Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 6 - 2 Dundee Stars

Welcome to MNL join me (OJ) as we bring yu the league encounter between your Devils and the visiting Dundee Stars

Score predictions as usual to befopre face off at 7pm

Happy birthday Russky and I hope that your prediction of a Devils win by 4 is correct

Jess predicts a 4-0 Devils win

Donna & Megan go for a 6-2 win for their beloved Devils

Just had a look at William Hill odds for tonights game. Devils 1/7 is a no bet situation unless you need to launder 100k

I will stick with the horses - well done to Oscar Whisky who won At Cheltenham this afternoon, his summer in the paddocks at Lisvane must have done him good

Spearsy calls it 4-1 to the Devils

Gair our MNL texter in Dundee is hoping for a 3-2 win for the Stars in O/T - now thats a surprise

If the number of texters missing is anything to go by tonights crowd will be very small

This Devils by 4 goals is very popular tonight, Andy predicts a 6-2 Devils win

Warmup underway

BBT near empty says one texter

Another 6-2 Devils win prediction from Ellis

Jeff Pierce not in warmup

Will get you team news when I have it

Mark Smith and Gerad Adams are sratches as expected

Luke Piggot ices for Devils, Adam Harding injured

Warmup done & dusted

Trying to find out why no Pierce

I have had one explanation but need it confirmed

Unconfirmed reports that Jeff Pierce is sick

If he has some sickness its best to keep it out of the dressingroom or we will end up with a whole team under the weather

Confirmed Pierce has a stomach bug

Nice video for Stevie Lyle's testimonial now being shown

Intro music now being played

Teams on the ice

Lisa has joined my MNL texter crew

We should now have good coverage


Will try and get an estimate of crowd later as fans are still coming in

Dean Smith has the whistle tonight

We should therefore have a flowing game

Puck is dropped and we are away

Michelle says 5-2 to Devils

Jed says 7-1 to Devils - he is now in Bahrain

Stars save

Stars cover puck

e believe Whitley is in net for Stars but there is a bit of doubt


Its air the Bear time

Still waiting for scorer - Bears everywhere

Devils Goal was scored @ 2:50 by Matzka assist K Smith

Devils 3 on 2 wasted or it would have been 2-0

Devils icing

Whitley save

Stars penalty - Konkle - tripping @ 5:01

Devils must convert these chances that they are creating

Stars kill penalty and return to full strength (FS)

Whitley making save after save

Good interplay by Burrows And Davies leads to good Whitley save

Devils chance conversion rate is very low

Gametime 9:40

K Smith fires wide

Devils wander offside in their eagerness

Stars under immense pressure but Devils have nothing to show for it

Double save by Whitley then his helmet comes off and game is stopped

No atmosphere at BBT

Gametime 11:15

Save by Lyle for a change

Puck out of play

Another Whitley save

All I am getting is "Stars save"

Devils penalty @ 14:08 - Frank - high stick

Nobody believes the Pierce stomach bug story according to my sources at BBT

Voth & Turner have taken a dislike to each other might go later

Devis penalty @ 15:32 - Dobben - interference

36 secs of 5 on 3 for Stars

Frank returns being Devils to 4 skaters

Devils back to FS

Devils PK excellent as usual - pity about the PP

Final 2 minutes of 1st period

Fife lead 1-0 against Belfast

Last minute

Stars penalty @ 19:05 - Zarb - interference

End of 1st period DEVILS 1 Stars 0

Now 1-1 at Fife

No goals at Breahead after 1 period where Hull are the visitors

Ice is ready

Trying to get SoG

Teams back on the ice

2nd period starts

SoG for 1st period Devils 14 Stars 9

Come on U DEVILS give us a goal

Good PP for once

Stars return to FS

Whitley save

DEVILS give us a goal now!!!!

The Devils pay less attention of me than my grandaughter

Gametime 23:19

Penalty SHOT Devils

Dobben has shot

Doesn't score

Stars penalty @ 24:14 - Forsyth holding

Whitley stopped Dobben shot with skate at net post

Get that PP into overdrive U DEVILS

Devils penalty @ 25:19 - Frank - tripping

Stars goal

Hutchins unassisted @ 26:19 a ppg

Crowd a paltry 1,037

The mystery over who is in net for Stars has now been solved its Mark McGill not Chris Whitley

Stars penalty @ 26:32 - Mazur - interference

Stars return to FS


Devils 2nd goal @ 30:31 scored by Sam Smith assists Birbraer & Matzka

Devils penalty @ 30:59 - K Smith - roughing


Dobben shg

Devils shg @ 31:58 scored by Matzka not Dobben, assist Batch

Gametime 32:16

Devils return to FS

Jed has gone for his flight home from Bahrain

Judging from the lack of news from the BBT my texters have taken flight as well

Stars goal

Stars 2nd goal @ 36:05 scored by Hutchins assists Zarb & Mitchell

Sloppy goal as Devils failed to clear their zone in 3 attempts

Stars penalty ' 37:59 - Hutchins - holding

Stephen B I agree with you Saturday night hockey ios killing the club

Finl minute of 2nd period

End of 2nd period DEVILS 3 Stars 2

Come on U Devils lets secure those 2 points

Ice is reasy

Officials return to the ice

Please excuse my typing/spelling but this game makes me go to sleep lets hope it livens up in 3rd period

Teams are back on the ice

3rd period starts

SoG for 2nd period Devils 17 Stars 10 that is 31-19 after 2 periods

McGill save

Followed by anoth save by McGill

Stars penalty @ 40:56 - Konkle - high sticks

Apologies elbows it was not high sticks

Lets have another ppg u Devils

For a change

Noah was training for his Master Mariner ticket when we score our last ppg

Stars penalty @ 44:19 - Hutchins - hooking

Devils pp stinks

Stars back to FS

Stoppage in play - reason unknown


Devils 4th goal @ 48:08 Dobben assist Macrae

Play stopped blood on ice

Someone killed their turkey early

I will probably get shot for this - I could do with O/T & penalties so that Casualty has finished by the time I go into lounge

Game restarts

When they filmed an episode of Casualty at the rink many years ago they used some of the younger players in the Devils squad as extras

Went OK until Franny grew a moustace between takes and the director went mad

Stars icing

2 more goals and we have that magic 6-2 predicted score

Gone quiet again

Stars penalty @ 54:46 - Zarb - delay of game

Devils pushing for a fifth goal

Stars save then handbags

Blaze 1 Steelers 3 - result

Stars penalty @ 56:14 - Mazur - roughing

Stars return to 4 skaters


Devils 5th goal @ scored Birbraer assists Matzka & Macrae


Devils 5th goal a ppg was @ 57:27

Devils 6th goal @ 57:56 scored by Batch assists Burrows & S Smith

Devils penalty @ 58:06 - Voth - x-check

Stars penalty @ 58:33 - Turner - X-Check + 10 mins abuse of official

Final score DEVILS 6 Stars 2

Those of you who predicted that score take a bow

Stars MoM - - CHRIS WHITLEY it was him in net after all

Devils MoM - SCOTT MATZKA 2+2

Our thanks to texters Sharlene, JohnWildthing, Ger-Devils and DevilsDom plus a special mention to our debutant texter Lisa

Thats all from me OJ - join us at MNL next Saturday as the Edinburgh Capitals come to Cardiff Bay, better still get to the BBT to cheer on the Cardiff Devils next Saturday on on Friday 23 Dec when the Steelers are in town