Match Night Live
Hull Stingrays 3 - 5 Cardiff Devils

Welcome to MNL as we bring you theleague encounter between the Devils and Stringrays at Hull.

OJ here hosting MNL and apologising in advance that we will only be able to bring you limited coverage of the game as we have to rely on just one texter

We must thank in advance Stringrays fan Keith who regularly helps us out at MNL.

I was hoping that we would have had a Devils fan texting us but travelling plans were abandoned this afternoon.

Score predictions as usual welcomed email me at before face off time

Pat calls it 3-1 to the Devils but can only see that happening if the team buck up their ideas and play like they did in the 3rd period last night

Russky thinks Devils will win in O/T

Ruth thinks the boys will win 6-1, maybe she has been drinking

Carl says 3-2 to the Devils

Josh Batch's parents predict a 4-3 Devils win if the Devils crank up the pace and get more physical

Warmup half done at Hull

Will bring you team news when we have it

Brad Voth & Mark Smith not icing for the Devils is already known

Warmup completed - Zamboni now chasing its tail

Phil R says 4-2 to the Devils

Simon P says if the Devils play like they did last night Stingrays will win 3-1

I believe we have the pleasure of Mr Hicks tonight in Hull

Hicks confirmed as referee

Keith thinks Devils will win 4-1

Hull have Rodin back from ionjury but no Harper

That 4-1 tediction was not from Keith but from Gavin & Amy

Ger_devils goes for a 4-2 victory and more ice time for Luke Piggot

Gavin & Amy are at Hull as well

Officials are out, so are the Devils

Smallish crowd and it is freezing in the rink

Anthem time

Howard T calls it 3-2 to the Devils but only if they play better than last night

Stingrays not happy with the ice surface

Face off delayed

Ice repairs being undertaken by linesmen

WE are finally underway

Spearsy calls it 4-2 to the Devils

Lyle saves from Tendler

Chance for Hill on wraparound

Another Hill shot - save Boucher

Devils penalty @ 2:47 - Sam Smith - x-check 2+2

Apologies it was a check from behind hence 2+10

Devils kill penalty and are back to full strength (FS)

Hicks falls on his a****

Lucky Brad wasn't there or he would have been blamed

Smart save Boucher

Fair bit of off play stick work going on

Capitals take the lead at Coventry

Dulle and K Smith having words

Matzka loses control of puck with an open net in front of him

A lot of chatting going on, now Frank & Dulle, Hill & Cloutier

A lot of pushing and shoving after the whistle

Good save Boucher

Max shot that was

Good low glove save by Lyle

Capitals now leading 2-0

Gametime 11:40

Stingrays Davies denied by Lyle

Donna & Megan get a late prediction of 2-1 to the Devils in before I close the books

All quiet at the moment

I suppose no news is good news

Sam Smith is back

Devils icing after Stingrays pressure

Smart save by Boucher @ 15:22

Now Bodden & Dulle have words

Stingrays penalty @ 1550 - Rodin - interference

Devils go close with an early PP chance

A PPG would do nicely U Devils

Piggot called for a hand pass @ 16:13


Kenton Smith scores Devils 1st goal

@ 17:13

Unassisted I believe

Lyle saves on a Stingrays 2 on 1

Assists Dobben & Matza

Hull goal @ 17:44 - Tendler

Pierce goes close

Assists to Silverthorn & Dulle on Hull goal

Andy your late prediction of 3-2 might be correct but somehow I doubt it as there are chances galore being created by both teams

Stingrays goal - a rocket from the blueline @ 19:51

Scored by Osman

Assists Rodin & Mccluskey

End of 1st period Stingrays 2 DEVILS 1

Devils unlucky to be behind according to Gavin & Amy

SoG Devils 15 Stingrays 9

Fair play to Keith as he admits Stingrays lucky to be in front

Hope you are enjoying the MNL coverage as I am. Its great when you have texters from both teams

Ice ready

Officials are back on ice

Teams drift back slowly - don't look very keen

Dan.K if you are watching this, I''ll let you off this time, Gavin & Amy were asking where you were as they are the only Devils fans at Hull

