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Cardiff Devils 1 - 0 Hull Stingrays

Hey hey, Welcome to MNL for tonights clash! Don't forget to give us an email!

Welcome to this special edition of MNL when some of the golden oldies will make an appearance at the Blue Tent. This golden oldie will not be there but bring this mnl servive to all our browsers - OJ

By all accounts it is very, very cold at the rink.

Lee Cowmeadow doesn't seem to be dressed tonight as he is not on ice for warm-up. I wonder if they will invite the fans to warm-up

It would have been nice to have gone to the game tonight to meet all the golden oldies but I am yet to break the ice after being in isolation for so many years during my ban from rink by the previous regime.

There has been a fire alarm at the rink, nobody moved, presumably they were frozen. Luckily it was a false alarm.

Very small crowd at the game unless they are outside where it is warmer.

The special pre-game light show has started

Special Video tribute to Bob Humphrys was very good

The Devils video was not very good.

They are using the 1986 intro - that takes me back. I remember everyone going out of the dressing room in turn and coming back and saying the place is full

Devils on the ice

Stingrays take to the ice

Cowmeadow confirmed as a scratch

Attendance has increased dramatically to around 1,300.

We have M Hicks Esq to shout at tonight

Hull have 13 skaters

Latulippe, Prich and Campbell start for Devils

Aubry sees early action with save @ 15 secs

Silverthorn, Hill Fulton on 2nd line

Voth, Francis, Towe on 3rd line

We have an outbreak of handbags

Hull Penalty - Sloninia boarding minor @ 2:03

Boarding led to handbags no other penalties called

Cruickshank save @ 2:59

Hull under pressure during Devils pp

Hull kill penalty, Devils pp not too efficient

Hull Penalty - Glowa tripping minor @ 5:08

Silverthorn went close with the best chance so far

Silverthorn went close with the best chance so far

Silverthorn went close with the best chance so far

Campbell thinks he is a snow plough flattenning anyone who gets in his way

Cruickshank saves at 6:29

Devils retro shirts are very nice

Aubry saves @7:32

Second Devils PP was better than first but sill no goals

Aubry saves @ 8:07

Aubry saves @ 8:07

Cruickshank makes a brilliant save from Prpich

Hull's Gomenyuk winding up the Devils

Latulippe hits pipes @ 10:03

Silverthorn & Fulton combining well

Towe extracts save from Cruickshank

Devils can't get that first goal, Fulton looks the most likely

Devils can't get that first goal, Fulton looks the most likely

Devils can't get that first goal, Fulton looks the most likely

Towe extracts save from Cruickshank

Towe extracts save from Cruickshank

Hull Penalty - Glowa - slashing minor @ 14:43

Same old story - too much dump and possibly chase

Cruickshank saves @ 16:09 but no player in his face

Devils ice the puck whilst on PP

Another pp goes by the wayside

Devils Penalty - McIver -- roughing minor @17:02

Fulton crashed into boards and went off holding his hand

Final 2 mins of 1st period

Devils kill penalty

End of 1st Period DEVILS 0 Stingrays 0

Is there anyone out there other than Keith in sunny Aberystwyth

Welcome to Ade of Bison fame

Teams back on the ice for the 2nd period

2nd period underway

Hull offside only reportable events of opening minute

Not much more in 2nd minute, Devils are creating chances but to no avail

Fulton has nor appeared for 2nd period

Hull Penalty - Reynolds slashing minor @ 23:28

Devils camped in Hull's zone for entire pp and still no goal

Aubry saves a Hull breakaway @ 26:58

Cruckshank then foiks a DEvils breakaway

Another save from Aubry @ 27:38

No urgency in Devils play

DEvils Penalty - Latulippe slashing minor @ 29:45

Aubry saves @29:52

MacIver and Kostadine compare handbags - no deal

Good shot by Campbell deflected high by Crickshank in Hull net

Hull hit pipes as they trouble Devils net

Cruckshank makes saves at 32:08 and 32:11

Game delayed due to hole in the ice, that takes you back to the early WNIR days

Crickshak saves @ 32:47

DEvils Penalty - Francis charging minor @ 32:57

Devils offside @ 34:40

Devils kill penalty

Cruickshank saves @ 35:46

Chris is asking where is the team he saw in Manchester on Sunday

Hartwick is high sticked, blood everywhere

Ice is being cleaned

Hull Penalty - Gomenyuk delay of game minor @ 37:51

Final minute of 2nd period

Cruickshank saves @ 39:30

End of 2nd period Devils 0 Stingrays 0

Apologies for the delay in posting the end of the 2nd period but my texters and I were trying to think of something we could say about the period and game in general.

Those present at the Blue Tent need something to releive the boredom. Devils are not taking their chances and wasting opportunities. Considering we need 3 goals to stay in the Challenge Cup it is a rubbish performance.

Fulton did not make any appearance in 2nd period.

Thanks to all of you that have e-mailed me. If anyone has prayer beads get them out otherwise it will be Xmas before we get a Devils goal

3rd period underway

Tried to get news on Fulton but nobody knows wenf of @ 17:07 and hasn't been seen since, not even on the bench

43 minutes gone and Hull are shutting us down

Keith in an e-mail says that the BBC are reporting that Fulton hurt his knee

Ben Davies gets icetime

A special welcome to the Towes from Sheffield, can you ring Matt and tell him to get a goal for us

Atmosphere dead, game flat, texters are the only ones who haven't got frostbite

Ben Davies best player on ice according to texters, game @ 46:38

Devils ice puck @ 47:42

Now the turn of Hull to ice puck @ 48:18

Seagulls could land on the ice and they wouldn't be in any danger

To think I am in frozen Cardiff for this poor performance, I should have stayed in sunny Tenerife

50 mins gone

Campbell shoots wide on a pass from Davies

Eric told me that line about the Seagulls

Devils Penalty - Prpich delay of game minor @ 52:25

Texters tell me even the players look bored

Not like the old days, nostalgia killed at the Blie Tent

Penalty killed

If the game finishes 0-0 does everyone get their money back, at a cricket test if no play total refund

55 minutes of boredom suffered in Cardiff Bay

Handbags at DEvils bench @ 55:19

Ben Davies getting cheered for every shift just like Bleddyn Davies in 1986

Aubry saves @ 56:19

Its fair to say that this game has failed to live up to expectations coming up way short

Wilson takes a heavy check from Campbell @ 57:02, trudges off

Final 2 minutes warning brought the biggest cheer of the night

Aubry saves @ 58:27

Who said you didn't have to have goals to make a hockey game exciting?

Hull pull netminder with 50 secs left in game

GOAL for who I don't know

Devils Goal @ 59:31 scored by Hartwick unassisted

Final Score DEVILS 1 Stingrays 0


Devils MoM AUBRY

Thanks to Chris our texter tonight

Thats all from me until the next time - OJ