Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 3 - 4 Nottingham Panthers

Welcome to MNL as we bring you the league encounter between your very own Devils and the Nottingham Panthers

OJ here in the MNL box and I am already hearing about traffic grid lock all over the City

Score predictions as usual to

Anyone with updates on traffic please email me at and I can spread the word on here

Looking at the traffic cameras the only advice I ca give is be patient - that is of course if you started your journey early, If you intend travelling close to face off time you will not make the 1st period

Russky predicts a win for the Devils in O/T

Elliswf calls it 5-4 to the Devils

I assume warmup will start shortly - no texters at BBT yet

pak2305 thinks Devils will win 4-3 if they manage to stay out of the sinbin

Anyone reading this whilst at BBT email me

Unconfirmed reports that game is delayed

Face Off is now reported to be at 7:45 - trying to confirm this

7:45 face off confirmed

My first texters have arrived , well they trying to park at the moment.

Teams well into their warmup 15 mins left

Mr Hicks is the man in charge this evening

Car park pretty full already

Are the Panthers still sponsored by GMB?

If they are doesn't playing constitute strike breaking

But then we all know about Nottingham and strike breaking - it still hurts in South Wales

Before anyone says anything I was out on the picket lines in support of our lads

Biggest strike action since the General Strike

And I don't mean the picket outside the WNIR

I am rabbiting on lets have some hockey

Told delay not due to traffic problems but due to problem with the ice

TRaffic flowing reasonably well - Penarth Road, Clare Rd, Ferry Road

Would appear traffic gridlock is restricted to City Centre and routes leading out of Cardiff

Reports of a serious accident on the ice during the public session

Warmup finished

Donna & Megan call it 3-2 to the Devils whilst Carl predicts a 4-2 win for the Devils

Jess T is very confident and predicts a great 5-1 win for your very own Devils

Geoffrey tonight is 25 years since the Devils first game in Cardiff and on this day many of us are reminded of what happened in the Miners Strike - we are proud of what we did

Sky (Jester) says 5-1 Devils with a bench clearence in 2nd period

I am not surprised that no one has gone for the repreat of the 30 November 1986 scoreline

Panthers take to the ice

Welcome onto the ice your CARDIFF DEVILS

Most of my texters have reported in only Spearsy missing at the moment

20 minute journeys taking up to 90 minutes I am told

Come on u DEVILS make your fans fell it was worth the effort

Luke Piggott icing tonight

Crisp replaces Myers, no Harding

Adam Harding injured apparently

Anthem time

Anthem done

Hare's running

We are away

Matt Myers leaves the lineup during Anthem

Ref should report Myers that is a Game Misconduct in my book

Call himself a Welshman what a disgrace

Devils go close

Puck out of play @ 1:33

End to end start to game

Panthers offside @ 3:25

devils creating chances

Kwall save

Decent atmosphere at BBT

Panthers shoot wide

Panthers wander offside

Some good early pressure from Devils

Fans still coming in


Devils 1st goal scored by Voth

Correction Hill assists Voth & Matzka @ 6:15

f Matt Myers leaves the blueline before the end of the Anthem at every game then she should be assessed a Game penalty each time, that is the rule

Panthers penalty @ 6:38 - Levers - hi stick

40 secs of pp left

Panthers penalty @ 7:49 - Neilson - x-check


Devils 2nd goal @ 8:39 scored by Voth assists Birbraer & Matzka

Panthers goal @ 8:56 scored by Meyers assits Wilson & Fox

Panthers penalty @ 9:20 - Wilson - hooking

Kwall denies Devils a 3rd

Panthers back to full strength

Brad Voth 2nd goal was a ppg

Devils penalty @ 12:04 - Frank - high stick

Devils penalty @ 12:52 - Dobben - tripping


Panthers goal

Panthers ppg @ 13:12 scored by Neilson assists Champagne & Fox

A 5 on 3 goal that was

Panthers goal

You take penalties you concede goals ITS SIMPLE

Panthers 3rd goal @ 14:40 scored by Heerema assists Fox and Beauregard

Kwall save

Devils stupidity has surrendered a 2-0 (or possibly 2-1) advantage

Don't let them wind you up

Big Kwall save

Panthers penalty @ 16:43 - Heerema - hooking

Get that pp into overdrive and get us a goal U DEVILS

Devils are creating chances on pp

Chances don't win games goals do

Panthers return to FS

Final minute of 1st period

End of 1st period DEVILS 2 Panthers 3

Frank needs a fight to clear his head

Who do you want him to beat up?

