is ready for 2nd period

Teams return to the ice

2nd period starts

Come on U DEVILS give us a goal

Steelers Goal

scored by Legue @ 20:53

Asists Ramsay & Stephenson

Get that goal back U DEVILS

Against the run of play Steelers take the lead

Major handbags

involving Batch, Stephenson & Phillips


Co incidental penalties for Batch and Phillips

Devils goal scored by K Smith assist Matzka @ 22:45

Delay of game was the penalties against Batch & Phillips @ 22:32

Batch & Phillips back on the ice

Ref Hicks is missing a lot of penalties

Vanderveeken just punched Finnerty


Devils 2nd goal scored by Pierce

Devils 2nd goal scored by Pierce unassisted @ 26:05

Steelers goal scored by Legue

Assists Ramsay & Stephenson @ 27:04

Assists for Devils 2nd goal go to Macrae & Birbraer

gametime 27:53

Devils penalty - Hill - boarding @ 27:53

Steelers Goal

King @ 28:59

Assists Tait & Finnerty

A PPG that 3rd Steelers goal

Lyle save

Finnerty nails Lyle and no penalty called

Ref orders face off outside Devils zone but doesn't call a penalty

Hole in ice @ 31:04

Have shovel will fix

Fireman Sam brings his extinguisher

Game restarts

Good save DeCaro @ 31:17

K Smith goes close

Lyle save

o shifts for Sam Smith so far

Hicks putting up with a whole load of complaining from Steelers

Slap on hips is called for

Spearsy impressed by Vanderveeken's feet!!!

Steeler down injured @ 33:52 - handbags everyone else

Devils penalty @ 33:52 Frank 2+2 - boarding & roughing

Steelers penalty = Thomas - roughing at sametime


Nice shot by Davies, Decaro save

Devils go close sh

Devils back to FS

Gametime 36:05

Decaro save

Gametime 36:46

Steelers whinging ongoing at a pace

Steelers D almost gifted Devils a goal

Devils icing

Gametime 38:17

Frank returns

Decaro save

DeCaro save @ 38:45

Devils shoot wide

Last minute of 2nd period

Pierce hits bar

DeCaro save @ 39:46

End of 2nd period DEVILS 2 Steelers 3

It would appear thast a interfernce penalty was called on Steelers - Birnstill@ 39:46

This game is there to be won U DEVILS

teams return

Devils on pp as 3rd period starts

DeCaro save @ 40:13

DeCaro drops puck mad scramble but no luck for Devils

Pierce hits pipes yet again

SoG after 2 periods Devils 24 Steelers 13

DeCaro save @ 41:16

30 secs of Devils PP left

Give us a PPG now U DEVILS


FIGHTS says one texter

Voth kills Huttel on boards and then floors another Steeler

Voth and King having words @42:13

Voth held by linesman, King skates away

waiting on penalties

Voth penalty 2+10 for check from behind + 2 (roughing), Steelers - Thomas - roughing@ 42:13

Birbraer nails Stephenson and then Birnstill

Devils go so close

Steelers penalty @ 44:56 - Phillips - slashing

Pierce is having a brilliant game

Gametime 45:00


Devils 3rd goal scored by Macrae

Another amazing goal says texters

Devils 3rd goal @ 46:40 scored by Macrae assists Birbraer & Pierce

A PPG believe it or not

Crowd thinks Pierce scored then, ref waves it off

Very noise at BBT

Paul you are independent, if ther game ends in a draw do the Devils go through

Devils penalty @ 48:30 Birbraer - Roughing


Lyle save

Gametime 49:23

DeCaro denies Macrae

A SH breakaway that was

Another Decaro save as Devils threaten shorthanded

Finnerty & Matzka handbags @ 50:19

Devils back to FS


Well handbags really

Steeler punches Birbraer after Max nails one of the Steelers @ 50:42

Legue was the player Birbraer killed

Thomas being chucked out of game I believe

An argument going on between team benches

Thomas assessed 5+ game for roughing; Birbraer 5+game for check from behing all at 50:42

Steelers fans been ejected from BBT for foul language

Devils go so close for number 4


Rink goes mental as Macrae scores

Assists Dobben & K Smith

Time of goal 51:50

Steelers goal @ 53:26 - Ramsay

Devils hit cross bar again

Assists Stephenson & King on Steelers 4th goal

Puck out of play @ 53:58

Decaro save

Gametime 55:17

Pierce hits pipes yet again

I didn't realize till recently how much foul language was on twitter

Voth returns

It has become very physical

Gametime 57:16

Devils offside

Gametime 57:29

Final 2 minutes

Pierce goes close

Final minute

DeCaro pulled

Gametime 59:16

Devils offside

Steelers timeout

Gametime 59:43

BBT very very loud

Final score DEVILS 4 Steelers 4

Devils had a goal dissallowed in the dieing seconds for offside

Devils go through to semi-finals of Challenge Cup

Steelers MoM - MIKE RAMSAY

DEvils player of the month for November - BEN DAVIES


Our thanks go to our merry band of texters on duty tonight - Sharlene, JohnWildthing, DevildDom, Devils2001, Spearsy, Chris S and Ger-Devils. Thank you very much

Other than to wish you a Merry Christmas when it comes along that is all from me (OJ) until Boxing Day when the Fife Flyers hit Cardiff Bay