Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 2 - 4 Belfast Giants

Welcome to MNL as we welcome our Celtic cousins the Belfast Giants to Cardiff Bay

OJ here in the MNL cubby hole waiting for your score predictions at

Before face off at 6pm please

Well done to all the Devils fans who made the trip to Sheffield last night you certainly made your presence known

What about generating the same noise in support of your very own Cardiff Devils tonight at the BBT it will make a difference believe me.

I assume DEvils will ice the same team as last night ie no Mark Smith and Gerad Adams

Soph & Matt call it 2-1 to the Devils

A one goal win just like the Bluebirds would do nicely

Texters given their duties for tonights game

I cannot stress enough how MNL is reliant on this group of volunteers who make this service possible

Warm up starts

Confirmation that Gerad Adams is not icing

No score predictions I hope that means that we will have a nice crowd at the BBT tonight

Panthers 3 Stars 1 late in 2nd period

We will not be seeing Michael Hicks tonight as he is in Nottingham

Season high of 1,765 viewers on MNL last Wednesday for the game against the Panthers, more that the game attendence

8 mins of warmup left

Lets hope its Dean Smith in charge tonight and not

Jed calls it 4-2 Devils and hopes Voth or Frank beat up O'Keefe

What part of the World are you now Jed? - probably Somerset or somehere close to Penarth

This is brilliant Irish logic Sky says Giants will win 5-2 with McBride and Pelle getting 2 each and Peacock and Loyd scoring the others

I've heard of Bakers dozen this must Belfast Nap

OK Sky we will accept your 6-2 Giants win

Jed is in Riyadh tonight

Keighley in rainy Toronro says 5-3 to the Devils

Keighley my brother in law in Ottawa has snow

It all makes sense now Sky is Jester who we all know can't count

Unconfirmed texts that we have in charge

Ref confirmed as the un-mentionable

Ice is ready aweaiting teams

No text on crowd yet, they are still coming in

Where are our Canadian players families tonight?

They should be back from Church by now

maybe making their way home from last night Thanksgiving party - more likely

Three weeks today and the bearded one will have been and missed my house yet again

I am on duty over Christmas & New Year so don't get arrested or I will lock you up and you will miss seeing your CARDIFF DEVILS

Now Panthers 4 Stars 2 early in 3rd period

Keighley when the snow arrives you will know it believe me

Teams take to the ice

Get ready to rumble

No Doucet for Giants

No Piggot or Harding for Devils and Crisp in for Myers

Anthem time

I am ready are you?

No mesage from THE PILOT tonight - Beci where are you

Anthem done

Loading 1st lines in the stalls

And were are underway

My money is on that we will have more hits in 1st period than we had all game last night

Michelle prtedicts 5-4 to Devils

Puck covered by Lyle @ 1:02

John Frank I am afraid it is that referee although to call him a referee is an insult to the profession

Very few whistles so far

Double save by Murphy at 2 minute mark



Not much of a fight

Voth win though

Fight was @ 3:03

Voth & O'Keefe get fighting majors @3:03

O'Keefe knows who is boss

Unanimous win for Brad Voth

That woke up the fans

Phil Hill has red numbers on his sweater

Lantern Rouge maybe after his gaffs last night

Save Lyle @ 7:02

Spicy game says DevilDom

Nice to see a few hits being thrown

Giants trying to wind up Frank, so far he is resisting

Giants offside as Voth & Keefe return

Keefe trying to have a go at Voth on the bench

Keefe mouthing off as crowd remind him who won the fight

Noe Panthers 5 Stars 4 with 4 minutes left

Keefe is losing it he slashes Voth

Giants penalty - Rebek - roughoing, devils - Matzksa - holding @ 9:57

Lyle save

The lid on this game is going to blow any minute

Devils finally sticking up for themselves

Loads of Giants cheap shots

Gametime 11:30

Devils penalty - Batch - roughing @ 11:35

Giants on pp

Handbags - Matzka & Looyd - no penalties called

Devils return to full strength (FS)

Yes Beci we have already had the Voth/Keefe fight

Giants throw puches at Birbraer

Penalties - Giants McBride: Devils - Birbraer both roughing minors @ 14:33

Birbraer floors McBride after another cheapshot by Giant

Murphy save

McBride penalty was charging

Good Devils pressure but no goals

Gametime 16:00

Puck loose in crease but Voth can't get his stick on it

Birbraer & McBride return

It would appear that McBride had a 2+2 so Devils on PP

Frank goes close @ 16:46

End to end game

It must be a cracking game as my texters are obviously very excited

Lyle save

Confirmation of 2+2 for McBride - roughing & charging

McBride is now back

Lyle save @ 18:44

Giants goal

Matzka going mental with refe as he misses something

Giants 1st goal @ 19:05 scored by McBride assist Pelle

End of 1st period DEVILS 0 Giants 1

Good period for Devils despite being behind, players putting in a big effort much appreciated by fans

