Match Night Live
Cardiff Devils 5 - 1 Fife Flyers

Welcome to MNL as we play hosts to Fife Flyers for the first time in many years

Score predicions to me (OJ) at before face off please

One bit of early news the Flyers arrived at the BBT at arpund 4pm

Dick Matzka calls it 5-0 to Devils are no injuries

I suppose for the Flyers it should read no more injries as I am told a few of their senior players are already carrying injuries

It will be interesting to see who ices for the Flyers tonight. Las night when the lose 4-2 at home to Edinburgh the had 5 imports plus Zemlak in net

Warm up underway

Flyers have 15 skaters and 2 netminders

Warm up done and dusted

Waiting for news on referee

Dean Smith is tonight's referee so a flowing game is guaranteed

This is the least e-mails I have ever had on MNL

JJL calls it 8-1 to the Devils

Huw J thinks the Devils will finally get their shooting up to scratch and will score 10 or more

Officials come onto the ice at the BBT

Nathan Crisp is backup n/m for Devils

No Piggott or Hading tonight as the ENL Devils have a big game in Romford

Will bring you ENL Devils updates if I get any - no contact yet

Minute silence for Gary Speed

Anthem time

John Frank thinks Devils will win a close game and his nephew doesn't get a 10 minuite misconduct

Puck dropped and we are away

Crowd put as around 1,300 maybe a bit more

Lyle save

End to end start to game

Devils go close

Followed by Flyers icing to reieve pressure


Devils 1st goal @ 3:53 scored by Pierce assis Birbraer

Zemlak save

Pierce shot into roof of net knocking Zemlak's water bottle off

***ENL Devils 2 Romford 2

Zemlak pad save

Gametime 6:21

Devils look up for it tonight, lets hope that lasts 60 minutes

Devils go close yet again, followed by Flyers icing

Gametime 7:41

Blaze 2 Panthers 0

As usual visiting keeper looks hot

K Smith forces a good glove save by Zemlak

Devils creating plenty of chances but Zemlak standing tall

We are still awaiting 1st Fluers SoG @ 9:40

*** Haslem & Deacon were the scorers for ENL Devils in 1st period

Save Lyle - whether it was a SoG we shall see later

Devils go offside in their eagerness

Derek C our texter in Romford thinks Devils will win 3-2

*** ENL DEvils were 0-2 down before coming back to tie game at 2-2 at end of 1st period

Blaze now winning 3-0

Gametime 14:58

Flyers clutch & grab frustrating Devils

A few big hits are called for

Devils penalty @ 15:20 - Frank - cross checking


15:26 for penalty

Zemlak still busy whilst Flyers on pp

Devils trying to walk puck into net

Birbraer & Maacrae combine but save Zemlak

Devils back to full strength (FS)

Gametime 17:52

Now Blaze 4 Panthers 0

Final minute of 1st period

End of 1st Period DEVILS 1 Flyers 0

Cowley scores on a penalty shot to make it 5-0 for the Blaze

Panthers fans disgusted with their team at Coventry, it might be a CC game but I bet you fans have travelled to Coventry paid good money

I know what The Inferno Forum would be like if it were the Devils

Teams are back for 2nd period

SoG for 1st period Devils 19 Flyers 7

**** Romford 4 ENL DEVILS 2 after 2 periods

2nd period underway at the BBT

Flyers penalty @20:25 - Stewart - hooking

Lerts have a PPG U DEVILS

Flyers have a 3 on 1 whilst shorthanded - save Lyle

Thank you Stevie

Flyers kill penalty and are back to FS

Voth flattens Siddall who then leaves the ice somewhat confused

Zemlak still making save after save

Game needs something to wake up the crowd

Lyle save

Tips for tomorrows racing at Ffos Las most welcomed

Ger-Devils tells me big save Zemlak, it's not what we want to hear Geraint

Nothing more than a scimmage says JohnWildthing

Maybe there are new rules that you musn't overrun the weak teams

That didn't stop the Devils teams n my days but many a day BIHA officials would tell us it wasn't good for hockey well it was good for Cardiff Devils

Damian Diafol thinks it is an exhition or tetimonal game!!!

