Match Night Live
Sheffield Steelers 4 - 2 Cardiff Devils

Join me (OJ) from 6pm as MNL brings you this eagerly awaited battle between the Steelers and DEVILS

Score predictions as usual welcomed , e-mail me at before face off time

Accprding to Chris S it is very cold in Sheffield, warmer in the Arena than outside

I am worried about tonights MNL coverage as my texters have been in the pub all afternoon

Everyone so far are predicting a close game.

Russky - he of little faith predicts a Steelers win

Both Ruth and PAK2305 predict Devils wins in O/T Ruth says 4-3, PAK goes for 3-2

Carl also goes for a 3=2 Devils win

Zoes in Gods County predicts a Devils win by the odd goal in five

Bob's Coach arrived too early and they have been in the pub I am told

No warmup yet

Steelers appear for warmup

Devils now on the ice in Black sweaters

Danny L thinks Steelers will win in O/T getting a soft winner after a messed by Devils D

Fulghum wears #27

Jona Phillips and Ramsay back for Steelers

*** IoW 1 ENL Devils 0

8 minutes of warm up

Come on u Devils lets have a cracking win to show up those so called fans who cancelled their place on the coach at the last minute. Lets embarass them they now who they are

No e-mails from Port Huron and elsewhere in North America yet

They might be snowed in, my brother in law said that they had had the first snow of the winter in Ottawa

No news of who has the whistle

Just Mark Smith missing for Devils - Joe Myers is back

Warmup over

*** IoW 2 ENL Devils 0

Toy Car calls it 4-3 to the Devils

Steelers have Haywood icing for them tonight - EPL player I think

Elliswf thinks our only hope is to win in regulation (4-3) as Devils will lose if it goes to O/T or penalties

Soph & Matt go for a 3-2 Devils win

Awaiting confirmation that Mr Hicks is in charge as stated on EIHL website

Danette & Kevin Macrae in Sydney, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia wanted to express their gratitude for the excellent work done by the MNL texters to keep us informed on whats happening in the games.

I appreciate them although I know where they are most of the time - in the Pub - or Pizza Hut for Ger-Devils

Maybe The Pilot has now replaced Pizza Hut

Anyone at The Pilot interested in this game - email me or tweet

Ice is ready

Intro starts

*** ENL Devils on PP in IoW

Carl says thats theres more life in a tramps vest than at the Sheffield Arena

devils come onto the ice

The Pilot going for a Steelers win in O/T - shame on you

Russky trying to cover himself now saying he hopes his prediction of a Steelers win is wrong

** Hope to bring you updates of ENL2 Devils who are home to Chelmsford

Sorry I mised it Steelers are on the ice as well

Mr Hicks is the man in charge, we reserve the right to call him something different later

*** now IoW 3 ENL Devils 0

Gerad Adams not icing, he's on the bench

Around 125 Devils fans in Sheffield

Puck dropped and we are underway

Bigger crowd in the Arena for a Devils game than for a long time

Devils penalty @ 1:45 - Dobben - slashing


*** IoW 4 ENL Devils 1

Richardson nailed

Lyle save @ 3:29

Devils kill penalty and are at full strength (FS)