Teams now ready to start 2nd period

2nd period starts

Apologies forgot to post that message


Scored by Phil Hill assist Matska ans S Smith @ 21:13

Drop pass from Matzka fired home by Hill

Blaze pull one back

Game has become scrappy

Mad scramle in fron of Hull net, Stingrays not happy

Matzka shot straight at Boucher followed by handbags

Hull goal a tap in from Tendler assist Silverthorn

No time for Stingrays 3rd goal yet

Devils penalty @ 26:52 - S Smith - hooking

Hull 3rd goal was @ 25:33

Devils kill penalty

Handbags becomes a FIGHT

No contestants yet

Turned out to be a no fight as Campbell & Frank both fell over

Both given 5 minutes for a 5 sec bit of fisty cuffs

To classify that a fight is ridiculous - minors for delay of game more like it

Birbraer goes close

Co-incidental majors so 5 on 5 it is

The non fight was at 29:02

Gametime 32:37

Devils spending a lot of time in Stingrays zone but not shooting

hull icing @ 33:25

Batch shoots, save Boucher

Frank & Campbell return

Good save Lyle

gametime 34:17

Now Blaze 4 Capitals 2

Lyle save @ 35:29

Great glove save says Keith

Stingrays D falls giving Devils chance - nothing to show for it - SORRY

Devils D not picking up Tendler no wonder he has 2 goals

And has been mighty close to getting a third on more than one occaison

Devils icing

final minute of 2nd period

game has become scrappy

The Port Huron crowd thinks Devils will still win - 5-3

End of 2nd period Stingrays 3 DEVILS 2

Ice is ready

Teams back

3rd period starts

Dobben wanders offside

Early Stingrays pressure - Lyle freezes puck

save Lyle

SoG 2nd period Devils 15 Stingrays 4 making it 30-13 after 2 periods

And we are behind!!!!

Boucher pad save as Devils finaly get their first SoG of the 3rd period

Stingrays penalty - Cloutier - tripping @ 43:23

Boucher save from Birbraer

Come on U DEVILS give us a PPG now



You didn't realise my pshycic powers were that good did you

Awaiting details of score and a new speller checker

Devils 3rd goal at 44:22 scored by Matzka a PPG

Penalty shot HULL - Tendler

Apologies penalty shot not given

Devils penalty - Birbraer - slashing @ 44:56

Getting heated out there

4 on 4 at the moment

Devils penalty - Frank

Hull have 5 on 3 for 35 secs

High sticks was the call on Frank

Devils back to 4 skaters

Save Lyle

Game time 47:27

It would appear that Macrae scored Devils 3rd goal with assists for Hill & Matzka

Another Lyle save

21 secs of Devils PK left

Devils return to full strength

Fife now beatinfg Sheffield 4-1

Stingrays penalty @ 49:14 - Casmpbell - hooking

Come on U DEVILS give us another PPG - now - please, please


I am getting good at this

Scored by Frank assist Matzka @ 50:28

One more goal to make the Matzkas in Port Huron happy

My poweres are stronger than I thought

Gametime 51:16

Matzka hits post

fantastic double save by Boucher

Devils on top says Keith

I didn't realise that last night was the last competive game at Streatham Ice Rink before it is demolished

Gametime 55:06

Correction on Devils 3rd goal assists to Birbraer and Davies not Hill & Matzka

gametime 55:36

Pierce hits cross bar

Gametime 56:10


Matzka @ 56:35

Assists S Smith & Hill

Stringrays have struggled for the last 10 minutes says Keith

Final 2 minutes


50 secs left

Devils 3 on 1 and Sam Smith goes offside

Final score Stingrays 3 DEVILS 5

Some of tyhe credit must go to Sue Matzka and to me for getting those PPGs

SoG for 3rd Devils 14 Stingrays 7 making it 47 - 20


Waiting for Stingrays MoM

Whilst waiting a massive thanks to Stingrays fan Keith and out intrepid Devils duo - Gavin & Amy a great game brought to you on MNL thank to their efforts


That was a cracking game and sets us up nicely for the Challenge Cup game against the Steelers on Friday night

Make every effort to get along to Fridays game as the Devils attempt to "RED OUT" the BBT if you can't join me here at MNL