Devils penalty @ 28:20 - Frank - x-checking

Lyle save

gametime 30:03


Not a SHG I believe Frank was back

It was on a delayed penalty

Macrae assist Birbraer @ 30:21

Lets change gear U DEVILS

WE need to get our game in top order before Wednesday when the Panthers come to Cardiff Bay

Exactly 25 years to the day to when the Devils played their very first game in Cardiff

Voth hits side netting

For those of you who wern't around in 1986 the Cardiff Devils beat the Ashfield Islanders 32-0 in Division 2 (South) the lowest level of ice hockey in the UK

Some of Zemlak's saves are unreal

Gametime 35:45

Lyle thwarts a Flyers breakaway

Zemlak covers the puck for a well deserved rest

That night in November 1986 is still vivid in my memory

The majority of people didn't have a clue what was going on.

I had waited years for ice hockey to arrive in Cardiff having lived in New York as least I could explain to those sitting around us what was happening

They we screaming for more goals even after we had score a bucketful

We could do with more goals tonight

Matzka checked into Flyers net, Voth goes and has a word

Ger-Devils just sends me texts and they all say the same "Zemlak save"

Final minute of 2nd period

Panthers open thir account now 5-1 to Blaze

*** Romford 6 ENL DEVILS 2 @ 47:22

end of 2nd period DEVILS 2 Flyers 0

*** Deacon pulls one back for ENL Devils @ 48:43

Now it the Blaze turn to have a bad period its Blaze 5 Panthers 4

*** Chris Jones nets for ENL Devils now Romford 7 ENL Devils 4

Teams back on ice

3rd period starts

Flyers goal @40:41 scored by Cohen assists Siddall & Hartmanis


Devils 3rd goal @ 41:53 scored by Birbraer assist Pierce

*** Final score Romford 10 ENL DEVILS 4

Flyers penalty @ 44:31 - Siddall - slashing

Frank had words with Siddall after that slash

*** Chris Jones ENL Devils MoM

30 secs left on pp

Honestly Devils pp seems to be in reverse as usual

Flyers back to fs

Ger=Devils falling asleep then jumps up - a coconut for anyone who can tell me what he said

Yes you have it - Zemlak save

SoG for 2nd period Devils 18 Flyers 9 making it 37-16 after 2 periods

2 goals on 37 SoG says 2 things poor shooting and good netminder


The Devils must be following MNL on the bench

Devils 4th goal @ 49:13 scored by Pierce assists Birbraer & Macrae

An awesome goal says Damian Diafol

Good play with a clinical finish

Devils penalty @ 50:28 - K Smith - slashing

Shows how slow the game is I know whose been voted off SCD

Welsh double handed lives on

Devils back to FS

Extra stovies for Zemlak in Kirkcaldy next week


Devils 5th goal @ 54:49 scored by Matzka assist Richardson

Huge save by Stevie Lyle

Devils offside

Final 2 minutes

Flyers penalty @ 57:21 - Siddall - interference

Apologies for last 2 updates out of sequence

Lets have a PPG to finish off the night U DEVILS

Gametime 58:52

Flyers back to FS

Last 30 secs

Final score DEVILS 5 Flyers 1

I tried to get a bet on Zemlak getting MoM bookies didn't want to know


Devils MoM - MAX BIRBRAER with 1+4

Our thanks to texters JohnWildthing, Sharleene, Damiam Diafol and Ger-Devils - great coverage guys well done

Join me Wedesday 30 November the 25 Anniversary of Devils 1st home game as old rivals Nottngham Panthers come to Cardiff Bay

Thats all from me (OJ) until Wednesday - Good Night - Nos Da