SoG for 1st period Devils 14 Giants 17

Both teams are back

Puck dropped and 2nd period starts

Correction to Giants goal now reads Mason, assists McBride & Pelle

Not a big crowd for what appears to be a good game

Gametime 21:40

Giants goal

scored @ 21:38 by Clark

Birbraer took a wicked slash from Keefe our non ref does nothing

Murphy save

no assists announced on Giants 2nd goal

Giants goal

Rebeck unassisted @ 23:05

Apparently puck put in net by Matzka

The wheels have come off the bus

Gametime 24:57

BBT gone into silent mode

Giants offside

Sponsors section seems to be empty tonight again

EIHL gamesheet has crowd as 1199

Where have all the fans gone?

Giants penalty @26:26 - Mason - hooking

Let the comeback commence

I suppose the problem is that money is tight and some fans have to choose between the football and hockey, City doing well average over 22,000

Penalties Keefe (Giants) Voth (Devils) roughing minores @ 26:45

Giant down injured

Hes up and skated to bench

Giant has a go at Frank and gets a good punch in exchane

Giants back to FS

Pelle shoots wide

Mason returns, Devils pp was crap as usual

Voth & Keefe return

Murphy save @ 29:05

Gametime 31:22

More handbags

Ypu could have a market stall with all the Giants cheapshots

Murphy save

Ref missing blatant calls

Cheapshote Giants is now the chant

Sadly this is what the Giants is all about

Giants penalty - Kuiper - tripping @ 35:21

I have 8 texters all telling me its cheapshots galore


Then it kicks off after a massive Giants x-check

Fight after Devils goal

Pelle threw the x-check

Ref needless to say picks out Voth

Devils 1st goal scored by Hill @ 36:16 assists Matzka & Voth a ppg

No penalty called on Pelle - WHY!!!

Giants penalty - Crane @ 36:16 - x-check

Devils penalty @ 36:16 Voth 2+2 - x-checking & roughing

Pelle now being targetted

Devils go close

Pelle has overtaken ref as the most unpopular person at BBT

Lyle save

Devils go close as we enter final minute of period

Frank goes very close

Then Birbraer misses a sitter

End of 2nd period DEVILS 1 Giants 3

Peter C the Giants reputation for cheapshots is well documented throughout the league

Video of Pelle's cheapshot shows ref watching if what a disgrace

We know whose pockets EIHL refs are in, where is the News of the World when we need them

I am even having texts from non Devils fans at the BBT

Blaze tie up game at 2-2 in Edinburgh

Teams return for third

Giants fan tells us to grow up, well that is the kettle calling the pot black

Puck dropped for 3rd

Robbie out of Come Dancing

What a shame

Come on U DEVILS lets have a goal or two


Comeback is on

Devils 2nd goal scored by Pierce

@ 44:37 assist Birbraer

Cracking goal by Pierce went past 3 Giants like a knife thru butter - KerryGold at that

Devils on the charge

Penalties Rebek (Giants) Voth (Devils) slashing minors @ 49:06

Whatever G said to them it had had an affect

Come on U DEVILS give us a goal

Gone very quiet

Voth & REbek return

Best game of the season says DevilDom

Giants goal 51:33 scored by Keefe asist KKuiper & Rebek

Save Murphy @ 53:00

2nd period SoG Devils 7 Giants 9

Jon Pelle is not the most popular player at the rink after that cheapshot x-check

Gametime 55:28

Gametime 57:03

JohnWildthing Jnr won Shirt of his Back it is a fix

Giants penalty @ 57:40 - Pelle - high stick

Time out Giants

Blaze win on penalties in Edinburgh

Lyle lifted

Giants penalty @ 59:00 - Keefe - roughing

Time out Devils

6 on 3

Final Score DEVILS 2 Giants 4

Big effort this weekend and not a point to show for it



Our thanks to my texters - Sharlene, DevilDom, Ger-Devils, Damian Diafol, Spearsy, Andy and JohnWildthing

Join us at MNL next Saturday as we welcome the Dundee Stars to Cardiff Bay

Thata all from me OJ until thwe next time