Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 3 - 2 Edinburgh Capitals

Join Me (OJ) from 6pm as MNL brings you the league encounter between your very own Cardiff Devils and our CVeltic cousins the Edinburgh Capitals

Score predictions as usual to before face off please

Howard T, after being fed at The Pilot calls it 7-2 to the Devils

Daniel calls i 5-1 to the Devils in front of a bumper crowd

Warmup in progress

Dean Smith the ref

Lauren is n ot so confident and goes for a 5-3 Devils victory

Beci at The Pilot calls it 5-1 to the boys in red

Phil in Cwmbran calls it Devils 6 Capitals 3

10 minutes of warmup left

Russky says a big win for the Devils and two goals for Max - a belated birthday wish

Jess T says 5-1 to the Devils

Dick & Sue Matzka in Port Huron predict a 5-2 Devils win

Need to check on my texters as I would think parking is going to be a problem tonight

There were less than 60 tickets left at 6pm

Gerad Adams ices tonight as do Piggott & Harding

Marin Clarkson is the backup netminder

Keighley goes for a 5-1 victory for the Red Army

Warmup completed

John S got me worried as he thinks Devils will struggle and might need O/T to get both points

Kevin & Sue B in "Gavin" country predict a 4-1 win for the Devils

Andy who correctly predicted last weeks 6-2 score (along with others I must say) goes one better this week and sees a 7-2 win for the Devils

BBT filling up nicely

A big crowd welcomes the teams onto the ice

Devils players parents on board tonight include Dick & Sue Matzka and Kevin & Sue Batch

I suppose The Tank's uncle John is oput there somewhere

Anthem time

No confirmation of a sell out as they are not turning anyone away

I for one hopes Clarkson goes in net tonight - I will explain later

11 skates for Capitals

We are underway

Ex Cardiff Titan Peter Holecko is not icing for Capitals

Devils penalty @ 0:34 - K Smith - roughing


x Cardiff Titan Tomas Valecko is icing

Devils kill penalty and return to full strength (FS)

For those of you who don't know Devils scratches tonight are Brad Voth and longterm injury Mark Smith with Clarkson as the backup netminder

Lyle save

Devils enalty @ 4:49 - Matzka - boarding

Devils PK very good as usual

Devils kill that penalty then are called for hooking @ 6:53 - Dobben

I know the Capitals are short benched but we can have 5 skaters

Birbraer puts a big hit on an unfortunate Cap

As usual Devils PK creating goal chances which is more that the PP unit does

Lyle save

Carl better late than never predicted a 7-3 win for the Devils - they better get a move on

Frank goes coast to coast but it comes to nothing

Gametime 10:59

Blaze take the lead at Nottingham

Anyonegoing to the Stingrays v Devils game tomorrow who can help us out at MNL get in touch

Game is end to end with the Devils creating the most chances

Gametime 13:03

Capitals penalty @ 14:00 - Petrina - high sticks

save Nathan Craze

Two starting netminders in EIHL who are both Welsh

Devils offside

Capitals return to FS

Devils pp the same as usual - rubbish

Capitals icing to relieve pressure

Devils finally putting some quality pressure on Capitals

Lyle save - its not all oneway by any means

Come on U DEVILS give us a goal NOW!!!

Devils go close but not close enough

It looks litlle Max Birbraer birthday party last night was a good un

Final minute of 1st period

Panthers 0 Blaze 3 after 10 minutes

End of 1st period DEVILS 0 Capitals 0

I know mid week games usually face off at 7:30 but why 7:30 next Friday. That is asking for trouble everyone will be well on the way to be pissed by then.

Just a thought what time is face off on Boxing Day

7:30 is the answer according to EIHL - well it suits me as I will be at the races in Ffos Las and it gives me time to get back to host MNL if I am needed

I feel sorry for the players with a 10pm or later finish then a trip to Edinburgh for a game on the next day (Welsh Grand National at Chepstow)

I was telling you I hoped Martin Clarkson gets some icetime. In 2008 I was at Lake Placid where he was a school but unfortunately they were playing away.

Thinking of Lake Placid it has a two pad ice rink steeped in history.