Its time we saw the real Frank the Tank

Mark we shall see if its Lepine, personally I'd rather he take on Nielsen

SoG for 1st period Devils 14, Panthers 11

Teams back on the ice

That interval went quickly too quick for me as I am trying to finish off a job for a client in Zurich

2nd period starts

Lyle save @ 21:35

Devils get relief with an icing

Devils penalty @ 23:34 - Dobben - hooking


PK doing well

Devils back to FS

Panthers hit pipes, they thought they had scored

Crowd given as 1,450 on EIHL gamesheet

Ger-Devils thinks its more but sponsors area empty again


Ben Davies the scorer

Devils 3rd goal @ 27:32 assists Dobben & Richardson

Ben started and finished the play, well done

Panthers are turned over behind their net, Pierce pounces but Panthers manage somehow to clear their zone

Gametime 29:31

Crowd had gone quiet, well up for it now

Game being played in neutral zone at moment

Coincidental penalties @ 30:22 Matzka (devils) Benedict (Panthers) holding

Panthers penalty @ 30:54 - Champagne - slashing

Devils back to FS

Macrae misses open goal on pp

Glove save Lyle

Panthers back to FS

Awesome save Lyle

Kwall save

Hicks missing a lot of stick work and interference - both teams suffering from his non calls

Devils 1st line having a poor game

Gametime 35:37

Wilson trying to goad Frank, he drops his gloves - nothing called

Kwall covers following Devils pressure

Gametime 36:12

I wander how many in BBT tonight were in WNIR 25 years ago

Devils have upped their game and creating chances

Ger-Devils doing his parrot impression Kwal save: Kwall save: Kwall save

Frank playing a wiser game tonight

Puck out of play @ 38:44

Final minute of 2nd period

Voth hits a rocket but it goes wide

End of 2nd period DEVILS 3 Panthers 3

Man U were losing 1-0 but they have just converted a penalty now 1-1

Are the Semi Finals og Carling Cup still 2 legs

Nice payday for City

Ice is ready

This game is there to be won U DEVILS

Officials & Panthers back on ice

So are the Devils

3rd period starts

Kwall save says Ger=Devils

Panthers penalty @ 40:40 - Heerema - hooking

Panthers kill penalty

SoG for 2nd period Devils 11 Panthers 8


Panthers penalty @ 43:08 - Heerema - tripping

Heerema likes our naughty boys room

Devils PP is Pants says Damian Diafol

Panthers kill penalty and return to FS

Man U shooting is like the Devils 3 on target 10 off target

Kwall still making saves

Puck out of play

Devils going all out for that winner

Extra time at Old Trafford

Come on U DEVILS Get us a goal

Devils penalty @ 48:32 - Matzka - high sticks

Devils penalty @ 49:37 - Davies - hooking

Devils back to 4 skaters

Panthers hit pipes

Huge save by Lyle

Devils back to FS

Kwall coughs up a rebound no Devils close enough to pounce

Gametime 52:06

Clan 3 Blaze 1 result

Come on U DEVILS give us a goal now PLEASE

Puck out of play @ 54:27

Big Lyle save denies Panthers

Devils penalty ' 55:35 - Matzka - hooking


A garbage call by Hicks I am told

I bet you he calls a penalty on Panthers next

30 secs left in PK

Lyle save

Devils kill penalty and return to FS

Final 2 minutes

Palace go 2-1 up at Old Trafford

Big save from Kwall

Devils icing

Lyle save

last 19 secs

End of regulation DEVILS 3 Panthers 3

O/T here we come

O/T underway

Panthers Goal

Final score DEVILS 3 Panthers 4

Panthers winning goal @60:31 scored by Francis assists Nielsen & Kwall



Our gratitude and thanks go to our texters - Sharlene, JohnWildthing, Spearsy, Damian Diafot and our very own Ger-Devils

Hope you all, Panthers fans included, enjoyed MNL on this very special night in Devils history.

Thats all from me - OJ - until Saturday when MNL brings you the Devils game at Sheffield