Gametime 5:02

Steelers offside @ 5:40

Burrows playing well

Devils icing @ 7:51

Ace save Lyle

DeCaro save @ 8:16 from Matzka

Davies, Macrea & Birbraer one line

Another line is Matzka, Hill & Voth

Great save Lyle denies Steelers breakaway

Decaro save @ 9:49

Richardson & Batch a D pairing

Devils creating most offense at present

Gametime 11:02

Matzka creating chance after chance

Bury that biscuit U DEVILS

Steelers penalty @ 11:49 - Thomas - hooking

Get that PPG now U DEVILS

Ben Davies misses from close in

Then Decaro fantastic save from Davies @ 13:06

Macrae hits cross bar

Puck out of play - 28 secs of pp left

Steelers return to FS

*** Jason Stone 2+10+10 abuse of official

Shot after shot saved by DeCaro

Puck out of play @ 15:03

Steelers goal

Steelers goal scored by Burnstill unassisted @ 16:05

Turnover after a clear trip on a Devil - Hicks looking the other way as normal

That goal by all accounts was totally against the run of play

Lets get it back quickly

Gametime 18:02

Steelers penalty - @ 18:02 - Ramsay - slashing

Assists to Stephenson & Finnerty on Steelers goal

*** ENL2 Devils 0 Chelmsford 0 after 1 period

Steelers penalty ' 19:05 - Huttel - x-checking

Devils 5 on 3

End of 1st period Steelers 1 DEVILS 0

Chris S says Devils created so many chances that they shouldn't be trailing 0-1

Teams are back and 2nd period starts

Steelers back to 4 skaters Devils have pp for 1:04

Lets have that PPG

Devils penalty @ 21:17 - Richardson - holding

Devils outshot Steelers 19 - 9 in 1st period

Devils back to FS

Puck out of play @ 24:02

*** ENL" Devils take a 1-0 lead against Chelmsford

Batch floors a Steeler

Steelers hit pipes

Gametime 25:05

Voth goes close @ 26:02

Devils icing @ 26:10

Devils hit pipes again @ 27:03

Not a physical game which is a surprise

Steelers penalty @ 28:01 - Finnerty - tripping

*** IoW 6 ENL Devils 2 after 47 minutes

1 minute of pp gone, no shots

*** Chelmsford equalise now 1-1

Steelers return to FS

Devils offside @ 31:18

There is no hitting by Devils, luckily there isn't much from Steelers

THomas floors Ben Davies

**** ENL2 Devils 1 Chelmsford 2

Steelers 2nd goal @32:27 scored by Legue assists King & Ramsay

Steelers score again


Steelers 3rd goal @ 33:13 scored by Stephenson assists Tait and Finnerty

Devils 1st goal @ 33:23 scored by Matzka assists K Smith & Frank

Gametime 35:04

Decaro save @ 35:47 from Pierce

Decaro save @ 36:44

Good save Lyle @ 36:53 from Legue

Decaro coughing up stacks of rebounds but Devils not there to take advantage

Pierce goes coast to coast but DeCaro saves @ 37;50

DeCaro now saves from Dobben @ 38:02


@ 38:45 K Smith assists Voth & Dobben

Just before that goal Frank put a bone crunching hit on Tait

**** IoW 6 ENLL Devils 2 - final score

End of 2nd period Steelers 3 DEVILS 2

**** ENL2 Devils 1 Chelmsford 3 after 2 periods

Chris S says Devils have thrown a miserly 2 hits so far, Batch in 1st period and that massive hit by Frank on Tait in 2nd

SoG in 2nd period 15 each

Ice ready

Both teams back n the ice

3rd period starts

Fantastic save by Lyle after Frank turnover

Devils offside @ 40:44

Puck out of play @ 41:09

Gametime 42:03

Its end to end at the moment

Next goal crucial

Lets make it a Devils goal U DEVILS

Devils penalty @ 43:33 Hill - hooking


1 minute of penalty killed

Gametime 45:03

Devils back to FS

Gametime 46:04

How can a team have such a good PK unit and a crap pp unit

Matzka goes close as Devils go looking for equaliser

Gametime 47:47

Great save Lyle @ 48:06

Gametime 49:06

So many rebounds from DeCaro

Matzka floors Legue

Gametime 51:00

COME ON U DEVILS give us a goal now

Devils icing @ 51:24

*** ENL2 Devils 1 Chelmsford 4

JohnWildthing thinks it will be a shame if the Devils don;t get anything from this game as they are playing really well

Gametime 52:22

Steelers penalty @ 52:28 - King - slashing

Get that PP into overdrive U DEVILS

At this rate our chance conversion rate will be 1%

Steelers Goal a SHG

@ 53:11 Legue assist Ramsay

Cock up by Phil Hill led to that shg

Steelers back to FS

Gametime 55:01

Steelers penalty @ 55:44 - Birnstill - hooking

Devils offide @ 56:26 whilst on pp

*** final score ENL2 Devils 1 Chelmsford 4

30 secs of pp left

Steels kill penalty and return to FS

PP was crap as usual

Final 2 minutes

Final minute

Lyle pulled with 30 secs left

Final score Steelers 4 DEVILS 2

Thanks to texters Chris S, JohnWildthing, Spearsy and Gavin & Amy

Also thanks to Ger-Devils for keeping us up to date with ENL Devils scores


Lyle, Matzka and Davies were contenders says Chris S


Thats all from me (OJ) , join me tomorrow from 5pm as the Devils play host to the Giants at the BBT