The oldest and smaller icepad/stadium hosted the 1932 Winter Olympic hockey and is no bigger that the WNIR.

The newer larger (not that big - around 6,000) was the scene of the Miracle on Ice in 1980 when a College based USA team won the Gold Medal in that years Winter Olympics

If you get the chance go there, I visit the area regularly

Lake Placid are bidding for the 2022 Winter Olympics

Teams are back

2nd period starts

Devils offside

SoG for 1st period shoes Devils 3 Capitals 11

Thats what I am told

Knowing the Devils I am not surprised as the quality of shooting is horrendous

Its eith easy shots on net or shots missing the target completly

Capitals enalty @ 22:06 - Golchi - slashing

Gaulschi that should have said

Devils can we have a PPG please, Please

Craze save

Devils penalty @ 28:13 - Frank - elbows

My texters cannot understand what is happening tonight - not the game we expected

Crowd is quiet

We need a fight or at least a big handbags covention

Devils kill penalty

*** I don't have confirmation yet but ENL Devils game at Medway Invicta abandoned as home fans attacked Devils bench

Capitals penalty Holecko - slashing

texters apologising that nothing is happenning in game

Holecko penalty was at 30:47

I was told earlier Holecko was not icing

My texters can't count as well as they said Capitals had 11 skaters I believe they have 13 although one of my texters says they have 16

Devils penalty @ 33:03 - Pierce - holding the stick

Capitals goal

Puck was put in the Devils net by Chris Frank

Awaiting who is credited with goal - last Capital to touch puck

Hartmann credited with goal @ 34:48

Assists awarded when it was clearly put in by Frank

Asists went to Hanzal & Jarolin

Macrae hits pipes

Maybe Devils will now wake up

Stevie Lyle save

Final minute of 2nd period

i thought the idea of getting a big crowd was that they would come again - well they won't come to see this tripe being served up

End of 2nd period DEVILS 0 Capitals 1

If I was Ragan I would be now in the dressing room

Kevan I agree with you we need a fight to get this game off the ground.

This Devils team are lucky that Paul Heavey is not the coach anymore. He would have told them in no uncertain terms what is needed.

Fans come to be entertained not bored out of their minds

Not getting statisticallky correct - undertaking a quick poll of my texters to ascertain whether this game is as bad as some are telling me

The general view is that the Devils are very very poor, highlighted by their horrendous finishing.

However credit must be given to the Capitals as they are playing very well

Devils outshot the Capitals 14-10 in 2nd period

Teams are back and 3rd period starts

Craze save

Capitals penalty @ 42:46 - McIntyre - hooking

Can we decline as we have a better chance of scoring at even strength

Or better still serve the penalty for them and play shorthanded


A PPG - what next

Devilks PPG scored by Macrae assists Matzka and Pierce @ 43:49


Devils 2nd goal scored by Richardson assist Birbraer @ 44:34

Texters say they were both PPG - will seek clarification

Mystery solved there was a tripping penalty to Caps Hartmann @ 43:44



Someone must have been in the dressingroom

Devils 3rd goal @ 47:41 scored by Pierce assist Batch

Some texters say assist was for K Smith others say Batch

I've gone for Batch as his mum and dad are with us

Devils penalty @ 49:27 - Richardson - hooking

Capitals Goal a ppg @ 50:04

Caps 2nd goal @ 50:04 scored by Jarolin assists McKensie & Hanzal a ppg

Devils penalty @ 53:49 - Matzka - x-check

Gametime 54:30

Devils go close whilst sh

Capitals putting pressure on Devils

Devils back to FS

devils penalty @ 55:50 - Frank - delay of game

Kill Devils KILL

Lyle save

Gametime 57:20

30 secs of pk

Capitals offside

Devils return to FS

Final 2 minutes

Devils offside

Capitals pull Craze

Capitals timeout

caps icing

Craze back

Craze pulled again

Final score DEVILS 3 Capitals 2

Lets hope the 3rd period will entice the newbies to come back

Capitals MoM - Peter HOLECKO


Thanks go to our texters - Sharlene, Ger-Devils, Andy, JohnWildthing, DevilsDom and Spearsy

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Thats all from me OJ until the next time